Meaning of COOPERATIVE in English


I. adjective


a collaborative/cooperative effort formal (= with different people or groups working together )

This was a collaborative effort involving the three largest energy companies.




For the present, what is needed most is more cooperative work, and less competitive philosophising.

In announcing the victims fund, the banks expressed the hope that it would promote a more cooperative spirit in the negotiations.

Most horses will stand better for the farrier, and be more cooperative , if they are reassured and rewarded.

Employee Involvement is regarded as a long-term attempt to create a more cooperative relationship with employees.

The so-called Mond-Turner talks, leading to little in themselves, but symbolizing a more cooperative approach, became possible.


The body is very cooperative in becoming more supple quite quickly if we practise stretching postures regularly.



It was a cooperative effort between the two.

He did not need to say that he envisioned this as a cooperative effort .

We shall only succeed in dealing with the problems through a vast international cooperative effort .

Yet work organizations depend on shared power in win-win cooperative effort .

For this reason, trade unions might be active in cooperative efforts with management to achieve growth through greater efficiency.


Activities of the local cooperative movement were facilitated by a strong trading position.

Cooperation enters politics By the end of the nineteenth century an important cooperative movement was established in West Ham.

Friendly societies and the cooperative movement testified to the accommodation.

Founded in 1883, its relationship to the cooperative movement was from the start problematic.

However committed the cooperative movement was to political involvement, there remained a powerful independence, and this proved decisive.


Cramlington is an example of an almost entirely cooperative relationship .

Only a handful seemed to appreciate the advantages in actively building trust, credibility, and cooperative relationships with peers.

One way concerns cooperative relationships between genes within species.

They would exacerbate the problems of unbalanced power that threaten any cooperative relationship .

Employee Involvement is regarded as a long-term attempt to create a more cooperative relationship with employees.

Fig trees and fig wasps share an intimate cooperative relationship .


Marriage teeters on the line between a cooperative venture and a form of mutual exploitation-ask any divorce lawyer.


A cooperative waiter helped us to order from the huge menu.

Car companies have started several cooperative ventures.

Some of the students are highly cooperative and attentive, but unfortunately, most aren't.

The suspect has been cooperative with investigators, but he shows little remorse.


Braitman and Ehrenzweig like having it where they live, and feel its cooperative , relaxed ambience is very San Francisco.

Directors also strive to foster a cooperative spirit and friendly attitude among employees and a compassionate demeanor toward the families.

Grice suggests that the maxims are in fact not arbitrary conventions, but rather describe rational means for conducting cooperative exchanges.

Many heritage establishments will be cooperative provided the matter is discussed in advance.

Needless to say, the band was run on cooperative lines with no one in particular leading.

The Board had considered McFarlane to be a cooperative and credible witness.

The nature of the task requires cooperative activity of a high order at various levels and between a wide range of people.

The Queretaro cooperative project, I believe, was no exception.

II. noun


a potato farm cooperative in Pennsylvania


A pilot cooperative is working on fulfilling the preconditions for certification, such as the development of a management plan.

As a cooperative we were very poor.

But it reopened after a state judge ruled this month that the cooperative could do business under the tenets of Proposition 215.

His buying cooperative dropped Shaw after the company announced it would get into the retail market.

I also visited a cooperative of peasant farmers who grow sesame seed.

The agro-industry maquila cooperative project was one attempt to provide rural industrial work for women.

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