Meaning of ENGAGEMENT in English




a prior engagement formal (= an event that you have already promised to attend )

The Prime Minister was unable to attend owing to a prior engagement.

an engagement ring

I noticed that she had an engagement ring on her finger.

an official visit/engagement etc (= one that relates to an important job or position )

The Prime Minister was on an official visit to China.

break (off) your engagement

In the end she decided to break their engagement.




The struggle against disabling barriers, however, is an active and creative engagement .

But our fundamental mode of being is one of active engagement in the world.

The active engagement of the learner in this process has been studied extensively under the title perception.

Its objective goes beyond the dissemination of knowledge in recommending an active and intimate engagement within popular subjectivities and forms of signification.

This was understandable since the Fellowship cultivated a quietist spirit remote from active engagement in politics.

The more text-based work requires active learning and engagement with the language of science.

Old Age Active engagement may give way to the skills of contemplation and reflection.


She had told him about her broken engagement and how deeply hurt and wary she had felt after it.

And why had he been so angry and contemptuous, so scathing about her broken engagement ?

For the first time in weeks the thought of her broken engagement hadn't been lurking to ambush her.


His work on social capital and civic engagement has been heavily drawn upon by Francis Fukuyama and others.

Being a first-class citizen is about that kind of civic engagement .

First, the postwar boom in college enrollments raised levels of civic engagement , offsetting the generational trends.

Evidence for the decline of social capital and civic engagement comes from a number of independent sources.

Indeed, the overall declines in civic engagement are somewhat greater among housewives than among employed women.

Even more striking is the evidence that among workers, longer hours are linked to more civic engagement .

So hard work does not prevent civic engagement .


Premier's policy of constructive engagement incorporates a strong community development element.

The softly-softly diplomacy of constructive engagement has no effect on President Mugabe.

Also the regime wants to offer something to Asean and justify constructive engagement by accepting a mediator from an Asean member country.


The royal couple are rarely seen together outside official engagements .


A good deal of straight forward social activity is almost always associated with the actual political engagement .

He talked about the civil rights movement, the need for political engagement , careful analysis, honest leadership.

He harbored strong opinions and could be brash in expressing them, but avoided political engagement that had no purpose.


Mr Kissinger refused to appear in court, saying he had a prior engagement .

The minister kept him waiting two hours, then two days, then remembered a pressing prior engagement .

This too must be shown ... That evening she turned down a prior supper engagement , pleading a headache.


On a rare public engagement the Duchess today met some familiar faces and launched another two of their projects.

In fact, though, various developments are expanding the range of public engagement .

In 1869 he presided over its annual general meeting, his last public engagement before he died, a week later.

Twice last week she appeared at stage-managed public engagements with her husband, smiling and gazing at him.

The Princess broke down in tears during her first public engagement after Mr Morton's book went on sale.


Perhaps he'd simply cancelled whatever social engagements he had when he'd realised that his brother needed sorting out?

Such theories lead logically to leaving older people alone rather than attempting to improve the quality of their lives through continued social engagement .



An example engagement letter is set out in Section 1101.1.

Compliance unit in London office maintains a central register of all corporate finance engagement letters obtained by the firm.

Due to the onerous nature of this work it is important that any engagement letter fully indemnifies the Firm.

A pre-issuance review of the engagement letter may be desirable where this is included.

Professional legal advice should be sought by the Firm before issuing such an engagement letter .

The engagement letter will need to be tailored to each disposal assignment.

The engagement letter need only be issued after, not before, an initial meeting where potential services are outlined.


That is why the bridegroom's family hosts the engagement party .

Dear Ursula: I was invited to an engagement party for a couple I barely know.

Four men have appeared in court charged with the murder of a man at his engagement party .

We're going to have an engagement party .

Though I missed the engagement party of my young Sheikh, I attended another a few years later.


She had hoped his ideas lay in another direction, like an engagement ring .

The glitter of the rhinestones was answered by the glitter of the diamond in her engagement ring .

It included a huge shot of her Cartier diamond and white-gold engagement ring .

She is sometimes seen by his side but wears no engagement ring .

She was Tim's first choice when he set out to find the perfect engagement ring for the woman he loved.

A full guarantee comes with every Beaverbrooks purchase and a year's free insurance policy with your engagement ring .

He is the heavenly Lover's engagement ring given to us.



Of particular relevance in determining whether to accept an acquisition engagement are: Engagement risk.


They announced the engagement in November 1941.

After the initial excitement of announcing the engagement and setting a date, planning the event begins.

A couple may begin living together or formally announce their engagement .

If only he would announce his engagement !

Then Shanti and Chris announced their engagement .

Andrew Kean and Donna Denson announced their engagement in February.

Just four weeks after Charles's ship left Portsmouth, Camilla and Andrew announced their engagement .


But she broke off the engagement when he went home to do military service.

Buckling under the pressure, I broke off the engagement and did not return to the United States that fall.

Eileen breaks off her engagement , but Alan then resumes his relationship with the younger Beth, played by Julia Foster.

Fifteen years after the broken engagement , her attraction to Eddie was muddled neither by youth nor by the threat of matrimony.

In a fit of jealousy, Koons broke off their engagement .

They returned fire before breaking off the engagement .

But, without warning, she broke off her engagement .

Margarett Sargent had broken a year-long engagement , and nothing she had done since had retrieved her reputation.


Perhaps he'd simply cancelled whatever social engagements he had when he'd realised that his brother needed sorting out?

He had been prepared to cancel an engagement at London's Victoria and Albert Museum if a satisfactory outcome was reached.

Midge, who had cancelled none of her engagements , asked Patrick if he would accompany her in Stevie's place.

Now the 60-year-old film star has cancelled all her engagements until the end of the year.

But the prince was still in pain today and was forced to cancel the engagement .


Down through the garden came servants and foster daughters carrying the cases of engagement presents and the engagement jewels.

Last year Anne carried out 736 engagements compared to Andy's 128.


During the last years of his life Carlile undertook a series of speaking engagements in the Midlands and North.

Spindler was at MacWorld, said a spokeswoman, but had no speaking engagements .

Next to the speaking engagement , the nearest legal equivalent to the straight cash bribe is the campaign contribution.

Nor did they mind the fact that she was constantly picking up and leaving for short periods to fulfill speaking engagements elsewhere.

He has rejected invitations to appear on national talk shows and has limited his out-of-state speaking engagements .


Anita broke off her engagement when she found out that Paulo had been seeing another woman.

Glennis and John announced their engagement yesterday.

Has he bought you an engagement ring yet?

They've officially announced their engagement .


A full diary of engagements has been booked for the months ahead.

It included a huge shot of her Cartier diamond and white-gold engagement ring.

Mah Rana will design your wedding or engagement rings especially for you from around £95.

The engagements used to go to the artists who brought them back the best presents from their tours abroad.

This engagement is yet another example of how well schools can work.

Woolworth's engagement rings, each a lump of glass as big as the Ritz.

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