Meaning of COORDINATE in English

[co.or.di.nate] adj [prob. back-formation fr. coordination] (1641) 1 a: equal in rank, quality, or significance b: being of equal rank in a sentence "~ clauses"

2: relating to or marked by coordination 3 a: being a university that awards degrees to men and women taught usu. by the same faculty but attending separate classes often on separate campuses b: being one of the colleges and esp. the women's branch of a coordinate university

4: of, relating to, or being a system of indexing by two or more terms so that documents may be retrieved through the intersection of index terms -- adv -- co.or.di.nate.ness n

[2]co.or.di.nate vb -nat.ed ; vt (1665) 1: to put in the same order or rank

2: to bring into a common action, movement, or condition: harmonize

3: to attach so as to form a coordination complex ~ vi 1: to be or become coordinate esp. so as to act together in a smooth concerted way

2: to combine by means of a coordinate bond -- adj -- n [3]co.or.di.nate n (ca. 1823) 1 a: any of a set of numbers used in specifying the location of a point on a line, on a surface, or in space b: any one of a set of variables used in specifying the state of a substance or the motion of a particle or momentum

2: one who is of equal rank, authority, or importance with another 3 pl: articles (as of clothing) designed to be used together and to attain their effect through pleasing contrast (as of color, material, or texture)

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