Meaning of DISPLAY in English

— displayer , n.

/di splay"/ , v.t.

1. to show or exhibit; make visible: to display a sign.

2. to reveal; betray: to display fear.

3. to unfold; open out; spread out: to display a sail.

4. to show ostentatiously; flaunt.

5. Print. to give special prominence to (words, captions, etc.) by choice, size, and arrangement of type.

6. Computers. to output (data) on a CRT or other screen.


7. (of animals) to engage in a stereotyped behavior that conveys information to individuals of the same or another species.


8. an act or instance of displaying; exhibition: a display of courage.

9. an ostentatious show: a vulgar display of wealth.

10. Print.

a. the giving of prominence to particular words, sentences, etc., by the choice, size, and arrangement of types and position, as in an advertisement, headline, or news story.

b. printed matter thus displayed.

11. an arrangement, as of merchandise, art objects, or flowers, designed to please the eye, attract buyers, etc.

12. the visual representation of the output of an electronic device, as the screen of a cathode ray tube.

13. Animal Behav.

a. a pattern of behavior, as posturing, calling, or exposing a color patch, that conveys information to individuals of the same or another species: a threat display.

b. an instance of such behavior.

[ 1250-1300; ME desplayen despleier displicare to unfold. See DIS- 1 , PLICATE ]

Syn. 1, 2. DISPLAY, EVINCE, EXHIBIT, MANIFEST mean to show or bring to the attention of another or others. TO DISPLAY is literally to spread something out so that it may be most completely and favorably seen: to display goods for sale. TO EXHIBIT is to display something in a show: to exhibit the best flowers. They may both be used for showing (off) one's qualities or feelings: He displayed his wit. He exhibited great surprise. To EVINCE and to MANIFEST also mean to show feelings or qualities: to evince or manifest surprise, interest. 4. flourish, parade, air. 8. See show .

Ant. 1, 2. conceal.

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