Meaning of COORDINATE in English

v., adj., & n. (also co-ordinate)


1. tr. bring (various parts, movements, etc.) into a proper or required relation to ensure harmony or effective operation etc.

2 intr. work or act together effectively.

3 tr. make coordinate.


1. equal in rank or importance.

2 in which the parts are coordinated; involving coordination.

3 Gram. (of parts of a compound sentence) equal in status (cf. SUBORDINATE).

4 Chem. denoting a type of covalent bond in which one atom provides both the shared electrons.


1. Math. each of a system of magnitudes used to fix the position of a point, line, or plane.

2 a person or thing equal in rank or importance.

3 (in pl.) matching items of clothing.


coordinately adv. coordination n. coordinative adj. coordinator n.

Etymology: CO- + L ordinare ordinat- f. ordo -inis order

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