Meaning of COORDINATE in English

I. adjective Etymology: probably back-formation from coordination Date: 1641 1. equal in rank, quality, or significance, being of equal rank in a sentence , relating to or marked by coordination, 3. being a university that awards degrees to men and women taught usually by the same faculty but attending separate classes often on separate campuses, being one of the colleges and especially the women's branch of a ~ university, of, relating to, or being a system of indexing by two or more terms so that documents may be retrieved through the intersection of index terms, ~ly adverb ~ness noun II. verb (-nated; -nating) Date: 1665 transitive verb to put in the same order or rank, to bring into a common action, movement, or condition ; harmonize , to attach so as to form a coordination complex, intransitive verb to be or become ~ especially so as to act together in a smooth concerted way, to combine by means of a ~ bond, coordinative adjective coordinator noun III. noun Date: 1806 1. any of a set of numbers used in specifying the location of a point on a line, on a surface, or in space, any one of a set of variables used in specifying the state of a substance or the motion of a particle or momentum, one who is of equal rank, authority, or importance with another, articles (as of clothing) designed to be used together and to attain their effect through pleasing contrast (as of color, material, or texture)

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