Meaning of DETERMINATION in English



dogged determination

a dogged determination to succeed

grim determination

The child hung on to her arm with grim determination .

steely determination

a look of steely determination




All the applications of expert determination have evolved through commercial practice.

This is ironic because the parties, having chosen expert determination , presumably wanted to avoid court proceedings.

Those issues appear in various parts of the agreement, and expert determination is applied to those issues by one expert clause.

This may demonstrate one of the essential features of expert determination , namely that it need not be a personal process.

People are likely to create at least one piece of paper when making an agreement of sufficient complexity to incorporate expert determination .

Expert witnesses should not be confused with expert determination: see 1.6.3.


This was achieved by resolve, leadership and teamwork, coupled with a fierce determination not to be beaten.

What they did not know about this roly-poly 46-year-old with the easy smile was his fierce determination .

The look of fierce determination on her face soon made him laugh.

What the little company did have was the vision and fierce determination of its leader, nuclear physicist John Robert Beyster.

They fought with fierce determination on both sides.


Where an appeal is actually lodged this means the period between the decision and the final determination of the appeal.

Everything turns on the capacity of the patient and, just as important, who makes the final determination as to that capacity.


He should really start thinking about double-checking a few things. Great determination and guts and all that sort of thing.

Love-passion-is an emotion that keeps all entrepreneurs going. Great determination only occurs when there is great passion.

So a stallion may respond to punishment from us by trying to kick us with greater determination instead.

We face the future with quiet confidence and great determination .

A fatherless, penniless boy - possessed of great determination , faith, and courage - seeks his fortune.

There is even opportunity to praise failure if great effort and determination have been shown.

Under President Ford leading Western states had begun to tackle their economic differences with greater determination .


In fact he found Patrick's grim determination not to be charmed rather amusing.

No words, no threats, no waste of energy, just a grim determination to do or die.


The problem raised by the theory of ideology is the analysis of knowledge as true or false, according to its social determination .

This was indeed the origin of the concept of ideology and the thesis of social determination .


During their time together, Rigby recognised the steely determination Gedge applied to the group.

Howard Saddler plays Cassius with steely determination , persuasive in his arguments that initially draw Brutus into the conspiracy.

Then she saw the look of steely determination in his eyes and knew he was more than capable of it.

But her steely determination to make her way in a cruel world has done its own damage.



Join the Ulster Movement and play your part in gaining self determination for our ancient homeland.



In addition to probing the critical state near T c, these measurements allow the indirect determination of the residual, normal-state resistivity.


The willingness of part-time farmers to go on training courses demonstrates their determination to make the most of their farms.

The authorities may contend that they demonstrate their determination to find extremists in the ranks.


Briony crammed the cap low over her brow as if to express solid determination , then swung round and left the room.


Duregar pinned his hopes on Dwarven determination to keep the army safe.

But the President would not be moved from his determination to keep his promise to KohI.

The street battles of Vilnius and Riga show a brutal determination to keep the Soviet empire together.

You have to focus with a kind of relentless determination on keeping your grip.

It seemed that although sheer determination had kept Julia alive until the wedding, suddenly she could fight no longer.


The expert's jurisdiction to make a determination depends on the definition of the issue between the parties.

On the other hand, the agency has been dragging its feet all the way in making the endangered determination .

The justices failed to make any determination or finding upon that issue.

In an instant I made my determination .

Even if the plant is a free-standing subsidiary, within-group pricing policies make determination of real outputs difficult.

But how precisely does the bureaucracy make that determination ?

The constitution says an ill or incompetent president can no longer serve, but does not say who should make that determination .


In May 1958, he showed his determination to avoid a recurrence.

Hector had never said Ewan's name so easily, nor shown such interest and determination in weeks.

The street battles of Vilnius and Riga show a brutal determination to keep the Soviet empire together.

George Bush's administration has not shown such a determination , and it does not seem likely to do so.

In the early 1980s Korolev showed considerable determination in embarking on the total restoration of the Tretyakov building complex in Lavrushinsky Pereulok.

We need to show our determination to move ahead together.

Once you've convinced yourself you will get out of it, think positively and show some determination .


The games have been characterised by the players' deep determination to win .

Few would question Lloyd's determination to win business which now walks past its door and into rivals such as Commercial Union.

Their determination to win at any cost, brought world criticism as the details of massacres such as Mai Lai emerged.

Politics, business, morality, and determination to win against the odds are popular subjects.

Mr Gummer's determination to win the highest figures advised by the scientists failed for the North Sea cod quota.

Ultimately he will convince them, his determination winning through, his belief becoming their belief.


stubborn resistance/refusal/determination etc

After two-and-a-half years of stubborn resistance, the Republic collapsed rapidly during the first three months of 1939.

As the family kept vigil, the children saw at close quarters the stubborn determination of their stepmother.

However, Wainwright offered stubborn resistance, and responded with some hard hitting from the baseline to level the score at 6-6.

Perhaps it was her stubborn refusal to see her family broken up that made Mrs Breen appealing to Farnham.

There was no cheering on the part of the men, but a stubborn determination to obey orders and do their duty.

What accounted for this stubborn resistance of nationalities to the predicted assimilation?


Determination and hard work led Sanders from poverty to success.

A spokesman stressed the police's determination to find the girl's killer.

After the accident, Bill learned to walk again through sheer hard work and determination .

Success requires dogged determination , as well as ability.


As usual Eva entered into the spirit of the thing with energy and determination .

But its seeming determination to do so is deeply troubling.

Great determination only occurs when there is great passion.

On the other hand, the agency has been dragging its feet all the way in making the endangered determination .

The inhabitant of two dimensional space could also refine the use of his measurement to make a quantitive determination of curvature.

There was no cheering on the part of the men, but a stubborn determination to obey orders and do their duty.

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