Meaning of ELECTRIC in English

I. ə̇ˈlektrik, ēˈ-, -rēk adjective

or elec·tri·cal -rə̇kəl, -rēk-

Etymology: New Latin electricus produced from amber by friction, electric, from Medieval Latin, of amber, from Latin electrum amber, alloy of gold and silver (from Greek ēlektron ) + -icus -ic, -ical; akin to Greek ēlektōr beaming sun, Sanskrit ulkā fiery phenomenon in the sky, meteor


a. : of, relating to, or produced by electricity

electric supply

electric output

electrical industry

electrical shock

b. : of, relating to, or produced by a method of reproducing sound in which the cutting stylus is electrically vibrated — compare acoustic 3a(2)


a. : operated by an electric motor

an electric refrigerator

b. : heated by an electric current

an electric stove

c. : charged by an electric potential

3. : charged with or as if with an electric current

black hair … which went out in all directions in a wild, electric way — R.P.Warren

especially : marked by or producing intense excitement

when the people are Irishmen and the town is Dublin, the possibilities are fairly electric — Harry Levin

a part in which she gave an electric performance — Brooks Atkinson

the effect upon the jurors was electrical — Erle Stanley Gardner

two hours later, before an audience electric with expectation, the President began his speech — New York Times

• elec·tri·cal·ly -rə̇k(ə)lē, -rēk-, -li adverb

II. noun

( -s )

1. archaic : a nonconductor of electricity (as amber, glass, resin) used to excite or accumulate electricity


[ electric (lamp) or electric (light) ]

: an electric light — usually used in plural

the church was lit with little electrics — Richard Llewellyn

3. : an electrically operated vehicle:


[ electric (motorcar) ]

: an electric automobile

nice old ladies driving down … Broad Street in their elegant Baker electrics — James Thurber


[ electric (railway) ]

: an electric train or streetcar

electrics and diesels do not have side rods — John Page

4. dialect : electricity

5. or electric blue or electric green : a grayish blue that is greener and deeper than copenhagen, Saxe blue, or old china, redder and deeper than Gobelin, and greener and duller than Quimper

III. adjective

: being or involving a musical performance on electric instruments

loud fast electric blues

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