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The Big East alone will be on all three networks this winter.

For most newcomers to the rough-and-tumble Big East , it can take some time to get up to speed.

The Owls have a contract with the Big East through the 2005 season.

But by being there first, the Big East still enjoys an advantage.

And now Tranghese has the added responsibility of leading a separate Big East football conference.

But at 8-10 in the Big East , does their entry reflect East Coast bias?

No team in the history of the Big East has won that many games in succession.

UMass is 4-0 against Big East foes since 1991, and it defeated Pitt, 85-57, last season in Amherst.


Whereas in the Far East , until just last week, everyone was going to work on an ox cart.

No such process took place in the Far East .

It was also the most despised city in the Far East .

One grunt in the Far East read one of my papers.

This ended on the Far East circuits on December 2I, 1918.

Huge areas of the Far East remain wild or primitive.

That the reviews were positive did not surprise Alvin, but he had seen far past that horizon in the Far East .

The immobility of the Far East , its extraordinary fidelity to its own ways, was partly the result of internal factors.


What is preventing peace in the Middle East is two sides refusing to control their extremists.

In short, the Middle East sets true believer against true believer with survival as the issue.

Since the end of the cold war there has been no one to fund conflicts in the Middle East .

But it will take more than words to bring peace back to the Middle East .

Clinton, sweeping smoothly over the recent nastiness, this week presented his friend as the visionary of a new Middle East .

The question then became how the frankincense got to the Middle East .

The weight of import dependence on Middle East oil supply has shifted from west to east.


The international carriage of goods by road is also to distant destinations, such as the Near East and Middle East.

Its real origins lie deep in the immemorial history of the Near East .

Nature, as we know, has accorded it generously to the Near East .

As a colony, the Near East disliked its masters.

In any case, oil is and will remain the starting-point of endless conflicts in the Near East .

The Near East surrendered, abandoning itself to the invaders.



Fine weather stayed with us for the remainder of our passage down the East coast .

Government traders could have been mistaken for socially conscious East Coast WASPs, had they only been a bit more repressed.

Or perhaps you prefer the same type of opportunistic scenario on the East Coast ?

But traffic was light as airports up and down the East Coast lumbered back to life.


A lavish East End funeral is in prospect.

They were sitting in a basement place on the East End , Berryman s idea of a bar.

In the real East End you will find plates of whelks with more emotional depth.

We walk on through two small clusters of cottages, the East End and the West End.


Such was the impetus for the new phase of Middle East peace-making launched in October 1991.

It could also set back his plans for Middle East peace .

The Middle East peace process was stalemated; negotiations were stymied.

S.-sponsored Middle East peace process appeared to be on track.

President Bill Clinton remained involved in Middle East peace efforts until the last days of his administration.


He floated up the East River wearing a stolen watch.

When her body was found in the frozen marshes of the East River , the death was ruled an accidental drowning.

Because of cancer, you say, and five cars smack up on the East RIver Drive because of her.

The Triborough Bridge was reported to be slow because of potholes while traffic on the other East River crossings was moving.

Whistles, horns, screeching of gears Mulcahey dropped pebbles into the black water of the East River .

Each morning I was going to take a handful or your dust and drop it on the East River Drive.


The East side of the city is flanked by the slums of the underworld.

The average tenure in the Lower East Side was about fifteen years.

I stopped at some lights on the East side .

She grew up in exceedingly cramped quarters on the Lower East Side .

But the Lower East Side was merely squalid-an intolerable affront to respectable folk.


A lavish East End funeral is in prospect.

A little jingle in his head: East is east and lost is lost...

In the East , they have understood the need to put their internal world in order.

Its real origins lie deep in the immemorial history of the Near East .

Not many people will recognize him amid the East Room crowd.

Some of those children live in the Crossroads shelter in East Boston.

The Triborough Bridge was reported to be slow because of potholes while traffic on the other East River crossings was moving.

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