Meaning of DETERMINATION in English

/ dɪˌtɜːmɪˈneɪʃn; NAmE -ˌtɜːrm-/ noun


[ U ] ~ (to do sth) the quality that makes you continue trying to do sth even when this is difficult :

fierce / grim / dogged determination

He fought the illness with courage and determination.

I admire her determination to get it right.

They had survived by sheer determination.


[ U ] ( formal ) the process of deciding sth officially :

factors influencing the determination of future policy


[ U , C ] ( technical ) the act of finding out or calculating sth :

Both methods rely on the accurate determination of the pressure of the gas.



late Middle English (in the senses settlement of a controversy by a judge or by reasoning and authoritative opinion ): via Old French from Latin determinatio(n-) , from the verb determinare limit, fix, from de- completely + terminare terminate.

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