Meaning of EAST in English


I. noun


back East

He was born in Utah but went to college back East .

East Coast

East End

Far East

Middle East

Near East

Ancient Near Eastern literature

the east/west etc side

The shop was on the west side of Culver Street.

the east/west/north/south coast

We stayed on the south coast of the island.




Plans are also in hand to extend the railway to Beckton in the far east .

The concert stage spans the width of the room at the far east end.

Some crossed the island chain through Sumatra, Java and as far east as Bali.

In fifth-century sources their territory is described as stretching as far east as the Elbe.



Then, in 1875, the Somerset Railroad arrived, snaking into town along the east bank of the Kennebec River.

They kept as close as they could to the east bank of the stream and held generally towards the north.

The steep east bank may be descended, with care, for a more comprehensive view.

Cross over to the east bank , and on the way, look right.


The rising ocean and the frequent storms would also endanger freshwater resources all along the east coast without large-scale sea defences.

Such reversals, which may last for a period of several years, have been observed on the east coast .

It is hard to believe that Joan and I have now been staying on the east coast for six months.

The east coast main line has been electrified, according to figures provided by the Minister, at a cost of £470 million.

The east coast of Britain has notably less rainfall than the country's average.

Similar -incidents took place in Toamasina, a stronghold of the President on the east coast .


Work has so far concentrated on the east end .

Merchants on the east end , near College Avenue, are also rolling up their sleeves.

James, a shopping center, is at the east end of Princes Street.

A showroom was opened at the east end of Westminster bridge.

A path has now been built under the arch of the bridge at the east end of Glasgow Green.

Altars were once more to be railed off at the east end of parish churches.

At the west end is a beautiful pointed window, and at the east end three lancet windows.


The Tellsplatte lies at the base of the Axenberg mount, part of the precipitous east face of the Urner See.

That afternoon we made a laborious but uneventful descent down the north east face and retrieved our skis.

The climb tackles the east face of the cliff's most imposing feature, the Monkey Face.

This the best known for the crack lines on its east face .


And there are neighbouring glens on the east side of the watershed, also lovely and deserving of special mention.

Without stopping to get his bearings, he began walking up Broadway along the east side of the street.

The mountains cause it to drop its rain on the east side of the island until January.

The wind lay down and the sun got higher, chrome-plating the east side of the deep green swells.

Two roads leave the north end of the village, both on the east side of the river.

In her loneliness Eleanor found no comfort in the geography of New York's lower east side .

The Titford girls were on the east side of the street, on the right-hand side going down from Badcox.


Equally, stagnation in the housing market has been most severely felt in the south east .

Like most of the rest of the south east , it's now a satellite commuter dormitory of London.

Analysis of secondary schools in the south east revealed a minority were responsible for the majority of all exclusions in the area.

And the south east is now the third worst region for arrears.

Laura McCaffrey Action update Orienteering in the south east September 14-15.

For the winner of the Benson &038; Hedges Cup, the suggestion lies in the south east .


Kind skies and balmy breezes instead of the cutting east wind off the marshes.

Or was it the east wind blowing in through the open bell tower with renewed force?

It was cold, with an east wind blowing from the sea, and it was getting dark.

It was December and a bitterly cold east wind was blowing.

I adjusted the sail at forty-five degrees to the east wind , and walked south.

And with an east wind behind them they could not abruptly halt.


These stones were removed when this monument was demolished and built in steps in the east wing of the villa.

In the plans, the east wing next to SuperTarget carried a sign with the Gordmans logo.

In the east wing of the hospital there was a linen store that was never used after about nine-thirty in the morning.

She was found by the caretaker, whimpering and exhausted on the ground floor of the east wing .

Somewhere behind the east wing of the castle glass shattered.

Olive steadfastly refused to move from the Hall, retreating gradually into the east wing as the rest deteriorated.

In re-planning the east wing galleries, built in 1928-32, great efforts have been made to respect their dignified classical architecture.



For the winner of the Benson &038; Hedges Cup, the suggestion lies in the south east .

Fellows Pond lies to the east .

The Crumbles lay to the east of the city.


due north/south/east/west

At noon, the storm was 150 miles due east of New York City.

As we were heading due north, we would remain to the right, or east, of that squiggle.

Beehive, another sulfide edifice, is a five-minute submersible ride due west of Moose.

Fort William is due north of Glasgow but the Ben Nevis range effectively barred a direct course for the line.

Jouctas is also clearly seen, to due south, from the ancient harbor of Knossos.

The direction is there, she said when she came down, and she pointed due west.

The main track on which they were travelling led due west for a while and then turned slightly north.

The road into Mountain Province, due east of Tamarong, zigzagged along a sharp ridge high above the rice terraces.

This he grew long and combed up, due north.

the East

American relations with the East were at their worst in the late 1950s.

She was born in the East , somewhere in New Jersey, but now lives in California.

The martial arts originated in the East .

the East Coast

the East End

the Far East

the Middle East

the Near East


It is light turquoise in the east , grading to deep, dark, brilliant blue in the west.

The Knights Panther trace their origins to the wars against Araby when returning crusaders brought back outlandish animals from the east .

Violent incidents in east Incidents of serious violence continued in ethnically mixed eastern areas.

II. adjective


We sailed down the east coast of the island.

III. adverb




Anyway, I drove east with a picture in my head.

We land on fresh lava and first drive east to the contact between new and old lava.


Well-heeled retirees bound for Miami, with reservations in the sleeper car, went east along the fence.

The ever-energetic Merola went east prowling for stars.

If the limousine went east , to Lake Shore Drive, it would go through part of the black ghetto.

But it used to be that when you went East, you knew it was going to be physical, so tough.

I figured from my vantage point that the pretty women went west, and the smart ones went east .


I head east from Anamosa, feeling too shitty to even pretend otherwise.

Head east on Interstate 10 to just past Tucson, then south on Arizona 83 to Sonoita.

In mid-afternoon Charlie Company saddled up and headed east toward the sea.


Go east on I-80 to Omaha.

The apartment faces east .


He lived on the homestead only a short time, then went back east .

Nearly 300 congregants -- a virtual rainbow coalition -- are gathered in impermanent rented quarters a mile east of Beverly Hills.

One by one, those around her also decided to go back east .

The Midwest really begins just east of Berkeley.

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