Meaning of COSMETIC in English


I. käzˈmed.ik, -etik, -ēk noun

( -s )

Etymology: in sense 1, from Greek komētikē, from feminine of kosmētikos, adjective; in sense 2, from Greek kosmētikos, adjective

1. archaic : the art of beautifying the body — sometimes used in plural

2. : a preparation (except soap) to be applied to the human body for beautifying, preserving, or altering the appearance of a person (as for theatricals) or for cleansing, coloring, conditioning, or protecting the skin, hair, nails, lips, eyes, or teeth

II. (ˈ) ̷ ̷| ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷ adjective

Etymology: Greek kosmētikos skilled in arrangement or adornment, from kosmētos well-arranged (from kosmein to arrange, adorn, from kosmos order, ornament) + -ikos -ic

: relating to or making for beauty especially of the complexion : beautifying

cosmetic salves

also : correcting defects especially of the face

cosmetic surgery

III. noun

cosmetics plural : superficially attractive or impressive features

a poem without rhetorical cosmetics — Guy Davenport

IV. adjective

1. : relating to or involving only outward appearance

cosmetic defects

2. : lacking depth or substance : superficial

working to make real improvements, not cosmetic changes — Andy Rooney

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