Meaning of DEFECTIVE in English




a defective/faulty gene (= a gene that does not work properly )

The disease is caused by a defective gene.


Her vision was quite poor and she always wore glasses.




The new developments include very early sampling of foetal tissue to detect defective genes .

While it strikes men twice as often, women can also carry the defective gene and pass it along to their children.

Research on the family has enabled scientists to identify a defective gene responsible for causing the disease.

Doctors at the Necker hospital in Paris delivered a normal copy of the defective gene that caused the condition.

The defective gene is a version of the tumour-suppressor p53 gene.

Now they think they can cure the defective gene in the lungs.

If the test shows a woman carries a defective gene , there is a limit to what can be done.


All such notices are illegal because they try to limit a customer's right to return defective goods .

This is an unsatisfactory position when what he really wants is to have the defective goods repaired or replaced.

The waste-factory that produced these defective goods roared day and night.

Sometimes the party in default makes an offer to put things right, e.g. the seller offers to buy back defective goods .

A seller will prefer that the buyer's only remedy in respect of defective goods should be the express one granted under the contract.


In fact several recent studies have shown that up to 15% of defective items have passed unnoticed in a 100% inspection.

Table 18, below, shows the percentages of all defective items which suffered from the specific types of damage noted.


The producer of a defective product is liable for damage resulting wholly or partly from that defect.

But there is rarely any direct correlation between defective products and liability awards.

Where a defective product is used as a component by another manufacturer, there will be two defective products and two producers.

For example, a product manager in the marketing department may discover that one plant in manufacturing is producing defective products.

Its purpose is to introduce a strict liability regime on producers of defective products .

This resulted in the passing of the Consumer Protection Act 1987 which introduces a strict liability regime for defective products .

MiLAN, at its option, will repair or replace any defective product within its warranty or extended warranty period.


These measures will show the distance at which the child with defective vision can be expected to discriminate visually presented material.

In short, nearly one in three possessed physical defects, a figure which took no account of dental problems or defective vision .

Should children with defective vision be resting their eyes?

Small print, dense layout, footnotes and detailed diagrams can be very demanding for some pupils with defective vision .

The ultimate aim must be to help pupils with defective vision to use as much standard material as possible in common with their classmates.


Merchants will give refunds on any damaged or defective merchandise.


The biological truth is the opposite; all biologists know that males are defective females.

The seed was defective and the resulting crop was little better than useless.

These usually indicate the presence of steel tie-rods used to hold a defective structure together.

This is a rare familial disorder in which conjugated bilirubin levels are increased due to defective excretion of bilirubin in the bile.

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