Meaning of DEVELOPING in English

de ‧ vel ‧ op ‧ ing /dɪˈveləpɪŋ/ BrE AmE adjective

[ Word Family: noun : ↑ developer , ↑ development , ↑ redevelopment ; verb : ↑ develop , ↑ redevelop ; adjective : ↑ developed ≠ ↑ undeveloped , ↑ developing ]

1 . a developing country is a poor country that is trying to increase its industry and trade and improve life for its people ⇨ developed , underdeveloped

developing countries/nations

aid to developing countries

poverty and hunger in the developing world

developing economies/markets

the developing economies in Eastern Europe

2 . growing or changing:

the growth of the developing embryo

a developing crisis in Washington

• • •


▪ poor having very little money and not many possessions – used about people or places:

Many families were too poor to pay for education.


poor countries

▪ hard up/broke ( also skint British English ) [not before noun] informal having very little money, especially for a short period of time. Skint is more informal than the other words:

I’m a bit hard up at the moment


We were so broke we couldn’t afford to go out to the cinema.

▪ developing [only before noun] a developing country is poor and has very little industry:

The disease is found mainly in developing countries.


the developing world

▪ deprived [usually before noun] much poorer than other people in a country, and not having the things that are necessary for a comfortable or happy life – used about people and areas:

The charity works with deprived children in the inner city.


one of the most deprived areas of London

▪ disadvantaged especially written used about groups of people in society who have much less chance of being successful because they are poor:

An increase in the minimum wage would help the most disadvantaged Americans.

▪ needy having very little money, and so needing help – used about groups of people:

More help should be given to needy families.


We offer scholarships for needy students.

▪ destitute especially written having no money or possessions and nowhere to live – used when someone is in a very bad situation:

Her family was left destitute after her father died.


destitute refugees

▪ impoverished formal impoverished people and places are very poor:

out-of-work miners and their impoverished families


The children come from impoverished neighbourhoods.


one of the world’s most impoverished countries

▪ poverty-stricken written extremely poor:

poverty-stricken areas


They were left poverty-stricken.

▪ penniless especially literary having no money:

She died penniless.


a penniless student

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