Meaning of DEVELOPING in English



a developing economy (= one that is getting stronger and starting to include more modern industries )

Many developing economies are investing in sources of renewable energy.

a developing/emerging nation (= one that is starting to have more industry )

Food shortages are often a problem in developing nations.

a developing/Third World country (= poor and trying to increase its industry and trade )

Many developing countries receive some foreign aid.




The company is also developing two new materials which it hopes will be strong enough to fill cavities in the back teeth.

Sun is also developing multiple iterations of Tsunami, its low-end low-cost high-volume single-chip MicroSparc engine.

A similar trend is also developing whereby parents sell their home when their children have established an independent existence.

It is also developing ann information service, meals-on-wheels, and support groups.

The theories about how the signalling behaviour is controlled are also developing fast.

Most of the other companies included in the table are also developing or have already developed liaisons of this type.


This makes the sperm, like all rapidly developing cells, especially vulnerable to damage from chemicals or radiation.

It will be appreciated that this rapidly developing field of expertise contains extensive new jargon.

Three open sprinklers were found to be sufficient to stop even the most rapidly developing fire.

Bioremediation is a promising and rapidly developing treatment technology with a bright future.

This is a rapidly developing field which poses great challenges for both experimentalists and theoreticians.

In advertising, you are part of the most rapidly developing new industry in the world, namely communications and information technology.


Cells in the tumour seem to resemble the body's own cells soon after conception when a baby is still developing .

It is a comprehensive system - and still developing .

We are still developing as a group and learning as we go along.



We have promised to provide new and additional resources to help the developing countries to tackle their environmental problems.

At the most basic level, then, the health of women and girls in developing countries continued to be neglected.

The developing countries were urged to renounce such military links and embrace a policy of neutralism or non-alignment.

Life expectation at birth is about 45 years in developing countries and more than 70 years in developed countries.

Exchange rates Many developing countries attempt to manage their exchange rates.

Governments of developing countries give only low budgets to developing communications.

Secretory diarrhoea is an important health problem particularly in developing countries .


These include the need for foreign currency and the attraction of foreign companies and their interests in developing economies .

In developing economies these two propositions are not incompatible.

Goods traffic is more fundamental to a developing economy than is that in passengers or mail, but these are also important.


Eva took those from the developing nations particularly under her wing.

These problems include those associated with rural poverty, malnutrition, population changes and environmental degradation in developing nations .

Staff are also seconded to fill established posts in geological survey departments in the developing nations of the Commonwealth.

In the last two decades world production of electricity has roughly doubled, with the developing nations pulling towards overtaking the developed.

Visby's compromise was regarded by the developing nations as responsive to the complaints of maritime carriers.

It was also argued that the ban was premature and that developing nations would have their industrial development impaired as a result.

These problems can occur in societies which are already developed and modern as well as in developing nations .


Almost all the growth will occur in the cities of the developing world .

A final factor that affects the number of children desired by developing world couples is infant mortality.

The organisers hope that the event will have raised £25,000 for charitable projects at home and in the developing world .

Here as elsewhere in the developing world , traffic snarls have increased tensions and decreased productivity.

The complexity of rural development everywhere, whether in the developed or the developing world , is not always realised.

A more open international trading system was needed to provide access to exports from the developing world .

Currently, Televisa is the largest communications corporation in the developing world .

Thus the management of forests on a global basis constitutes an agent of environmental change in both the developed and developing world .


a developing fetus

Good nutrition is very important to a developing child.

the developing crisis in the Middle East

These drugs are effective in the developing stages of the disease.


In two developing countries, the lowest frequency of fetal mortality is at births above second but below sixth or seventh order.

Objective: to promote international trade, particularly that of developing countries, with a view to accelerating economic development.

This hormone is produced by the developing embryo within a few days of the egg being fertilised.

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