Meaning of DEVELOPMENT in English



a development programme

This project is a central part of the development programme for the area.

a development project

Our aim is assess the environmental impact of new development projects.

a pattern of development

Regular checks help to ensure that the child is following the normal pattern of development

a stage of development

We have several ideas in various stages of development.

advances/developments in technology

Because of developments in technology, minicomputers can now do what mainframes did in the past.

an exciting development (= a change that makes a product, situation etc better )

This exciting development could mark the end of the long-running conflict.

anticipate changes/developments

The schedule isn’t final, but we don’t anticipate many changes.

career development/advancement/progression

A good job offers a programme of training and career development.

character development (= the process of developing characters )

I thought the plot was boring and there wasn’t much character development.

child development

She’s an expert in child development.

commercial development (= the building of houses, hotels, restaurants etc )

The increased number of tourists has resulted in further commercial development.

development aid (= given to help develop poor countries )

It’s one of the poorest countries in the world, but it has received no UN development aid.

economic growth/development (= when businesses become more successful )

We have enjoyed a period of steady economic growth.

future development

the debate over the future development of the European Union

industrial development/growth

rapid post-war industrial development

intellectual development/ability/activity etc

a job that requires considerable intellectual effort

joint development

Both companies are involved in the joint development of a new medium-sized car.

product development

The money will be used to fund product development.

rapid growth/expansion/development

The industry is experiencing rapid growth.

research and development

ribbon development

the pace of development

The pace of development in computer graphics is amazing.




In places the text is a little unsatisfactory but this reflects the early stage of development rather than the author's own expertise.

Every psychotherapy process, early in its development , defines the basic questions it is trying to answer.

One case where the inductive signals may have been identified is in early amphibian development .

He also formed Kloss Video Corp., working on the early development of the large-screen projection television.

Indeed the earliest suburban development preceded railway expansion by a decade or so in the big cities.

A new Early Head Start program, designed around new research on early brain development , targets children from infancy to 3.

Stability problems were evident in the early development stage.

Through an important earlier development , the providers in the Eastern District had already anticipated the trend.


In this way, possible areas for economic development were identified.

The government today is trying to combine preservation of indigenous cultures with economic development .

Does government have a community economic development strategy?

Day believes it will provide greater predictability in economic development efforts if all communities in Arizona have the same minimum wage.

Objective: to promote international trade, particularly that of developing countries, with a view to accelerating economic development .

The administration clearly preferred not to have any federally funded programs directly aimed at local economic development .

It was designed to achieve economic development in a region in which demographic increase consistently outstripped economic growth.

Departments of Commerce changed from passive complaint bureaus for the business community to active promoters of economic development projects.


The Council also requested to be kept informed of further developments in this field.

These experiences are necessary for the development of moral feelings and further affective development.

Transtab A further development of Transpower, incorporating an elongated stability element.

This presents further developments in social movement theory and research.

Taking into account both costs and functions, the better-value proposals are identified for further development .

There is, however a logical progression from present finance functions through to further developments .

It worked, it was adopted as a design worthy of further development .

To this end three further developments are envisaged.


The second type of analysis is the macro-economic approach, deducing future developments from past quantitative macro-economic observations.

If the deal is completed, Rouse would immediately become a dominant force in the future development of Las Vegas.

For all of these agents of environmental change, economic and political considerations are primary factors in their operation and future development .

Whatever the outcome, s.61 style remedies are important for the future development of civil liability for insider dealing. 4.2.5.

WordPerfect have found the multi-tasking capabilities of OS/2 valuable and see it as an important platform for future development .

Your child's pre-school days and infant and junior school years are vital in his future development .

The mental or spiritual body retains all the potential of the individual for his or her future development .

One result would be an agreed agenda for action for that specific nursery, with pointers for future development .


The other important development has been the glycosylated haemoglobin level.

The United Kingdom is one of the leaders in open systems, which is a very important technological development .

One form of play that is particularly important in the development of children explores human roles.

All the important developments within the kinetic theory took place after this falsification.

These two properties provide a most important development within the Region, albeit that they are very different in their aims.

However, two important developments occurred to derail the peace process.


Calcutta's industrial development in the 1950s occurred without a corresponding expansion in regular employment.

Countries not so reliant on oil because of lack of industrial development can be hard hit indirectly.

She was previously senior industrial development officer with Middlesbrough Borough Council.

None of the world's poor countries can afford to curb industrial development .

This would require farmers to apply for planning permission as is the case with other commercial or industrial developments .

Important industrial and development projects were also either postponed or cancelled.

Statutory controls should be introduced on industrial and commercial development , and resources made available for the removal of existing inappropriate developments.

Over the long historical period since the Industrial Revolution, the focus of industrial development has shifted a number of times.


In a crucial explanatory passage the narrator tells us: This marks a great step in Lok's intellectual development .

Levels of intellectual development vary considerably among children.

Motor and intellectual development are inseparable.

As such, intellectual development is adaptive.

There are various factors which may affect the emotional and intellectual development of their children.

There are just better and better placements as intellectual development proceeds.

The argument must still confront the anthropological and linguistic evidence for intellectual development as well as capacity in different cultures.

Accordingly, differences in prior experiences can contribute to individual differences in intellectual development .


The product is the result of an agreement signed in October 1991 for joint development of an FRAM-compatible radio frequency transponder chip.

Several of the schools are proposing to undertake joint development work with local colleges.

The company will maintain a strategic manufacturing agreement with the startup and joint business development arrangements.

It's more joint development of the applications and systems they need.

A joint development between LogIT and the Lego Robolab might just help to break down the science and technology interface.

The new car is a joint development between Honda and the Rover Group.

It could be a joint development or a pricey investment by a third party.


As they walked to the terminal, Wiggs ran through the latest developments .

Data relating to morphogenesis by small bowel isolates of later development , are limited.

One of the most exciting concepts coming through Charnos' latest product development is the control top with lycra.

Capital is devoted to the creation of desires and needs which can only be fulfilled by the latest developments of the market.

It would be nice to believe that the Health Secretary spends all his time understanding the very latest developments in heart-lung transplants.

The latest development in the technology is to build in the recorder as well, making the whole thing highly portable.

A later development introduced a press to compress the hops in each pocket which was held in a pocket sling.


The major industrial developments were heavily concentrated in a few key areas of the Empire.

Throughout any major development project, there have always been development problems.

And although London's Docklands has seen major development , questions are being asked about its nature.

The city also reached agreement with a major development firm to market the industrial park area.

The latter have not yet really taken root in movies, but may be one of the major developments of the 1990s.

But in spite of this, the recession and the planning policies adopted for teacher education prevented any significant major development .

Each of these interventions of the Celts proved their importance by producing major developments in the political systems which they attacked.


Hadley is NatPower's new business development director but happens to share his name with the Responsible Independent parliamentary candidate for Wimbledon.

In part, our failure had to do with our traditional approach to new product development .

Increasingly funds for new developments had to be found from redeployment of services and savings.

Within the year, the new development director had brought in three times her salary.

As in all the other fields of actuarial work, the profession has provided seminars and conferences for debate on new developments .

Whatever the new development was, it could wait.

Do you anticipate new developments in the future?

Now this, to Reich, is a new development .


Is caring for the child's personal development to be relegated to overtime?

Barber argues that these traits can be traced back to three components of personal development and socialization.

Nevertheless, adolescence is the time when ego-identity development inevitably dominates the personal development of the individual for a while.

But it seemed to me that law school and the profession itself were fairly open to personal development .

It can advance the school's agenda by assisting academic and personal development .

And the culture has little use for the idea of personal development through parenthood.

A new trust fund has been launched to help social workers and other professionals train in psychodynamic learning and personal development .

Individuals frequently work in a number of different company environments and experience a steady stream of training and personal development .


But it would at least offer a chance of a positive political development .

Allowances must be made for differences in national temperament and political development .

Also John Lloyd on Soviet economic and political developments .

This is influenced by interest rates, economic and political developments or expectations.

Do not these apparently daily murders make plain and stark the need for political developments to take place?

More careful attention has been paid to the Kadets and to political developments on the Right.

It is important to contextualise Nizan's political and ideological development at this juncture.

Changes in the relationship between health and wealth occur over time and between regions, along with economic, political and cultural development .


Such opportunities and experiences offer great scope for professional and personal development . 11.

Do you have a sense of humor?-Are you interested in professional development ?

It is possible to obtain a high percentage of your continuing professional development hours by this method.

Team teaching, or something very like it, is an important element in the continuing professional development of the teacher.

This module provides a research framework to help teachers examine some aspect of their own professional development .

The moratorium on national curriculum change gives a small opportunity for professional development courses to grow.

This ongoing professional development is based on the fundamental premise that solutions and strategies lie in teachers' own expertise and experience.

Attitudes towards professional development are also differentiated according to length of teaching experience.


This stage is characterized by the development of language and other forms of representation and rapid conceptual development.

The only other period of such rapid development is adolescence.

But the rapid leapfrogging residential development of Phoenix has resulted in benefits for some.

Where fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals with high added value can be produced by biotechnology there will be rapid developments .

The problem is not a function of demographics but of rapid development coupled with a lagging education system.

But the issue was fascinating because of other things, heralding the rapid development of technology in the next century.

In Phoenix the community development block grant was implemented within this context of rapid development.


In fact, many recent developments have served to widen the gap between North and South.

Another comparatively recent development is computer technology.

The book highlights the problem university staff have in keeping up with recent developments .

Although only a recent development , it is already being used extensively for interactive publishing.

A recent development with current accounts has been the introduction of debit cards.

How have families headed by women been affected by recent economic developments ?

Abstract guides to recent developments in specific fields are also published in each issue.

Our resorts, in the quieter bays of the Bodrum Peninsula, are little affected by recent developments .


A dimension of increased decision-making concentration which has attracted particular notice concerns the effects on regional diversity and development .

The progressive dismantling of regional development policy since 1979 has moved more swiftly than steps aimed at deregulating the housing sector.

In some cases, such as the regional development grant, there was little scope for re-allocation as spending was demand-led.

Lindsay Pepperell, regional business development manager, Wimpey Environmental, Warrington.

Others will be in centres of regional development , local authorities and commerce.

Specialised bodies, such as regional development agencies are also extremely important.

The third lesson is that local economic development can not take place without an overall strategy for national and regional development.

Crucially, this instability hinders regional development , incites repressive governance, and compounds the poverty on which militancy feeds.


Reading and moral development Much of the content of social development is concerned with ethics.

He said an agreement had been struck whereby Freeport would provide 1 percent of annual revenues for social development programs.

Sets out basic design principles for parking provision in social housing developments , highlighting the potential for increasing housing densities.

In fact, one can not be sure to what economic and social developments the opinion is referring.

Without industry and rapid social development , the eastern lands were simply too unattractive and severe to Germanise with any ease.

The institutions of economic, social and community development invented in the nineteenth century have kept pace with neither need nor aspiration.

In particular, the instrumental approach locates government growth in a broader pattern of social and economic development .

The internalization of rules, values and judgements is an important part of social and moral development .


The environment is our future. Sustainable development is the phrase that seeks to make this clear.

Analyse policy options for dealing with global environmental change and promoting the goal of sustainable development .

The only reference to sustainable development was to be found in paragraph two hundred and thirteen.

We believe that this what is required if we are to achieve environmentally sustainable development .

Discusses the conflicting arguments for and against sustainable development , with particular reference to architecture.

The fashionable creed of sustainable development panders to that sort of thinking.

The internet can and should be harnessed for sustainable development .

We had a long debate in Committee on sustainable development .


That was most graphically illustrated when Sheffield was arguing about an urban development corporation.

It also provides money, drawn partially from fees paid by developers, to protect land from urban development .

A further category of urban development was the growth of trading and financial centres.

In my judgment, the real failure is that the private sector is not active enough in urban development .

Middlesex sought to prevent urban development , with the secondary purpose of preserving amenity and providing recreational facilities.

Developing Urban Quality Economic development in Glasgow requires the provision of high quality business premises and a quality environment.

This attractive model of urban development has proved remarkably elusive on the ground.

Planning and land policy; Urban and regional development .



Matthew Lutz, 61, vice chairman and business development manager of Magnum, who held a similar position with Hunter.

Creating a business development group may be necessary to consolidate knowledge and foster learning, but it is not always enough.

Quarmby will now be responsible for business development and managing director of group services, coordinating services to all group companies.

Malcolm said Loughborough had been innovative and show modern thinking in its approach to selling and business development .

They found their champion in Wayne Rowley, who was then the director of new business development for the chamber.

He said he wants to coordinate more business development around the arts center and work to establish an industrial park.


The need to develop systematic succession planning linked to individual career development . 9.

This led to ongoing negotiations regarding the school board engaging me as a consultant to conduct inservice career development seminars.

We also began tracking the career developments of film-makers commissioned through New Directors.

Since career development is mandated by state and federal categorical funds, the program is impossible to jettison.

He continued to regret the limitation on his career development imposed by what he saw as his confinement to Art teaching.

If I stayed on I would have to content myself with twenty-seven years of horizontal career development !

Job shares - Women's forum report back Main Items 1. Career development proposals 2.

The thought of accepting horizontal career development for the next twenty or thirty years is a numbing thought.


Further, the curriculum development role had four main versions: curriculum manager; curriculum consultant; curriculum enhancer; curriculum facilitator.

They supported curriculum development and professional development for teachers and work-site mentors.

Eraut's argument is appealing particularly in the light of recent experience of curriculum development , outlined in the previous section.

They were also concerned with curriculum development , advisory support and in-service education.

Significant correlations between lesson activities and pupils' perceptions might be applied in teacher training and curriculum development programmes.

However, although the director had talked about curriculum development the emphasis was very much on the accountability dimension.

The influence of process and research models for curriculum development can also be detected in a number of proposals for insider evaluation.

Four lecture courses assessed on course work; two curriculum development exercises.


In addition to preparing for recruitment the development officers began to prepare for the training and employment of support workers.

Neither development officer found any marked degree of antipathy or anxiety about the project at this stage.

United's youth development officer was called in by Newcastle manager Kevin Keegan on Friday and told he was being fired.

But after some counselling from the development officer the situation improved and the worker was able to continue in post.

Along with their cases, development officers also had their support workers.

The development officer said she felt there was little she could do except visit occasionally.

There is already a strong commitment to developing expert practitioners in Medway, as demonstrated by the appointment of staff development officers .


The excavation of the Viking site at York was so important, though, that the development plans were changed.

The vote means that the project will be included in the current 10-year development plan .

Whether they give rise to more or to less planning blight than the old development plan system is debatable.

We support the emphasis placed here on understanding coastal processes prior to development plans being drawn up.

New commitments from the sustainable development plan would be incorporated in the White Paper's tables for subsequent monitoring.

In considering applications for planning permission, planning authorities will take into account the provisions of the development plan.

This plan , together with the Structure Plan will provide the development plan framework.

In the three years since these procedures were introduced the standards of development plans and the annual statements have varied widely.


The international automobile industry is a typical case where shortening the product development lead time is recognized as a valuable competitive weapon.

They are usually part of executive teams that are involved in strategic planning or new product development .

In return you get the benefits of staff training, purchasing, product development , marketing and leasing services.

There are significant differences between vendors offerings, and future product development plans.

CrossCom says that it plans to use the net proceeds for new product development and for working capital.

This matters most in fuzzy, creative processes such as product development .

Oddly, the most successful firms spent proportionately less on product development .

Sound background in concept research and product development .


Others found themselves struggling to plan development projects .

The program thrust local government into a proactive role as a deal maker in economic development projects .

A preferred time for introducing the procedure is in the design phase of the development project .

These factors plus preferential marketing arrangements and external financial support for development projects have all contributed to land degradation.

The Karimojong happily accepted these unexpected free gifts but have not been too enthusiastic about development projects introduced after the famine.

A new course in a number of respects resembles a research or development project .

Figure 5.3 is a decision tree for a hypothetical development project to develop and market a new product.

Bull will lead co-operative development projects for a range of symmetrical multiprocessing systems based on its multi-processing expertise.


Products Usually the product package is created for use when software development is completed and the software is ready for issue.

Others manage computer operations, software development , or data bases.

Qualiparc is built upon the Uniface software development environment and costs from £5,000 up.

Spry Inc has reorganised, dividing its system integration and software development operations into two separate companies.

Some cost estimators now specialize in only estimating computer software development and related costs.

It is conventional wisdom that software development lags several years behind the hardware.

All projects involve a significant element of software development .



And fourthly, subsidies and loans help provide finance to encourage development .

Western training programs are not grounded in a philosophy that encourages the systematic development of unusual forces.

A great deal can be done by government to help and encourage such development .

They also encourage the development of false class consciousness.

Various devices were used to encourage the development of separate identities between the two groups.

The next step is to safeguard these changes by formalizing patients' rights and encouraging the development of self-advocacy movements.

This will encourage the development of fruiting laterals.

Motorola aims to win industry standard status for the software to encourage development of new mobile computing applications.


Considers the relationship between housing potential, urban quality and sustainable development for different categories of housing developments.

The age-oriented community was conceived as a combination housing development and amusement park for active seniors.

Looks at the economic and technological forces affecting the nature and location of work, and the implications for sustainable housing development .

Roads, fields, and housing developments made it more and more difficult for sheep to move between ranges.

Part 1 reviews the forces shaping housing development and settlement patterns.

The housing associations also gained the freedom to raise their own funds for new housing developments .

Sets out basic design principles for parking provision in social housing developments , highlighting the potential for increasing housing densities.

No bureaucrat could know more about problems in a public housing development than the people who live there.


Criticism by many research workers has led to the development of ancillary measures, involving more sophisticated techniques.

Victory led to the development of variations.

It was this criticism of the adaptive expectations hypothesis that led to the development of the rational expectations hypothesis.

He identifies six stages of experiences or development that lead to the development of a vision and leadership: 1.

In time this will lead to the development of faults.

Both factors may be part of a complex cascade of events that ultimately leads to the development of duodenal ulceration.

The knock-on effect of the advancement of the women's game has also led to refreshing developments at girls' level.


personal development

A new trust fund has been launched to help social workers and other professionals train in psychodynamic learning and personal development.

All these contributed much to a sense of fellowship and corporate social identity as well as providing opportunities for personal development and individual enrichment.

Barber argues that these traits can be traced back to three components of personal development and socialization.

Individuals frequently work in a number of different company environments and experience a steady stream of training and personal development.

Individuals will be responsible for their own personal development plans which will be measured against agreed standards of business performance.

Is caring for the child's personal development to be relegated to overtime?

Of most importance to teachers were affective aims relating to the personal development of children.

Such opportunities and experiences offer great scope for professional and personal development. 11.


Developments in radar and engine designs have changed the shape of the plane.

A child's emotional development may be severely damaged by a traumatic experience in its early years.

a new housing development

Climate was an important factor in the development of classical Greek culture.

NATO allies will be discussing developments in the Balkans.

New developments are springing up all around the town.

Several hundred acres of wetland have been sold for development .

The class teaches teenage mothers the stages of child development .

The country has experienced impressive economic development in the past decade.

The former cropland has been turned into housing developments and shopping malls.

The new development at the edge of town is aimed at first-time buyers.

The program promotes economic development in the inner city.


If that section remains, it could help reveal just how much sprawl development is really costing us.

Most of the early developments occurred within the United States.

Rather they derive from associated events in experience that antedate linguistic structure both phylogenetically and, in man, in individual development .

The idea of development is married to the idea of the nation-state.

The venture group not only generates new ideas, but is also responsible for development and exploitation of them.

When they are first learning to talk, we support, watch over, and extend their oral language development .

Women participate in poorer jobs and in the tertiary sectors, areas which have suffered the most from peripheral capitalist development .

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