Meaning of COSMETIC in English




cosmetic surgery

cosmetic/plastic surgery (= surgery to improve someone’s appearance )

More and more people are choosing to have plastic surgery.




A cosmetic change to alter the face of the offside rule Talking point.

Last week, Peron was back in business, with a few cosmetic changes .

Evidently, cosmetic changes like getting rid of man do not entirely work.


In the event, Wilson opted for the cosmetic exercise , but no one could foretell this in February 1974.

It was said she wanted to play no part in a cosmetic exercise designed to put a happy face on the marriage.

Does the Minister agree that that reform package was merely a cosmetic exercise ?

Many foreign commentators, however, described the lifting of martial law as a cosmetic exercise .


I have seen too many people who have looked odd after cosmetic surgery .

We talked about cosmetic surgery and we asked to see the scars.

Have cosmetic surgery every two years?

Women who undergo cosmetic surgery still far outnumber their male counterparts.

More women are now undergoing cosmetic surgery more and more often.

It would be so even if cosmetic surgery were painless, which it most definitely is not.

The aim is to tell the surgeons about a survey which shows the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery .

Health authorities have already begun to restrict services, most commonly removal of tattoos and cosmetic surgery .


80% of women who have surgery to enlarge their breasts do it for cosmetic reasons.

a cosmetic sponge

The house needs no structural work, just a few cosmetic repairs.


Early regular mobilisation of the prepuce after surgery ensures an excellent functional and cosmetic result.

Embalming is a sanitary, cosmetic , and preservative process through which the body is prepared for interment.

Hirsutism is a less frequent side effect that may be a cosmetic problem in females.

In instances where a flare-up of the disease later attenuated earlier cosmetic benefits, patients became skeptical of surgery.

In the event, Wilson opted for the cosmetic exercise, but no one could foretell this in February 1974.

She refuses to be part of the general cosmetic industry hype.

Yet we do what we always do when confronted with a challenge: Lunge for a quick, easy and cosmetic solution.

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