Meaning of DOMESTIC in English

I. adjective


a domestic cat (= one that lives with people )

People have kept domestic cats for thousands of years.

a domestic chore (= a chore such as cleaning or putting things away )

Everyone in the flat shared the cooking and domestic chores.

a domestic consumer (= one that buys in the country where something is produced )

Demand from domestic consumers is increasing.

a domestic dispute formal (= between people who live together )

The court heard that he had been stabbed during a domestic dispute.

a domestic/household pet

Cats and other domestic pets give their owners a lot of pleasure.

a domestic/internal flight (= a flight within a country )

Is there a domestic flight between Havana and Varadero?

domestic consumption (= use of something in the country where it is produced )

Domestic consumption of oil has increased.

domestic football (= played between teams from the same country )

Saturday's defeat was the team's first in domestic football for seven matches.

domestic happiness (= happiness that comes from family relationships and life at home )

After six years with Joe, the normality of domestic happiness bored her.

domestic harmony (= harmony in the home )

There was a lot of tension beneath the impression of domestic harmony.

domestic partner

domestic politics (= within a country )

The war had a major impact on the country’s domestic politics.

domestic science

domestic servants

Many young girls became domestic servants .

domestic service

domestic violence (= violence between a couple in their home )

Police said she was a victim of domestic violence.

domestic/household etc appliance

There’s plenty of space for all the usual kitchen appliances.

domestic/household fuel (= used in a house )

There has been a sharp rise in domestic fuel costs.

domestic/internal affairs ( also home affairs British English ) (= events inside a country )

the Minister of Home Affairs

He said that the US should not try to interfere in his country's domestic affairs.

domestic/wedded/marital bliss

six months of wedded bliss

gross domestic product

household/domestic duties (= jobs you have to do around the house )

My husband and I share most of the household duties.

household/domestic refuse

household/domestic waste

Newspapers and magazines make up 10% of household waste.

on the domestic/international front

On the domestic front, de Gaulle’s priority was to secure his government’s authority.

the domestic sphere

More women started to be trained for tasks outside the domestic sphere.

the home/domestic/family environment

A lot of children suffer because of problems in their home environment.

the local/national/domestic economy (= in one particular country or area )

The new factory has given a massive boost to the local economy.

wild/domestic/farm animals

cattle, sheep, and other domestic animals




There is no reason today why Paris should intervene massively in our domestic affairs .

Catherine had trouble tending to their own domestic affairs though they had a handy expertise for the affairs of others.

Both these men, under the Yorkists, were more concerned with national administration than with the domestic affairs of the household.

Thereafter, his form fluctuated as irregularly as his training and his domestic affairs .

The image of the government was one of strength in domestic affairs .


The founding of these organisations gave real impetus to a movement directed towards improving the lot of domestic animals .

Although the afflicted creatures do not behave aggressively, Fosco said, they still pose a threat to domestic animals .

Familiarity alone prevents our seeing how universally and largely the minds of our domestic animals have been modified by domestication.

The economy was mixed with remains of wheat, grinding stones and iron sickles indicating agriculture alongside the remains of domestic animals .

Such rules serve to distinguish further basic social categories: friends from enemies, domestic animals from wild beasts, and so on.

The lack of fish remains and the presence of bones of domestic animals suggests that food supply was no problem.

The trouble is that Barbary apes are not domestic animals .


A separate utility room nearby houses all the noisy domestic appliances .

Third - the occasional sums needed for holidays, car repairs, house repairs, and replacement of furniture and domestic appliances .

What's more, it tends to suffer from domestic appliance interference.


After all, they're treated in rather the same disgraceful way as domestic cats .

Loss of beachfront habitat and predation by domestic cats and introduced red foxes pushed the least tern to the brink of extinction.

These are the seven most important sound messages made by domestic cats .

The wild ancestors of our domestic cats liked to eat freshly killed prey - they were not scavengers.

As indeed is the lion, the otter or the domestic cat when they are out a-hunting.

This short gestation means that, like the kittens of a domestic cat , the cubs are born blind and helpless.

This snake-mimicry is employed by many species, from the familiar domestic cat to less familiar finches.

The explanation is that the domestic cat uses two vocabularies at once.


An outline of some of the domestic chores undertaken by Mr and Mrs McGill will help to answer this question.

Not having a housekeeper meant most of the domestic chores became mine.

It is not unusual for women to work a 40-hour week, followed by a further 40-hour week of domestic chores .

I come after finishing the domestic chores at home which is not far off.

I am bespoke in the evening, but the daytime is free, once I've done my domestic chores .

The students shared the cooking and domestic chores .


Worse was expected to come as industrial and domestic consumption of electricity picked up after the attrition of the war years.

Oil imports in 1995 account for much more than half of domestic consumption , up from 27 percent in 1985.

He states that few sheep are reared ... and those only for domestic consumption .

Drought has caused further problems in the agricultural sector, both for domestic consumption and exports.

The cheapening delivery costs of coal extended its use in manufacturing and in domestic consumption .

It is therefore more than ever necessary that the recovery should be export led rather than led by domestic consumption .

Most of these probably end up cracked at home for domestic consumption .

Domestic production as a source of domestic consumption has been displaced by partner country production.


As a general point banks in many countries were highly regulated in relation to deposits and lending conducted in their own domestic currency .

The standard economic answer to both these questions is that the price of foreign exchange should be raised in terms of the domestic currency .

Foreign currency receipts must be converted into the domestic currency in use in the exporter's country.

An importer might be able to make payment in his own domestic currency if this is acceptable to the exporter.

Any company or bank conducting business outside of its domestic currency zone must have access to international capital.

The reader should ascertain the position regarding his own domestic currency .

Domestic banking involves taking and making loans in domestic currency to residents of the country where the bank is located.

Their central bank accepts deposits from residents in exchange for domestic currency .


Exports fell by 0.5 percent while domestic demand , fuelled by annual tax rebates, grew by 0.8 percent in real terms.

Yet, although domestic demand is weak, real interest rates remain high because prices are falling.

Quite simply, domestic policy performance was not sufficiently competitive to match a high level of domestic demand .

Although the economy continued to grow, that growth was being led by a rapidly increasing domestic demand for consumer items.

The danger is that it will get worse as recovery brings increased domestic demand .

Monetary policy is now geared to the exchange rate, not to domestic demand .

Faced with growing domestic demand , further tree growing seems desirable, offering ample scope for the development of sylvopastoral systems.


Mr Say is said to be distraught after a domestic dispute at his home.

Police said the homicide appears to be related to a domestic dispute .

The court heard that the cousin was stabbed during a domestic dispute .

In order to exclude domestic disputes , there is a proviso that the offence can not be committed inside a private dwelling.

In towns, the police policy of not becoming involved in domestic disputes had left women without protection.

In parliament, the bitterest domestic dispute concerned one of the oldest issues of all, drink.


The rate has been raised quite high enough to deal with overheating in the domestic economy .

Lloyd said he was concerned that a weakening domestic economy would hurt the railroads in 1996.

And strategically, Mr Healey cut public spending and brought the domestic economy back into balance.

Transaction costs may be higher than in the domestic economy .

In essence, the domestic economy is growing too rapidly.

This increase in export earnings will stimulate the domestic economy .

Healthy and rising exports would help balance out the squeeze in the domestic economy .


Airports ran out of fuel, and domestic flights were diverted.

Time was when even domestic flights were something akin to exotic adventure.

Diamond Service will continue on domestic flights .

Coupons generally offer the best savings when used for coast-to-coast or other long-distance domestic flights .


It will be equal competition on the domestic front .

From the mid-forties onward Congress legislated for the domestic front while the President acted on the foreign front.

On the domestic front , disposal tends to mean throwing rubbish in the bin.

On the domestic front I was less fortunate and had no great success with house hunting.


This is used as a domestic fuel .

Almost all the bogs have been extensively peat-cut for domestic fuel .

Budget tax anger Anti-poverty campaigners have been angered by the Chancellor's budget decision to tax domestic fuel .

Up to that time coal was chiefly used as a domestic fuel but from 1812 onwards it went to sea as bunker fuel.


Two other characteristics of the sample population require some comment: the incidence of employment, and of domestic help .

Also patron of domestic help , housekeepers, and maids.

Midwinter does not restrict his discussion of domestic help to private householders.

Others were manned by his friends and the domestic help .

When domestic help is employed it may be the case that she takes over the husband's responsibilities rather than the wife's.

You may be looking for light domestic help one or two hours per week, or 24-hour a day care.


Countries may tax energy consumption at radically different rates without seeing all their domestic industry disappear offshore.

Aiding the domestic industry to gain or maintain international competitive advantage has never been an explicit expectation.

The idea is that temporary protection shall be afforded to each nation's domestic industry exclusively through the customs tariff.

The rural economy and domestic industry have developed quite far in Connecticut; the people there are happy.

That is what attracts investment from abroad and makes it profitable for domestic industry to invest as well.

Hera was also the protectress of the home and domestic industry .

A US$5,900 million development fund would be set up to help domestic industry modernize so that its products could compete with new imports.

A falling yen should help a bit, though domestic industries such as construction, retailing and property will not benefit.


The great domestic issue of our poor century.

Even for the last remaining superpower, domestic issues , not foreign matters, dominate national elections.

Women get together and discuss the lack of hot water and other domestic issues which also signals their awareness of sexism.

On the defensive himself on domestic issues , he is turning to foreign policy because he has little choice.

On most domestic issues , he has tried to reformulate the traditional liberal-conservative debate.

Even if these concerns are addressed, there are some daunting domestic issues that may prevent the plan from being realized.

The reason is not that he ignored domestic issues .

Often, boycotts have been instigated by domestic issues such as gay rights, racial discrimination and labor disputes.


This is juridically an unsatisfactory explanation for those States where treaties do not form part of domestic law unless incorporated by legislation.

They will, in conformity with domestic law and international obligations, continue to take effective measures to this end. 31.

For my part I can detect no inconsistency between our domestic law and the Convention.

Entitlement to compensation may be subject to the reasonable requirements of domestic law . 3.

The reason for a larger military role in domestic law enforcement is not hard to fathom.

Miss Thomas is not relying upon a contractual obligation other than an obligation by the university to comply with its own domestic laws .


In course of time the poor seem to have accepted the image of their domestic life created by their betters.

The norms of domestic life it set forth drew a clear ideological boundary between rational members of society and the feckless.

How were these cults to be consolidated so long as freedom of thought was the very basis of domestic life ?

Clarke was a deeply religious man who enjoyed mathematics, music, and domestic life .

The objects we use to do these mundane tasks each day reveal the inner secrets of domestic life .

Shortly before the first performance of Sea Change, unhappiness struck John's domestic life .

Once the couple were joyfully reunited, William slipped back into domestic life .


Software and services generated 44% of the total turnover in the domestic market , up from the 36% generated in 1991.

The peanut program allows only farmers with a federal quota to grow peanuts for the domestic market .

Nobody could finance increased imports of these commodities to provide competition for these producers on the domestic market .

Even these companies are barred from selling to the domestic market .

Through time wine has taken a much larger share of the domestic market .

The increased deficit is to be financed by borrowing on the domestic market , largely from the domestic banking system.

Without a theatrical release in their own domestic market , they stood little chance of recouping the money lavished on them.

The bigger challenge is for domestic companies producing for the domestic market .


Last month, we enacted legislation to allow civil marriage ceremonies for domestic partners in San Francisco.

The archdiocese still hopes to persuade the city to exempt Catholic Charities from the domestic partners ordinance, he said.

Businesses that do not apply equal benefits to employees with domestic partners , they say, unfairly discriminate.

The City states in its briefs that the domestic partners ordinance does not interfere with those statutes.

The cost of the ceremony will be $ 35, which comes on top of a $ 30 domestic partners registration fee.

A law passed by voters in 1994 gave retirement and health benefits to city employees' domestic partners .

At issue is whether domestic partners benefits are covered by the federal statute.

Aftergut argued that domestic partners benefits can be set aside from the federal act.


As well as looking after the welfare of domestic pets , the society plays a vital role in the care of farm livestock.

The foxes cause little nuisance, whereas domestic pets befoul the streets, parks and gardens.

Nowadays there are three partners in the practise specialising almost exclusively in domestic pets .


These pressures complicate the choices for domestic policy and add new dilemmas.

For developing countries, volatility increased the direct impact on their domestic policies and plans.

A similarly circular process has been under way in several areas of foreign and domestic policy .

Assess Mussolini's domestic policies and achievements to 1935. 2.

Traditionally, domestic policy was sharply differentiated from foreign policy.

This is not a problem of conflicting treaties but of domestic policy conflicting with an agreement.

Often the material was about plans for future changes in some aspect of domestic policy .


If you turned to domestic politics , the news was no better.

At the time, 1948, the Cold War was becoming the pervasive issue in international affairs and domestic politics .

Not a lot of domestic politics about, thank goodness!

With domestic politics figured in, the cutoff seems cynical in the extreme.

In terms of domestic politics , there was no one to challenge Franco's decisions, however arbitrary they might be.

In the spring of 1978, it was dusted off for a more compelling reason, namely domestic politics .

It was not easy to avoid domestic politics but we tried hard to achieve a delicate balance.


He went on to say all that was necessary to solve the small domestic problem was to be sensible.

Murayama leaves his successors a host of severe domestic problems .

In the 1960s this preoccupation gave way to an urgent need to consider domestic problems such as racial disharmony and poverty.

He certainly did not envy him his domestic problems or his resulting injuries to soul and face.

It was conscious of Britain's economic weaknesses and the public's desire to concentrate on domestic problems .

Combined with domestic problems , the Chancellor s economic framework will be stress tested to the full.

Comfort goals are very sensitive to work and domestic problems , especially personal or family illness.

Politically the situation was contentious and Rhee had not shown the correct touch in tackling domestic problems .


Tourism is our second biggest contributor - after North Sea oil - to gross domestic product .

Trichet said the M3 target assumes a gross domestic product growth of 2. 5 percent.

The gross domestic product rose between July and September compared to the previous three months.

Dini said inflation was kept to a moderate pace during the year, even as gross domestic product rose 3 percent.

Domestic product proportion Agriculture now contributes only 3.4% of Community gross domestic product, compared with 5.4% in 1970.

In the former case, we need make no adjustment but the figures are renamed domestic product , income and expenditure.


Others engaged in the domestic production of handicrafts.

Oil imports began to decline as domestic production began to increase.

Unfortunately, most of these efforts were directed towards reducing non-oil imports, which had damaging effects on domestic production .

In addition, with more domestic production and higher prices business savings rise.

The technique involves estimating apparent consumption by deducting exports from domestic production and adding on imports from union and non-union sources.

The sugar program works by limiting domestic production and erecting trade barriers that keep the price of imported sugar high.

In 1971 price controls on domestic production were imposed and the legislation limiting imports was repealed.

I was basically asking the company to decide whether or not it wanted to maintain a domestic production capability.


Regressive between tax-payers Reflecting the importance of housing in the household budget, domestic rates fell most heavily on the low-income groups.

The nominal costs of collecting domestic rates were also reduced between 1983/4 and 1984/5 and rose very little over the whole period.

The community charge regime is an improvement on domestic rates in that respect.

Only about one-third of potential voters pay full domestic rates .

Enterprise has been driven away by high business rates and high domestic rates.

But the main idea in the Green Paper was to replace domestic rates over a period of years by a community charge.

The same qualification applies to domestic rates .

In general, most of these commentaries had concluded that domestic rates were probably as fair and efficient a system as any.


They are at a disadvantage in the job market because of lower education and training levels, cultural prejudice and domestic responsibilities .

Union consciousness and the activists Conventional wisdom attributes women's low participation in union affairs largely to domestic responsibilities .

The attitude of employers to domestic responsibilities is of considerable importance and highly variable.

Working in prisons, with the need for round-the-clock supervision poses particular problems for women who also carry traditional domestic responsibilities .

In the next chapter we show that taking part-time work usually leads to an increase in domestic responsibility .

In the past many health authorities discriminated unfairly by not employing those who may have had domestic responsibilities .

Financial difficulties and childcare / domestic responsibilities , have been shown in other research on participation to be fundamental barriers.

Joyce, as the oldest daughter living at home, shared a fair burden of the domestic responsibility .


To help support her growing family, she worked as a domestic servant in the houses of rich Anglo people in Pasadena.

Edinburgh had practically no textile workers, men or women; but as we have seen it had a great many domestic servants .

For most domestic servants though, the occupation was a temporary life-cycle one.

Presumably the decline of domestic servants to launder the disgusting handkerchiefs.

In Oxford, out of 312 boys, 119 became errand lads, while 110 girls out of 223 became domestic servants .

She was destined to remain a spinster, finding work as a domestic servant in - of all places - far-away Surrey.


Leapor's poetry on domestic service is part of a wide range of eighteenth century writings concerned with this type of work.

They glimpsed each other across grocery counters and in the forced intimacy of domestic service now gone out of style.

Thus domestic service must be seen as a type of economic relationship operating in all levels of society.

They know it when their older loved ones die sooner because of having led harsh lives in domestic service or manual labor.

Finally, on entering work of any kind except domestic service , she would find herself among mostly young women.

Leapor, then, experienced domestic service not only as a servant but as a mistress.

There are also places in her work where domestic service is described in very conventional terms.

In 1881 as many as one in three girls aged between fifteen and twenty had entered domestic service .


However as she grows older, and perhaps re-enters the labour market, domestic tasks are shared more equitably.

When that was too much like work there were all the domestic tasks to catch up on.

Even this minor domestic task was apparently beyond his powers.

It is not uncommon to hear of old women who are cross when asked to perform domestic tasks in residential care!

Some residents enjoy being useful and helping out with domestic tasks , and a good Home encourages this.

Similarly, the husband is playing a greater part in domestic tasks associated with the house and children.

Freeing teachers from time consuming domestic tasks such as tidying, cleaning and repairing equipment?

The effect of women's work on the distribution of domestic tasks within households will be a further important focus on research.


This company, in turn, departed, and by the 1970s, Millbottom had been partially converted for domestic use .

Hence their smaller size reflects domestic use and they are of a similar size to those found on settlements.

Proponents argue that the dams will check floods, facilitate fisheries, provide water for industrial and domestic use and promote tourism.

This may happen where some one makes a recording for anything other than private and domestic use without consent.

Devices like this poop scoop are better suited for domestic use .

It's very ordinary office issue but also available in small packs for domestic use .

The Romans attached great importance to an adequate supply of good water for their fountains, baths and domestic use .


One in six women are believed to be victims of domestic violence , yet many are suffering in silence.

But police also said that most unsolved female murders are not the result of domestic violence .

Violence victims face homelessness Social workers need more training in housing legislation to protect victims of domestic violence being made homeless.

And about 10 percent of women were killed by other relatives, another form of domestic violence .

Hearing that women in other countries were organizing against domestic violence , it appealed to the Government for help.

From now on, all domestic violence cases will be followed by the same team of prosecutors through every court appearance.

The campaign will be followed by a three-year £ 14m drive aimed at ensuring that everybody is aware of domestic violence .

Of 4, 767 domestic violence cases, only 11 percent resulted in conviction.


However domestic work is also not like paid work, especially factory employment, in a number of respects.

It has also been argued that changes in patterns of work may alter the balance of domestic work.

Some forms of extended domestic work , particularly lodging-house keeping, also declined during the inter-war period.

They demanded child-care provisions and greater cooperation from men in domestic work .

She travels to Copacabana for domestic work .

The engineers are not cavalier in their attitude towards the women they employ to do part of their domestic work and childcare.

One of his most striking findings was that the more a woman was employed the more domestic work was shared.


Domestic problems are affecting his work.

domestic wine

History books do not tell us much about the domestic lives of our ancestors.

I'm worried about Jim - I think he may be having some domestic problems.

It can be difficult for people with domestic responsibilities to work late at night.

Most Americans listed domestic issues as their top priority.

Security on domestic flights in the US has been stepped up considerably.

She likes to keep her domestic life quite separate from her work.

The airline serves mainly domestic routes.

The gas is used for domestic heating and cooking.

The President's speech covered a range of foreign and domestic issues.

The store sells a wide range of domestic appliances.

The women had all experienced some form of domestic violence.

Victims of domestic violence are often reluctant to tell the police.

Volkswagen produce cars both for the domestic market and for export.


He sticks with large, domestic companies that pay high dividends.

Linked to this is the upkeep of military forces and armaments for domestic reasons.

Major international events Volunteering in individual sports includes regularly held events within the domestic calendar of each sport.

Once upon a time the only crime in this neck of the woods was domestic .

She worked with domestic chicks, feeding on rice grains.

Some 90 percent of government debt is financed from domestic savings, leaving little capital spare for stocks.

Unfortunately, most of these efforts were directed towards reducing non-oil imports, which had damaging effects on domestic production.

II. noun


For example, in the 1920s there were no civilian domestics at the station-house.

In hospital environments basic services such as cooking and laundry were organized centrally and cleaning was undertaken by domestics.

The exotic appeal of the domestic does not, however, last.

When I went into the house, the domestics refrained from looking at me.

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