Meaning of DONE in English



a done deal informal (= something that has been completely agreed )

The takeover has been described as a done deal.

as good as done/finished etc

The summer’s as good as over.

done an honest day’s work

I bet he’s never done an honest day’s work in his life!


I know I haven’t done enough revision for tomorrow’s exam.

have your hair cut/done/permed ( also get your hair cut etc ) (= by a hairdresser )

I need to get my hair cut.

no harm done spoken (= used to tell someone not to worry about something they have done )

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to push you.’ ‘Don’t worry, no harm done.’

over (and done) with (= used about something unpleasant )

I’m so glad the mid-term exams are over and done with.

You’d better give them the bad news. Do it now – get it over with.

the groundwork has...been done

Much of the groundwork has already been done .

the spadework...done

Most of the spadework had been done by 1981.


be/feel hard done by

Having played in the previous winning Eisenhower Trophy team with distinction I think he can feel hard done by.

The idea of a passenger going without pudding and then leaving the aircraft feeling hard done by troubles them.

Thomas felt hard done by, contested the will and lost.

To any readers who feel hard done by or annoyed please accept my sincere apologies.

You've every right to feel hard done by, so don't start thinking that you're being selfish.

been there, seen that, done that

consider it done

done to a turn

Then the interviewer asked what needed to be done to turn things around.

easier said than done

had sb done sth

Had we known they were going to build a road right there, we would never have bought the house.

have done with sth

I wonder what Grandmother would have done with such a husband?

If they had , what would they have done with the bird's skull?

She felt for Karen, but she had no idea what she would have done with her on the roster next year.

This was something they could not have done with any other embassy.

What Leapor would have done with the money can be surmised.

What would they have done with all the money we drop every night at Convito Italiano?

Why don't we just call it New Mancunian Express and have done with it?

Why don't we just give Napoleon the keys to Berlin and have done with it?

have gone and done sth

Kay's gone and lost the car keys!

have sth ready/done/finished etc

job done

justice has been done/served

He can continue to appeal, or go to some other level, until he feels justice has been done.

He has successfully persuaded the crowd that justice has been done.

Mr Townsend says he feels justice has been done.

Mrs Alliss' solicitor says justice has been done.

look what you've done!

Now look what you've done! You'll have to clean it up.

no sooner said than done

the damage is done

Ed apologized a week later, but the damage was already done.

Crew scurries to cover the lanes and approaches, but the damage is done.

For the most part, the damage is done by soluble aluminium released from soil by acid water.

It is when guilt lingers into adulthood that the damage is done.

The concert is still reverberating in our ears and the damage is done.

The symptoms are often obvious, identifiable, and even treatable before the damage is done.

Well, the damage is done now.

the done thing

For the great majority, the industrial co-operative is just not the done thing .

I suppose it was not the done thing for a book of Rambles.

It being, of course, not the done thing to drop your trousers in public.

well done!/well played!

what has sb done with sth?

So what has Renault done with the latest version of its supermini?

when all's said and done

II. adjective


I think the hamburgers are done .

The job's almost done .

Well, I'm done . I'm going home.

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