Meaning of COORDINATE in English

I. (ˈ)kō|ȯrd( ə )nə̇t, -ȯd ə n-, -ȯ(ə)dn-, -d ə nˌāt, -dˌnāt, usu -d.+V adjective

Etymology: back-formation from coordination


a. : equal in rank, quality, or significance : similar in order or nature : not subordinate

keeping the branches of government coordinate

b. : being of equal rank in a compound sentence

coordinate clauses

: standing in the same rank or relation in a sentence

by sea and by land are coordinate in “they travel by sea and by land”


a. : of or marked by coordination : marked by related actions or processes cooperating : composed of things of equal rank or order : coordinated

b. chemistry : relating to or formed by coordination

6- coordinate complexes

c. : coordinating


a. of a university : giving degrees to both men and women taught by the same faculty but in separate classes and sometimes on separate campuses

b. of a college : being one of the colleges of a coordinate university, especially the women's branch

• co·or·di·nate·ly adverb

• co·or·di·nate·ness noun -es

II. -d ə nˌāt, usu -ād.+V verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: back-formation from coordination

transitive verb

1. : to make coordinate : put in the same order or rank

coordinate the two groups in classification

2. : to bring into a common action, movement, or condition : regulate and combine in harmonious action : harmonize

coordinate the work of various bureaus

coordinate the divergent Gospel stories — America

coordinate muscular movements


a. : to attach so as to form a coordination complex

a coordinated group

a coordinated molecule

b. : to constitute by such attachment

coordinated salts

intransitive verb

1. : to be or become coordinate : act together in a smooth concerted way

muscles of spastics do not coordinate

2. chemistry : to combine by means of a coordinate bond

III. as at adj noun

( -s )

Etymology: coordinate (I)

1. : one who is of equal rank, authority, or importance with another

in the federal system each of the coordinates has equal power


a. : any one of a set of numbers used in specifying the location of a point on a line, in space, or on a given plane or other surface

latitude and longitude are coordinates of a point on the earth's surface

b. : any one of a set of variables or parameters used in specifying the state of a substance (as temperature, pressure, or entropy) or the motion of a particle (as position, velocity, or momentum)

IV. adjective

: of, relating to, or being a system of indexing by two or more terms so that documents may be retrieved through the intersection of index terms

V. noun

coordinates plural : articles (as of clothing or furniture) designed to be used together and to attain their effect through pleasing contrast (as of color, material, or texture)

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