Meaning of DISSOLVE in English



collapse/dissolve into giggles (= start laughing a lot )

Victor tickled the little boy, who dissolved into giggles.

dissolve parliament formal (= officially end parliament before holding an election )

The Prime Minister will ask the Queen to dissolve Parliament and call an election.

sugar dissolves (= becomes part of a liquid )

Stir until the sugar has dissolved.




When the sugar has completely dissolved , increase the heat until the liquid turns a pale caramel.

Ten minutes to one the fog dissolves completely and the black boys are telling Acutes to clear the floor for the meeting.

Place over heat until the sugar has dissolved completely .

Cook and stir 3 minutes, or until sugar is completely dissolved .

Relict silica crystals which have not completely dissolved in the glass-melt is an example of this.



Sulfanilic acid is dissolved in concentrated hydrochloric acid and diluted to volume with distilled water.


The government rejected these proposals out of hand and after two months dissolved the assembly .

She maintains that, when the president recruited her to support him against Mr Sharif, he promised to dissolve the assemblies .

In July 1959 he dissolved the Constitutional Assembly and reinstated the 1945 constitution by decree.


Francis and Christopher dissolved in laughter , lapped theirs up and declared it very good.

The waiter bowed and retreated, Stephen and Lily dissolved into laughter .

Hopefully the audience will dissolve into fits of laughter .


The court action follows a move by his wife Seema earlier this year to dissolve the marriage .

If his wife is restive, he sees welfare as a positive invitation from the state for her to dissolve the marriage .


A referendum to dissolve parliament was held and was said to be accepted by 99.9 percent of the people.

Kwasniewski has said he may dissolve parliament to put the issue to rest and call for new elections.

Miss Bhutto gave Mr Ishaq an excuse to dissolve parliament by offering the resignation of her party's members of parliament.

Theoretically, she can dissolve Parliament without advice, but the right has been in abeyance for years.

Opposition demands to dissolve the parliament for fresh elections were not accepted.

What is the constitutional importance of the power to dissolve Parliament ?

More likely, whoever was Prime Minister would advise her to dissolve Parliament and hold another election.

Prime Minister Chand resigns and the King dissolves parliament .


The town's magistrates were told that tension had built up for a year after a decision to dissolve the partnership .

In the spring of 1994, Radisson sued to dissolve its partnership with Tatum.


He dissolved political parties , banned demonstrations and introduced strict media censorship.

By Christmas all three main opposition parties had dissolved themselves.

Finally Hermann Göring intervened to dissolve the Danzig Party .


What is the constitutional importance of the power to dissolve Parliament?

Let us consider what would happen if the power to dissolve did not exist.

Sometimes even it is desired to vest a power to dissolve in one partner or a specified majority.

Things that had been yoked, harnessed, held down and held back by a power that was dissolving .

Amongst the few powers which may not be so delegated is the power to dissolve Parliament.

Is it too imaginative to suppose that all these consequences would follow an abolition of the power to dissolve ?

She appoints the Prime Minister and has the power to dissolve Parliament.

The head of state would have no powers to dissolve parliament or to appoint state officials without parliamentary approval.


Put the sugar and water into the pot and bring to a boil, stirring to dissolve the sugar.

Heat the rest of the blackcurrant liquid until hot, then dissolve the gelatine or sugar-free jelly in it.

If you put in too much sugar , not all of it will dissolve .

Heat gently to dissolve the sugar , then boil again quickly until the sugar turns golden.


If he mentioned moving out of her parents' house, she dissolved into tears .

Katherine threw herself against Gary and dissolved into tears .

When at last she is alone, her sorrow overwhelms her and she dissolves in tears .


Phenol dissolves in water to produce a weak acid solution.

These and certain sea anemones often leave a mucous trail that, upon dissolving in water , gives off a characteristic odor.

Like me, like us, who are dissolving into the whirling water too.

In addition, sea water has about 20 per cent. less dissolved oxygen than fresh water.

Because it dissolves easily in water , it is rapidly absorbed from the digestive tract and mixes easily with blood.

Bio-tex Powder and some of the Stain Devils had to be dissolved in water - laborious for a small stain.

Follow-up Bring other substances such as sugar, baking soda, or corn syrup to dissolve in water .



A Troll stepped unwittingly into a steaming puddle and immediately began to dissolve .

This process should last only a few seconds or the coral will begin to dissolve .

The former political coalition which directed support towards the skilled working class in the private sector had begun to dissolve .

But the close friendships he had formerly enjoyed there began to dissolve .

But we identify with this physical separation even at a mental and spiritual level, where such separation has begun to dissolve .


Dissolve the salt in 125 ml of hot water.

Maria's objections to the plan began to dissolve .

The crystals dissolve in water to create a purple liquid.

The law suit began ten months after the Rossi marriage had been legally dissolved.


Because it also dissolves in fats, it freely passes through cell membranes, which are basically double-walled bubbles of fat.

During my ascent, the spotlight expands, dissolving into a soft glow that eventually engulfs the entire stage.

I think she's picked up a few pointers, like how to chop an onion and how to dissolve an Oxo cube.

One of those illusions was my persistent sensation that my personality was dissolving.

The Assembly was dissolved by presidential decree on Oct. 12.

Theoretically, she can dissolve Parliament without advice, but the right has been in abeyance for years.

These and certain sea anemones often leave a mucous trail that, upon dissolving in water, gives off a characteristic odor.

You can test their absorption rate by seeing if they dissolve almost entirely in white vinegar within 30 minutes.

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