Meaning of DISPLAY in English

I. noun


a display/expression of emotion (= an emotion that is shown clearly openly )

Such open displays of emotion made him feel uncomfortable.

caller display

control/display/filter etc unit

display/exhibit symptoms formal (= show symptoms )

She was displaying symptoms of stress.

fireworks display

a New Year’s Eve fireworks display

give a performance/display

They gave one of their best performances to date.

public display of grief/affection etc (= showing your emotions so that everyone can see )

She was acutely embarrassed by his public display of temper.

show/display imagination

His latest paintings display a vivid imagination.

visual display unit




But luck was replaced by pluck and you won't see a finer display of it than last night.

But... there was severe fighting even after dark, and the sparkle of musketry made a fine display .

It follows on from a fine display of tinted autumn foliage.

Meanwhile Panna, despite her bulk, was putting on a fine display .

In the yard the ancient farm implements and a fine display of farm carts.

In 1851 Hoopers of Eastington were noted for the fine display of their products at the great Exhibition.


For special occasions, you can be more extravagant and go for dramatic, impressive displays .

In an impressive display of versatility at Aqueduct, Precisionist rallied from just of the pace to win the Sprint.

George Edmund Street entered all parts of the competition with an impressive display of twenty-three drawings.

Judging from his stock, funerals must have held some position of importance to have merited such an impressive display of hatchments.

Overall the factory tour was an impressive display of quality and pride in the job.

And then comes the most gigantic, impressive firework display in the world.

An impressive display from Magnum player Muir saw him cruise through with a 7-2, 7-1, 7-1 win.


As for the craftsman, he says he's just pleased to work on something that's a permanent display .

For a more permanent display use dried flowers.

Plants can be stood in the plastic trough or, if preferred, set in compost for permanent indoor display .

It does not deal directly with the main problem of providing more room for permanent display .

Regular exhibitions, including permanent display of tartans and clan insignia.

Acknowledgement of your seat donation on permanent display in the theatre.


It revealed an unrepentantly superficial world where life revolved around the minutiae of outward appearances and public display .

This public display of spirituality throws a lot of people off their game.

And it is this public display which is the essence of science.

Halle wanted privacy for her and got public display .

There's no rough stuff from the police - nothing you could file a complaint about - just an unexpected public display .

A very public display of acrimony is not usually part of the relations between this country and the United States.

Naturally, the public display of great works of art led to a demand for imitations for enjoyment by wealthy individuals.

The elaborate public displays of those royal families had always camouflaged the most ruthless power struggles.


One of the targets, a munitions depot, went up in a spectacular display of fireworks.

Using colour Skilful use of colour compositions is the key to creating spectacular and subtle displays all year round.

But on April 19, 1803 a spectacular display was observed in the southeastern United States.

Iron Maiden splashed out on a spectacular £35,000 firework display for the show's finale.

The Battle of Seattle was certainly a spectacular display of civil disobedience-but did it represent anything more than that?

A superb trout hooked itself firmly and during a breathtaking few minutes gave a spectacular display and a wonderful fight.

The evening will end with a spectacular firework display over the Thames.


There are many illustrations throughout which offer a visual display of the technique or design which the text is referring to.

Is the visual display area adequate? 6.

Rostov checked the visual display again.

Once there it may appear on editor's data bank visual display unit as a single-line headline.

There are integrated visual display units attached. 3.

The same response was then produced withholding the visual display .

The contents of any message stored in the teleprinter's memory can be viewed on the visual display unit. 8.

The pod began to shudder and Rostov quickly checked the visual display .



Is the visual display area adequate? 6.

However, by using the up and down arrow keys, the display area can be scrolled to access any remaining lines.

Village halls across the country become display areas for gas masks, air raid shelters and bomb disposal demonstrations.

To the rear one can enjoy a farming display area .

The fifty-year-old display area is now to be replaced with a new space of suitably high artistic merit.


It triumphed in a different way, as a display cabinet of curious animals for Victorian London.

On the side of the store are display cabinets built into the wall.

The new stalls would have refrigerated display cabinets .

Wolfgang Tillmans is exhibiting a compendium of 57 images, with yet more in display cabinets in the centre of the room.

Never daring to use them on a regular basis, they were placed inside a display cabinet for many years.

Here two men managed to forced open a display cabinet to steal jewellery despite closed-circuit camera surveillance.

The ability to build large glass display cabinets without frames opens up a new world of design possibilities.


He ignored both the display cases and the safe which was concealed behind a framed eighteenth-century engraving of the City of London.

The same display cases , the same carrot-haired woman behind the cash register.

The glory of the chapel, however, rests in the contents of the display cases .

But only one of them has a petrified cat in a display case above the bar.

The Edwardian display cases containing apparatus whereby Boyle's Law could be proven beyond all reasonable doubt, veritably twinkled.

They take up every available wall space in the hallway, sandwiched between display cases , squeezed between doorways.

In two of the cottages he could see glass-fronted rifle display cases .

For the Texas run, new display cases were built as part of a renegotiated contract.


Ammunition, grenades, and demolition explosives went off in a deadly firework display .

Those who saw the explosion said it resembled a fireworks display , with long streams of smoke and tiny pink fireballs.

Patriots march to brass bands, and firework displays are held in most cities.

The evening will end with a fireworks display .

There was so much noise around them, children screaming with excitement as a fireworks display exploded across the bay.

There was a firework display going on outside but it did sound very much like a gun, and Yoko absolutely froze.

In an instant the whole aircraft was outlined in fire like a set-piece at a fireworks display .



Leeds, producing another inspired display in an enthralling match, were denied by exceptional goalkeeping from Andy Goram.

They produce displays that are about 30 percent larger than 15-inch screens, which may not seem like a big difference.

The same response was then produced withholding the visual display .

Smart weapons can clearly produce a dazzling display .

Sainz produced a typically uncompromising display in his Toyota Celica around the stately homes and racing circuits of the north Midlands.

But last night they produced the sort of display that has taken them to Wembley.


Gould organised the shipment of several complete bowers back to London, where they were put on display at the Zoological Society.

The bears and the buffalo jumped overboard; at least one bear was recaptured and put on display .

Our guns are putting on a display like Firework Night.

One recently had been putting on a strange display .

Meanwhile Panna, despite her bulk, was putting on a fine display .

We arrived on Flag Day, and this proud community put its colors on display .

On completion, the sets were formed into three trains and put on display , on the goods yard sidings.

Trials bike champ, Steve put on a display to show what can be achieved.


a display of Shona sculpture from Zimbabwe

a display of strength

Ian never did like public displays of affection.

The festival of Lucia is a dazzling display of the art, music and dance of an ancient culture.

The store's window display is the idea of designer David Wolfgang.

They held a spectacular firework display to mark the new millennium.


All 44 patients with chronic type B hepatitis had pre-S1 and pre-S2 display in the liver.

But luck was replaced by pluck and you won't see a finer display of it than last night.

Excellent displays show how animals and plants are displaced by urban growth and the consequences of pollution.

The London dealers have just been through and the carefully arranged display is now a scene of devastation.

The outputs are used to directly drive an l.e.d. display , with the l.e.d.s arranged in series pairs as shown.

The photographic display called Stolen Glances examines the way in which lesbians have been represented in film, fiction and erotica.

The standard television display , a low-resolution video image, has not changed in 30 years.

Whether they were intended for public display is in doubt.

II. verb




She stood up, proudly displaying the child for Ruth to see.

She proudly displays photographs of turn-of-the-century Oregon teams in her office.

I remember a stately home which proudly displayed a Nelson letter the original of which was in the National Maritime Museum.

She had seen their wallet-sized pictures proudly displayed .

He doesn't drink, and proudly displays a lapel badge proclaiming the fact.

The schools proudly display the students' work in virtually every available space.

They supply the trade with top quality woven and printed furnishing fabrics and proudly display the Royal Warrant.

As a nostalgic memento, it is proudly displayed in the Jugendstil -decorated shop.



He built a private museum at Driffield to display his collection .

A glass-fronted cabinet displayed a collection of crib figures.

They were unwilling to display the collection of fighters' corpses, which were brought in at the same time.

Museums also helped to focus attention on the time dimension in natural history by displaying spectacular collections of fossils.

At the moment it is closed but normally it displays a rich collection of textiles.


You should select this option again to display further data .

Wall charts, displays , models, data , and other artifacts that are meaningful to the team are left there.

The notebook window is where you can enter and display data .

One method of displaying the data in a more usable form is the project profile, illustrated in figure 4.1.

This page displays details of each data item held in the cache for the current input field.


Companies must comply with the Companies Act 1985 and display the following information on their stationery: The company's name.

A gopher computer displays lists of information , broken down into simple headings and subheadings, like an outline.

A large electronic price board displays current in-house information in the Exchange, which is relayed to outside agencies.

It is used to display information about the customer business, the customer product, or the customer services.

Then, when we are ready, we can reconstitute and display it as new information which human beings can once again understand.

The solution displays all the essential information on depths, times and decompression requirements.

Option 1.7.1, View Module Details, enables the user to display information about an individual module.


Who had displayed a friendly interest in her.

Yet very early, infants display an amazing interest in their world.

Although she grew up in the country's presidential palaces, Megawati displayed no interest in politics until she was 40.

Name one heterosexual male theorist who could display such interest in wrestling, washing powders and Greta Garbo.

You've never displayed the slightest interest in what I do.

I smiled at him a little and displayed no interest .

When the War Office displayed no interest , Bailey persevered with detailed design in his own time.

Even gentlemen who did not normally display interest in babies sent anxiously to inquire about its progress.


They also display their licence number on their plates.

Contemporary national newspapers display a number of different positions at all three levels.

Be able to select from the calculator display the number of figures which is appropriate to the context of the calculation.

The lower field displays the current page number of this mail message.

For the purposes of the present discussion we can say that these statistics display a number of clear patterns.

The upper field displays the next page number to be inspected, if one exists.

She took a cigar box from a cupboard, opened it and displayed a number of sticks of greasepaint.

At Kempt Tower, St Ouen, 450 fuchsia varieties will be displayed in a number of setting.


The screen then displays a selection of different recipes plus pictures.

The correct staff number could then be entered directly from this selection screen to display the desired employee's Personal Data screen.

The screen displays a list of the macros stored on your default disk drive.

The batch screen options could be displayed by entering a week ending date.

The bottom of the screen displays the Sort by Line menu.

The dive log screen displays maximum depth, dive time and surface interval for the last ten dives.

These can not be set through the normal tab screen displayed by pressing Shift-F8 1.


It became even more individualistic and displayed few signs of the closely knit and hierarchically organized structure of the previous era.

Before a system collapses, however, it often displays signs that something is amiss.

However, it is clear that he was not displaying a taxi roof sign .

Several windows displayed handwritten signs advertising a room for rent.

For the last 5 years, chemists in Gloucestershire which display this sign have been operating a needle exchange system.

For safety they should cooperate when local authorities display signs , warning that the seashore is dangerous.

Shops will have to clearly display signs warning customers that those paying by credit cards may have to pay more.

The tolls, which varied with the level of congestion and the time of day, were displayed on road-side signs .


The Spartans gave a memorable account of themselves, displaying their skill as past masters in the art of war among amateurs.

Seventeen-year-old Foxy Brown occasionally displays dazzling skills .

What he obviously had in mind was the manoeuvre carried out by horsemen displaying their skill at a gymkhana.

Hospitality Michael was also invited by the Sogo Group to display his skills in the five stores located in Tokyo.

He displayed considerable skill in matching supply to the much-reduced demand by working the plant at below capacity.

Luke displayed his lack of skill .

Though reserved in his interpersonal relationships he nevertheless displays good interpersonal skills .


He played himself all the time, using his characters to display his many theatrical talents .

Some of their work, he felt, was terrific, and they should be able to display and develop their talent .

The subject is open to both girls and boys - many of whom you will see displaying their talents today.

A State Department spokesman, also displaying a talent for diplomacy, declined to characterize the appointment as a promotion.

The twelve cameos, each written to display the talents of individual instrumentalists, made an enchanting effect.

The Beecher household displayed something of the talent avail-able and the human damage to family members that accompanied the strivings.

Although the faster material was thrillingly honed, it was the ballads that most effectively displayed Portuondo's talents .

By betraying their plot Victor Amadeus displayed a precocious talent for duplicity and a cool sense of his own interests.


Early in life, Frederick displayed an interest in poetry.

I'm displaying my ignorance here, but could you just tell us exactly what your job as a geologist involves?

In one room, late 19th and early 20th century paintings are displayed.

Laura's friend displayed little emotion in court.

Local train and bus times are displayed in the station.

Many stalls displayed the work of local artists and craftsmen.

One of the robbers displayed what the victims thought was a handgun.

Press 'Enter' to display the sorted mailing list.

The contestants here today have displayed tremendous skill.

The licence must be clearly displayed in the car windscreen.

The previous government displayed a notable lack of enthusiasm for women's rights.

The store windows were displaying the latest spring fashions.

The Van Gogh Museum will display 135 of his paintings.


As each is finished a way of displaying the student work is found.

Having already displayed a contempt for civilized society, he or she can not be considered a part of it.

However, it is clear that he was not displaying a taxi roof sign.

Many pieces of both 14 and 17C metalwork display a distinctive spiky naturalism which is paralleled elsewhere in stone and wood.

Memos of this type are often displayed on notice boards for general information.

Stallions may show a lack of normal courtship behaviour, raping or savaging mares or displaying an inability to mate.

That is not the only mode in which it might be displayed.

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