Meaning of COORDINATE in English

I. verb


coordinating conjunction




We will support the creation by the police of new Racial attacks Squads to monitor and coordinate action against racially-motivated attacks.

The fifth major activity of political parties is to coordinate the actions of the government.

Getting dressed consists of a complex sequence of movements depending on the patient's ability to balance and coordinate his actions .

The only way to end piracy is to set up a system of coordinated action by naval police.


Bodies wishing to be consulted must leave the umbrella committee established to coordinate activity against the Moscow decision on trusteeship.

Democrats have sought the subpoenas to determine whether the organizations abused their tax-exempt status by coordinating political activities with the Republican Party.

The different local councils coordinate their activities with varying regularity and a number of national meetings have taken place.

The ability to coordinate several activities at once and to quickly analyze and resolve specific problems is important.

As David Browning points out, practitioners from health and social services will need to coordinate their assessment activities .

Managers coordinate the activities of their unit with other units or organizations.

He then endeavoured to coordinate activities through an underground body called the Communist Group.

One of the fundamental problems of social organization is how to coordinate the economic activities of large numbers of individuals and businesses.


In fact, the new conditions of work require a coordinated effort and activities that are much more proactive and far-reaching.

Its critics say it left without establishing a means of coordinating relief efforts .

Today, you need a coordinated effort to help you achieve success.

Cambridge University is to coordinate an international effort to find out how the Chernobyl disaster caused a huge increase in child cancer.

Locally, school-to-work is being coordinated with other workforce-development efforts through new regional employment boards.

No single government agency is coordinating the cleanup effort .

C., in a coordinated lobbying effort .


Adelaida Parra coordinates seven literacy groups each week spending long hours travelling by bus between the distant shanty towns.

Quarmby will now be responsible for business development and managing director of group services, coordinating services to all group companies.

At the point of final sales too, trading companies coordinate the activities of group members in retail distribution.


In either case collectivism is an important rock on which attempts to coordinate opposition to growth-first policies have foundered.

The main community-relations agencies maintain a central council through which they coordinate their policies .


He has set up a science and technology management group within the DoI which coordinates the work of its different divisions.

To coordinate this work , the existing nuclei of these parties must be brought together in an international organization.

Pupils learn to work together accept delegation of certain tasks and coordinate their work.

They will fund up to 90 percent of the research in some areas and will coordinate the work through a new directorate.

It has coordinated selected work already under way and proceeds to develop new research initiatives and channel resources to them.

There were also problems in coordinating the work of the three different groups or shifts.



There is a need for the establishment of a managerial system to plan , coordinate and control the exhibition mix.

Electronic data processing managers direct, plan , and coordinate data processing activities.

These activities are planned and coordinated with parking lot owners.

Ten staffers work directly for the Dodgers in planning community relations and coordinating this year's team-wide efforts.

No central person or religious organization planned or coordinated it; no single plot unfolded.


Her movements on the balance beam were perfectly coordinated.

The Red Cross is coordinating relief aid to the refugees.

This gingham wallpaper coordinates with the floral pattern on the bedspread.


Cambridge University is to coordinate an international effort to find out how the Chernobyl disaster caused a huge increase in child cancer.

Here, an instrument, the means to an end, is coordinated with a pre-established goal....

Its critics say it left without establishing a means of coordinating relief efforts.

The all-seasons garden aims to coordinate these effects, to achieve the best possible year-round interest.

They direct and coordinate activities of deans of individual colleges and chairpersons of academic departments.

II. noun




The Cartesian coordinates which result from this transformation describe a space which is tangential to the curved space at the point selected.

Such inconsistencies make it impossible to cover a spherical surface using Cartesian coordinates .

It is always possible, even in free fall, to obtain non-vanishing metric connections by choosing Gaussian rather than Cartesian coordinates .



Equations between tensors have the property that they remain valid under the general transformations between Gaussian coordinate systems in curved space-time.

Elective 2: size of the printed map in terms of the map coordinate system .



These two numbers give us coordinates for points on a plane-the Argand plane.


Such inconsistencies make it impossible to cover a spherical surface using Cartesian coordinates .

Applying these results for the Schwarzschild metric when using spherical polar coordinates gives.


The teacher gave the children coordinates to locate on the globe.


And once he had the coordinates of danger, the space on either side should be safe.

Mayer, the mapmaker, worked in Nuremberg, nailing down precise coordinates for the productions of the Homann Cartographic Bureau.

The exact coordinates of the activated areas and their significance levels are given in Table 1.

III. adjective


The coordinate clauses in this sentence are joined by "and."


Figure 4.23 A right-handed coordinate system.

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