Meaning of COORDINATE in English

(also co-ordinate )

■ verb kəʊ'ɔ:dɪneɪt

1》 bring the different elements of (a complex activity or organization) into an efficient relationship.

↘negotiate with others in order to work together effectively.

2》 match or harmonize attractively.

3》 Chemistry form a ~ bond to.

■ adjective kəʊ'ɔ:dɪnət

1》 equal in rank or importance.

↘ Grammar (of parts of a compound sentence) equal in rank and fulfilling identical functions.

2》 Chemistry denoting a covalent bond in which one atom provides both the shared electrons.

■ noun kəʊ'ɔ:dɪnət

1》 Mathematics each of a group of numbers used to indicate the position of a point, line, or plane.

2》 ( ~s ) matching items of clothing.


coordinative adjective

coordinator noun


C17: from co- + L. ordinare (from ordo 'order').

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