Meaning of ELECTRIC in English

[elec.tric] adj [NL electricus produced from amber by friction, electric, fr. ML, of amber, fr. L electrum amber, electrum, fr. Gk elektron; akin to Gk elektor beaming sun] (1675) 1 or elec.tri.cal : of, relating to, or operated by electricity

2: exciting as if by electric shock "an ~ performance" "an ~ personality"; also: charged with strong emotion "the room was ~ with tension" 3 a: electronic 3a b: amplifying sound by electronic means--used of a musical instrument "an ~ guitar"

4: very bright "~ blue" "~ orange" -- elec.tri.cal.ly adv

[2]electric n (1646) 1 archaic: a nonconductor of electricity used to excite or accumulate electricity

2: something (as a light, automobile, or train) operated by electricity

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