Meaning of DETERMINATION in English

de ‧ ter ‧ mi ‧ na ‧ tion W3 /dɪˌtɜːməˈneɪʃ ə n, dɪˌtɜːmɪˈneɪʃ ə n $ -ɜːr-/ BrE AmE noun

[ Word Family: adjective : ↑ determined , ↑ indeterminate , ↑ predetermined ; noun : ↑ determination , ↑ determiner ; verb : ↑ determine ; adverb : determinedly]

1 . [uncountable] the quality of trying to do something even when it is difficult

determination to do something

Yuri shows great determination to learn English.

his dogged determination (=very strong determination) to succeed

2 . [uncountable and countable] formal the act of deciding something officially

determination of

the determination of government policy

3 . [countable] formal the act of finding the exact level, amount, or cause of something

determination of

accurate determination of the temperature

• • •


■ verbs

▪ have determination

To become a professional musician, you need to have a lot of determination.

▪ show determination ( also demonstrate determination formal )

From a very early age, she showed great determination.

▪ something requires determination

Success requires hard work and determination.

▪ express your determination to do something

He made a speech expressing his determination to rebuild the economy.

▪ underline your determination to do something (=emphasize it)

The Prime Minister underlined his determination to keep interest rates high.

■ adjectives

▪ great determination

She showed great determination to succeed.

▪ fierce determination (=involving strong feelings)

They fought with fierce determination.

▪ dogged/steely/grim determination (=very strong determination)

As a politician she was known for her dogged determination.

▪ sheer determination (=nothing except great determination)

He had survived by sheer determination.

▪ ruthless determination (=that involves not caring about hurting other people)

the ruthless determination of his business career

▪ single-minded determination (=having one clear aim and working very hard to achieve it)

Whatever task he undertook was tackled with single-minded determination.

• • •


▪ determination the quality of continuing to try to do something, even when it is difficult:

Bill got where he is today by sheer hard work and determination.


I really admired her determination to live her own life.

▪ willpower the ability to control your mind and body in order to achieve something you have decided to do:

It takes a lot of willpower to give up smoking.


She made herself get better by sheer willpower, when everyone else had given up hope.

▪ drive the determination and energy to succeed, especially in business or work:

We’re looking for young people who have drive, initiative, and new ideas.


He’s clever enough, but he lacks drive.

▪ resolve formal a strong determination to succeed in doing something, especially because you are sure that it is a good thing to do:

The poverty she saw there strengthened her resolve to do something to help.


The success of a military enterprise depends partly on the resolve of its leaders.

▪ perseverance the ability to continue trying to achieve something over a long period in a patient way, even when this is difficult:

Reaching this standard of musical skill requires incredible perseverance.


A good teacher should have imagination and perseverance.

▪ ruthlessness the quality of being extremely determined to achieve what you want, and not caring if you have to hurt other people to do it:

He was a man who pursued his aims with complete ruthlessness.


The revolt was suppressed with total ruthlessness.

▪ tenacity formal the determination to never stop trying to do something, especially when other people try to stop you:

He clung to power with a remarkable tenacity.


When fighting cancer, Tsongas showed the same tenacity he displayed in politics.

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