Meaning of DIAPHRAGM in English



As solvent diffuses through the membrane, the increase in volume causes the diaphragm to move.

Lack of awareness of late presentation of traumatic rupture of the diaphragm in children may result in a delay in diagnosis.

More modern valves contain a diaphragm instead of a washer, and are generally far more reliable.

Most patients succumb when the diaphragm and rib muscles become paralyzed, and breathing becomes impossible.

On her way home, she tossed her diaphragm in the first bin at Kennedy Airport.

One wall of the cell is a flexible stainless steel diaphragm connected through a strain gauge to a recorder.

Regardless of the undertow of danger, Johnnie would not give back the diaphragm case.

Rigidity is not an issue with the electrostatic diaphragm .

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