Meaning of DISPLAY in English

/ dɪˈspleɪ; NAmE / verb , noun

■ verb ~ sth (to sb)


[ vn ] to put sth in a place where people can see it easily; to show sth to people

SYN exhibit :

The exhibition gives local artists an opportunity to display their work.

She displayed her bruises for all to see.


[ vn ] to show signs of sth, especially a quality or feeling :

I have rarely seen her display any sign of emotion.

These statistics display a definite trend.


[ vn ] ( of a computer, etc. ) to show information :

The screen will display the username in the top right-hand corner.

This column displays the title of the mail message.


[ v ] ( technical ) ( of male birds and animals ) to show a special pattern of behaviour that is intended to attract a female bird or animal

■ noun


an arrangement of things in a public place to inform or entertain people or advertise sth for sale :

a beautiful floral display outside the Town Hall

a window display

a display cabinet


an act of performing a skill or of showing sth happening, in order to entertain :

a firework display

a breathtaking display of aerobatics


an occasion when you show a particular quality, feeling or ability by the way that you behave :

a display of affection / strength / wealth


the words, pictures, etc. shown on a computer screen :

a high resolution colour display

—see also liquid crystal display , VDU


- on display



Middle English (in the sense unfurl, unfold ): from Old French despleier , from Latin displicare scatter, disperse (in medieval Latin unfold). Compare with deploy .

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