Meaning of DEVELOPMENT in English



also de·vel·ope·ment də̇ˈveləpmənt, dēˈ-

( -s )

1. : the act, process, or result of developing : the state of being developed : a gradual unfolding by which something (as a plan or method, an image upon a photographic plate, a living body) is developed

a new development in poetry

: gradual advance or growth through progressive changes : evolution

a stage of development

: a making usable or available

well worth development


a. : the whole process of growth and differentiation by which the potentialities of a zygote, spore, or embryo are realized ; broadly : ontogeny

b. : the gradual differentiation of an ecological community or a natural group ; sometimes : phylogeny

3. : the process of or position attained in developing chess pieces

4. logic : an expansion by means of which all the elements contained in a given expression are made explicit

5. : work done in developing a mine


a. : the elaboration of a musical theme, subject, or idea by rhythmic, melodic, tonal, or harmonic modifications

b. or development section : the section of a musical movement where this elaboration occurs (as in the sonata form)

7. : a method of reducing grade in railroading by increasing the length of a line between two predetermined points that differ much in elevation

8. : a developed tract of land ; especially : a subdivision having necessary utilities (as water, gas, electricity, roads)

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