Meaning of COOPERATIVE in English


I. (ˈ)kō|äp(ə)rəd.iv, -rətiv: (ˈ)kō|äpəˌrād.iv, -ātiv, -ēv also -əv adjective

Etymology: Late Latin cooperativus, from cooperatus + Latin -ivus -ive


a. : marked by cooperation : marked by working together or by joint effort toward a common end

the work demanded cooperative organization

wherever there was a prospect of a steady return to cooperative agriculture, ceorls tended to live together — F.M.Stenton

b. : given to or marked by willingness and ability to work with others in a common effort : not motivated entirely by selfish individual aims : retaining from malingering, lowering morale, or obstructing accomplishment

the professor was not promoted because he was not cooperative

the historians are more cooperative than they used to be; they engage in joint projects and have common standards — Times Literary Supplement


a. : of, relating to, or organized as a cooperative

a cooperative business enterprise

b. : belonging to or undertaken by a cooperative

cooperative producers

cooperative farming

cooperative marketing

c. : favoring the organization of cooperatives

the cooperative movement

3. : showing organized diversification of student activities to include practical work (as in industry, agriculture, social welfare, or in college maintenance activities and domestic chores like cooking and cleaning)

the cooperative plan at various universities

cooperative courses requiring outside work in industry — Massachusetts Institute of Technology Bulletin

a cooperative dormitory

Synonyms: see social

II. noun

( -s )

: an enterprise or organization owned by and operated for the benefit of those using its services

marketing cooperatives

a comsumers' cooperative

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