Meaning of CRUDE in English


I. adjective


a rough/crude approximation (= one that is not very exact )

Could you give us a rough approximation of the cost?

crude oil (= oil in its natural state )

the price of crude oil




Not that Luke Hunter would ever descend to anything as crude as rape.

The machines are still unable to plan; their routines for evaluating moves are as crude as ever.

She thought the zest of her replies probably struck him as crude .


On the whole, therefore, a rather crude kind of draughtsmanship is implied.

One rather crude way of looking at this is as follows.

Even at best this is a rather crude approximation.

There are numerous hidden snags to this rather crude formula, but the basic idea is sound.

A drawback of these studies is that the variable defining parental education is rather crude .

My example also incorporates another method of concealment, a rather cruder one.

Not all lace was quite so decorative; that provided by Dottridge Brothers in 1922 was really rather crude .


Others, however, suggested that it was already capable of manufacturing a small and relatively crude nuclear weapon.

Where relatively crude barbarians had once been ruled by a highly civilized people, the tables were now turned.

It is a relatively crude way of allocating such expenditure. 10.

At the dawn of the industrial revolution, birth control technology was still relatively crude .

As we have seen, the first replicators probably were relatively crude , low-fidelity contraptions in comparison.

This suggests that it is sensible to explore aspects of subjective risk in the controlled environment of even this relatively crude simulator.


As earthbound concrete replaced shimmering glass, so crude functionalism was to supplant soaring aspiration.

He'd been stupid enough not to expect anything so crude , or so relentless.

It seemed so unlike him. So crude .

Oh, they won't go for anything so crude as physical torture.

But most of the philosophers who have written about and explored the nature of being have not been so crude .


Even on the issue of biblical interpretation, the concept of a total separation would be too crude .

For some purposes, this is too crude .

However, such a basic comparison is too crude to be meaningful.

They were also too crude to cope with the complexity of contemporary life in Britain.

Almost a brunch coat but that's too crude a description.


But there is something very crude and simple about death itself.

Yet that is a very crude test of function.

Unfortunately the results of some very crude cold-blown bottle tests were disastrous.

This method is very crude and subjective.

They'd done it in Gaelic to cover up the vulgarity. Very crude people.

Life is very crude , and bonnie Princes Street a dream, but we soldier on with a good grace.

Their stone points are very crude and we can cut their nets easily.

The system for communicating with the computer seems very crude by today's standards.



Although it is sometimes simulated by looking through a peephole, this gives only a crude approximation of the condition.

Even at best this is a rather crude approximation .


In a crude form it was also useful in the treatment of sewage.

It was as if the men, unwittingly, had stumbled upon a crude form of worker control.

Hahnemann found that many substances which were inactive in the crude form became active therapeutic agents when treated in this way.

But in pressing Dicey's theory into the service of a tradition his thought was transposed into a crude form .

The appeals procedure was streamlined, court practice was refined, and the crudest forms of punishment were abolished.


Yet the Basle requirements were at best a crude measure of credit exposure-albeit one that is easy to apply.

Nor were differences found when crude measures of social functioning was examined.

Looking at the time lag between the filing of a claim and final disposition is in any event a crude measure .

Simple percapita assessments, such as the number of schoolchildren, give a very crude measure of need.


In 1982 crude oil accounted for more than half the total cost of imports.

The port closings halted crude oil exports from state-owned oil company Petroleos Mexicanos during the weekend and on Monday.

Both sets of figures have been driven by the price of crude oil .

Projected demand for crude oil 5.

Industrial factories, he said, also discharge toxic waste and crude oil into the sea.

Average crude oil prices were $ 16. 67 per barrel, up $ 1. 56 from a year ago.

February crude oil rose 66 cents to $ 19. 18 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

Oil companies fell in response to weaker crude oil and natural gas prices.


It was the rise in world crude prices which brought energy conservation seriously into view.

Oils continued their rise in the wake of the firm crude price .

Concern about slowing demand for petrol and a recent fall in crude prices has pushed Opec towards tough action on supply.


crude rubber

a crude homemade bomb

a crude map of the area

Babbage's great calculating machine was a crude form of computer.

Rudy was loud-mouthed and crude .

She was worried that her husband's crude remarks might have upset some of the guests.

The comedian wasn't funny at all; he was just crude and offensive.

The earliest skis were crude , consisting of short boards covered in fur skins.

The men started gathering wood to construct a crude shelter.

The number of help-wanted advertisements can be used as a crude measure of the strength of the job market.


As earthbound concrete replaced shimmering glass, so crude functionalism was to supplant soaring aspiration.

But this is a crude indicator, at best, for how business behaves.

Diesel comes from crude oil, and it is less refined than gasoline.

Ice is a mineral; crude oil is not.

It is apparently done in quite a crude fashion, using a look-up table.

Millions of gallons of crude oil spilled into the sea, causing widespread shore damage as well.

Pools of crude oil stretch in every direction.

The interiors of these stores had crude floors, bare ceilings, glaring lights, gaudy signs, and merchandise piled everywhere.

II. noun


About 700,000 gallons of crude oil spilled into Galveston Bay.

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