Meaning of COSMETIC in English


/ kɒzˈmetɪk; NAmE kɑːz-/ noun , adjective

■ noun

[ usually pl. ] a substance that you put on your face or body to make it more attractive :

the cosmetics industry

a cosmetic company

cosmetic products

■ adjective


improving only the outside appearance of sth and not its basic character :

These reforms are not merely cosmetic.

She dismissed the plan as a cosmetic exercise to win votes.


connected with medical treatment that is intended to improve a person's appearance :

cosmetic surgery

cosmetic dental work

►  cos·met·ic·al·ly / -kli; NAmE / adverb



early 17th cent. (as a noun denoting the art of beautifying the body): from French cosmétique , from Greek kosmētikos , from kosmein arrange or adorn, from kosmos order or adornment.

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