Meaning of ELECTRIC in English



an acoustic/an electric/a classical guitar

an electric/electricity cable

Be careful you don't cut through an electric cable.

electric blue

electric chair

He faces death by the electric chair in a Florida state prison.

electric plug

an electric plug

electric shock therapy

electric shock

fluorescent/electric lighting

Fluorescent lighting is much cheaper to use than light bulbs.




In that electric atmosphere , ordinary reality could be ignored, for a time.

All around there was the electric atmosphere of first night excitement.

But, despite the electric atmosphere , they were beginning to function as a team.


And so Leo applied his creative hand to the problem, and the result was the electric bass .

Ball was a budding talent, a passionate performer on both double and electric bass .

The electric bass for ever altered the relationship between the rhythm section, the horns, and other melodic instruments.

The electric bass had a punchy, dynamic range that would become identified with rhythm &038; blues.


Your electric bill will not necessarily be larger, because per-capita energy use may then be only half what it is now.

You know, I get fifteen percent off on the electric bill .

Rolling blackouts and spiraling heat and electric bills surely feel like a crisis to many homeowners and businesses.


Later, although savouring the warmth of the electric blanket , she lay frowning in the darkness.

It was his bed in Ilium, and the electric blanket was turned up high.

It has a fan heater and an electric blanket on the single bed.

Perhaps she was wondering if some one had remembered to switch the electric blanket on.

There was no one in the apartment to turn on the electric blanket .

Never use a hot water bottle and an electric blanket together, as this is extremely dangerous.


Be careful to avoid walking on, or tripping over, electric cables .

This consisted of one box with a battery connected to the thin electric cable that was also the ferret's line.

If there are no electric cables , you can replace the fuses without worry.

The water wheel was constructed from an electric cable spool.

Only 20% of electric cables are buried beneath the streets in Tokyo, compared with 100% in London and Paris.

Use only outdoor waterproof fittings for electric cables .

The vehicles are modified Daimler Benz buses, powered by diesel engines or by overhead electric cables .

They also abandoned thousands of miles of electric cables and water pipes to rot in the ground.


The companies see the vehicles as an important step in the development of electric cars , which the government supports.

This isn't really an electric car -- you don't have to plug it in, ever.

Less apparent on Mercedes' stand - and consequently ignored by most show visitors - was a prototype 190 electric car .

So far, the market for electric cars is drastically limited by the cars' high cost and limited range.

This drawback defeated the electric car .

That was the same idea Albiez had in 1990 when he decided to make an electric car from scratch.

The calculation has been made by the Edison electric Institute, Department of Energy and electric car industry officials.

Honda is calling the technology a Zero-Level Emission Vehicle, although it is actually not zero-emission like electric cars .


The judge rejected the recommendation and sentenced Flowers to the electric chair .

The electric chair for those with spelling mistakes.

A world-wide protest movement tried to prevent their execution, but they eventually went to the electric chair in 1927.

Top Florida court OKs electric chair use Tallahassee, Fla.

If two people push together, only the computer knows which one killed the man in the electric chair .

The display does include, however, the electric chair that killed Ruth Snyder in 1927&038;.


There was a terrible rage in him, she could feel it like an electric charge in the room.

Ah, yes: Maxwell showed that oscillating an electric charge is just the mechanism that causes light waves to be produced.

Molecular vibrations therefore lead to oscillations of electric charge , with frequencies governed by the normal vibration frequencies of the system.

Ethanol molecules also carry a small electric charge that is crucial to its behavior in the body.

However, there are two kinds of electric charge , positive and negative.

Since ions carry electric charge , the flow changes the electrical environment inside a cell.

Others that can generate an electric charge .

Water molecules carry an electric charge and tend to stick to one another.


For more specific figures, call your local electric company .

In 1996 the coalition surveyed 300 gas and electric company CEOs.

It can protect your equipment from hazardous brownouts that occur when electric companies reduce voltage during periods of peak demand.


There was an old-fashioned sink under the window, and a new-looking electric cooker , with cupboards on both sides.

Connelly didn't know how long the rings of the electric cooker had been on but one of them was almost white-hot.

Nowadays I am a lot better placed and able to eat better because of the electric cooker .


Limbs caught and held stiffly in awkward attitudes jerked into life as if an electric current had been applied to them.

With a borrowed battery, he passed an electric current through the solution.

Again she felt the same shiver down her back like an electric current .

We use it to pass a little electric current through the surface layers of the brain.

It attempts to modify the electric currents in the ionosphere during a display of the lights and to observe the results.

He lobbied the legislature at Albany to pass a law limiting electric currents to eight hundred volts.

They recorded six albums between 1977 and 1988, often reflecting the electric currents of the time.

When hydrogen and oxygen are combined in a fuel cell, an electrochemical reaction generates an electric current .


A sound like an electric drill ran round the room.

I can knock fifty thousand miles off the clock in a few minutes with my high-speed electric drill .

Use a hand drill or an electric drill on very low speed.

An alternative method is to attach an electric drill water pump attachment to the tap.

Useful machines are an electric drill , a small router to make mortises and mouldings, and a small bandsaw.


Each is driven by an electric fan belt.

At the front of the church, Emerson Seabreeze electric fans on wheeled stands faced the congregation.

There was a row of frosted glass windows down one side, each fitted with an electric fan .

Not five-star hotels, but sometimes air-conditioned or electric fan .

An electric fan heater maintains a temperature just above freezing point.

I smoked a cigarette in my bedroom, exhaling into an electric fan in the open window.

Among the exhibits are the first modern electric fan , invented in 1886.

A constant current of fresh air was supplied to the cars by means of ventilators and electric fans .


One elephant put an electric fence out of action by dropping an uprooted tree on it.

It may be strip-grazed behind an electric fence , cut and carted to the cattle-yard, or made into arable silage.

On this new open landscape some cattle grazing is controlled by electric fences which are easily moved.


When subjected to an electric field , ceruloplasmin migrates as an alpha2-globulin. 178.

The electric field of the radiation can then resonate with the vibrations of the charge ions, transferring energy to them.

Since the protein exhibits electrical neutrality at its isoelectric point, it is unable to migrate in an electric field . 162.

Consequently in a static diamond there are no charged atoms to interact with the electric field of infrared radiation.

The ceramic's crystals polarise in one of two alternate states when energised by an electric field .

The interaction is strong, as it involves the electric field of the radiation and the electric charge of the electron.

Last century, the physicist Michael Faraday showed that there is no electric field within a conductor.


I refer to people who, as I speak, are sitting at home, unable to put on their electric fires .

A small electric fire stood near the piano on the stage.

Finally, J. got tired of my everlasting complaints, took pity on me and made me a small electric fire .

One of his neighbours finds water dripping from the balcony above along her ceiling and out near her electric fire .

The fire had been sparked by a clothes horse falling on to an electric fire.

I took one last, depressed look at myself in the mirror above the electric fire and clattered down the stairs.

In front of the grate was a tall electric fire with artificial coals, a high curved back and a triple set of burners.


Today, it's difficult to imagine how electric guitars were received in an environment where rock'n'roll did not exist.

At Motown, electric guitars , sometimes as many as four, were locked in intricate patterns.

For example, thousands of people might have this kind of electric guitar .

You know, when the Beatles started there was a record company guy who said electric guitar music was finished.

But big audiences meant that country guitarists were quick to realise the benefits of an amplified electric guitar .

Brandon Ross, electric guitar , and Toby Williams on drums.

Are you addicted to the thrashing of electric guitars ?

He wanted his hair to be even longer to go with the electric guitar he couldn't play yet.


Make sure electric heaters are clean and free from dust before turning them on.

It was perhaps the small electric heater in my bedroom which made him say that.

The nurses all wore sweaters, and a tiny electric heater glowed behind the reception desk.

Secondary double glazed window with views over the golf course. wall mounted electric heater .

Crilly drags the electric heater into the sitting-room.

To be really efficient, electric heaters should be controlled by a thermostat with a remote sensor mounted at plant height.


Yawning freely, he filled the electric kettle with water and switched it on.

She had not noticed Amy filling and plugging in an electric kettle , but it was singing efficiently next to the cooker.

Steven loved gadgets, and Jean had one of the latest square white plastic electric kettles .

The black markets proffer Levis, pirated rave music and electric kettles .

The prosecution alleges Hammond attacked the girl with his hands, fists, a ruler and the flex from an electric kettle .

But no sooner had she switched on the electric kettle than the phone began to ring.

That, and the electric kettle , given to me by a good friend, are a great blessing.

It was really a bedsitter, but had an attached bathroom, an electric kettle and a minuscule electric stove.


Not only that, it was lit by electric lamps .

Around them were several old electric lamps , a couple with ornate glass shades, and chimneys.

In the dressing room afterwards, brightly lit by the new Tantallum electric lamps , the atmosphere was just as electric.


The electric light was burning and mixers and other equipment were making a steady hum.

There were electric lights burning at the entryway.

The electric light was an invention with profound existential consequences.

Travellers very often notice that electric light and trams are brought into streets which as yet have no houses.

There is no electric light , and the floor is compacted earth.

Now we had plumbing and electric lights and, more important, that vital device for a single parent, a telephone.

A moment later, all the electric lights went out.

He had charm, and he could turn it on and off like an electric light .


Place all the ingredients in the large bowl of an electric mixer and mix on low speed until combined.

With an electric mixer , gradually increase to high speed to beat butter until creamy.

Unless dealing with a large quantity of cream, an electric mixer can be perilous.

In another large bowl, beat butter and sugar with an electric mixer until fluffy.

Fill bowl of electric mixer with warm water and let stand 2 to 3 minutes.

With an electric mixer , beat at low speed until moistened and then at medium speed for 3 minutes.

Mix together with fingers, a large spoon, or with an electric mixer .

Using an electric mixer or potato masher, mash potatoes until almost smooth.


Problems with the electric motor caused the mechanism to jam many times.

While submerged, batteries power an electric motor that drives the propeller.

Solar energy is converted by cells on the Solar Car's flanks to drive its electric motor and recharge its back-up batteries.

He heard the whine of electric motors .

The cells will drive electric motors and use on-board hydrogen gas as fuel.

The shell raising and lowering mechanism was overhauled and a new electric motor fitted with modern gearing and cable adjusting devices.

After further processing, hydrogen is delivered to a stack of fuel cells energizing electric motors that drive the rear wheels.


Piano , electric piano, synthesizers, composer. b. London, 16 Sept 1938.


Many of the mergers were designed to set up monopolies to raise prices in industries such as steel, electric power and railways.

Fires by the hundreds, ignited by overturned stoves and furnaces and downed electric power lines, sprang up in the ruins.

Living close to overhead electric power lines causes health hazards.

At 20 percent efficiency, solar photovoltaic cells in geosynchronous orbit can deliver 270 watts of electric power per square meter continuously.

If the electric power could be cut, industry everywhere would be brought to a standstill.

A lunar power station therefore provides an average of 135 watts per square meter of electric power.

BThis monopoly protection will end once the doors of the electric power business fully open to competition over the next few years.

Special noise absorption materials are even mixed with road asphalt and coat electric power lines here.


Some pubs, mainly in the Midlands and the North, use electric pumps to draw the beer to the bar.

Residents say several concerns must be addressed immediately: The noise problem could be helped with the installation of an electric pump .

As the peat shrank further, more powerful electric pumps and diesel pumps became available.

He added the city apparently decided on diesel because electric pumps cost more.

A high capacity electric pump flooded the engine and no return for excess fuel was fitted.

Examples of different types of electric pumps .


The teacher was then taken into another room and shown an apparatus which could deliver electric shocks to the learner.

The flick of the gold lighter kept on the coffee table was sharp as an electric shock in a room of steel.

Men are more likely to be assessed on active behaviours like administration of electric shocks to an experimental confederate.

A defibrillator can analyze the heart rhythm of a cardiac arrest victim and administer an electric shock .

You can, as a matter of course, help to protect yourself from electric shocks by using a circuit breaker.

At worst you would get a severe electric shock , which could prove fatal.

She caught Lee's eye and Lee felt an electric shock pass through her.

It came like an electric shock .


Clockwork trains were all very well, but what I really wanted were electric trains.

Walter and Katherine had sent what he foolishly believed to be an electric train .

I used the money to buy an electric train set, but frustratingly enough, it didn't work very well.

Mr Sands got an engine for an electric train .

The footsteps are said to be those of an unfortunate platelayer who was killed shortly after the introduction of the electric trains .

Think about the rattle of the electric trains on their way to Southfields and Putney.

This problem is the humanistic analogue of the problem of the stoker on the electric train .

After trials, it pioneered locomotive-hauled electric trains over the northern extension of East Coast main line electrification to Peterborough in 1988.


The electric typewriter was covered by its hood and would remain covered while he was still there.

Downstairs, Yoyo found her father setting up a brand new electric typewriter on the kitchen table.

Lying waiting on a desk was a portable electric typewriter and a stack of copy paper.

Electronic text-processors are called word-processors, and are joint products of the computer and the electric typewriter .

So: you type it out on an electric typewriter on A4 or A5 size paper.

Thus you can run thirty electric typewriters off one 13 amp socket but only three 800 watt lamps.


The empirical investigations of Modigliani and Miller 2 were conducted on examples of oil and electric utility companies.

The campaign for a deregulated electric utility industry, like a balloon, is filled with a lot of hot air.

In 1895, the city built the first and only municipally-owned electric utility in Orange County.

A high-technology firm, for example, faces a great deal more business risk than does an electric utility .

Investments in electric utility stocks were down to 16. 2 percent in December from 21. 2 percent the year earlier.

Currently, electric utilities only have limited access to power plants outside their service areas.


And electric vehicles are pollution-free and quiet.

Several other small specialty manufacturers also offer electric vehicles and conversions, but their sales are tiny.

One of the major problems with electric vehicles has been the lack of a battery with a high power-to-weight ratio.

It is interesting to note that electric vehicles built in 1920 were still in use in the 1950s.

Some small changes could well assist the introduction of electric vehicles to the market.

One significant advantage of electric vehicles is that their widespread use would make far better use of off-peak electricity.

A further advantage of electric vehicles is their lack of effect on the environment.

The use of electric vehicles this century will be very limited.


Here a salesman flaunts his status by showing the sunshine roof, electric windows and alloy wheels on his family saloon.

I focused on a light red DeVille with plush leather seats and electric windows .

Both Rover and Honda cars have a specification which includes electric windows and powered, heated door mirrors.

Specification is high - remote control central locking and electric windows .

The model included standard goodies such as electric windows and mirrors all round, power steering, central locking and catalytic convertor.

Standard equipment includes electric sunroof, remote control locking and electric windows .

The £13, Sport model gains standard electric windows and door mirrors.

A flurry of rain stung my face before the electric window could wind up again.


an electric cable

an electric shock

Is the stove electric or gas?

The cabin has an electric heater.

There was an almost electric atmosphere in the stadium.


Ah, yes: Maxwell showed that oscillating an electric charge is just the mechanism that causes light waves to be produced.

All are supplied in either gas or electric models.

At the front of the church, Emerson Seabreeze electric fans on wheeled stands faced the congregation.

In 1996 the coalition surveyed 300 gas and electric company CEOs.

Noise level was about average for an electric machine, certainly quieter than petrol-driven models.

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