Meaning of ENVIRONMENT in English



a changing environment

In order to survive, you must adapt to a changing environment.

an artificial environment

Animals hate being confined in an artificial environment.

built environment

congenial atmosphere/surroundings/environment

The department provides a congenial atmosphere for research.

destroy the environment

Some of these companies are polluting and destroying the environment.

hostile environment/climate/terrain etc

a guide to surviving in even the most hostile terrain

Sales increased last year despite the hostile economic environment.

the work environment

It is important to have a pleasant work environment.

unfamiliar surroundings/place/environment etc

She stood on deck to gaze at the unfamiliar surroundings.




Today's anglers are fishing in a much more competitive environment than the greats of the past.

Forest trees live in a very competitive environment , unlike your garden.

It is good for staff, who can give of their best in a more competitive environment .

High slack systems are those organizations operating with an abundance of resources in reasonably stable and minimally competitive environments .

In today's competitive financial environment , we're friends indeed - the friends you need.

Maintaining order and routine within a minimally competitive business environment made for successful enterprises.

And a competitive working environment drew out from directors and writers the best they could achieve.

As noted earlier, public organizations in competitive environments often perform just as well as private organizations.


Mesopotamian civilization developed in a very different environment .

But now, we're faced with a completely different environment .

Annual trips and holidays are organised for disabled children, providing them with an opportunity to experience different environments .

He understands the two of them compete in radically different environments .

The year includes the presentation of a methodical approach to programming and contact with different programming environments .

This is a different environment , though.

Such a different environment for antislavery work gave different meanings to bodies which claimed national antislavery status.

Established in 1908, the 100-acre park keeps surprising you with its different environments .


It looks at the economic environment , end-use market and industries, and competition.

And strategic thinking about our future is imperative, because we are in an ultra-competitive economic environment .

But do not let today's difficult economic environment put you off saving for the future.

All signs seem to point to a weak economic environment for a while.

Employers were prepared to tolerate these rights and provisions in return for a profitable economic environment .

Business risk is the risk imposed by the business and economic environment in which the firm operates.

Those who pursue this approach tend to be relatively unconcerned with changes in the social and economic environment .

The greatest hindrance to recovery of this resource is the marginally favorable economic environment .


It simply indicates that the focus of attention is our thoughts rather than our external environment .

There-fore, you often must convert or encode data from the external environment .

Attention is focused on the external environment and markets, rather than customers.

This activity will continue until the system breaks down internally or is subject to an intervention from the external environment .

The intact skin acts as a barrier between the internal and the external environment which contains many potentially harmful agents.

I feel that we can take control of our own destiny, no matter what the external environment says.

Their survival depends on how they respond to changes in the external environment .


Biomorphs should interact, in the computer, with a simulation of a hostile environment .

Black faculty members also accused the university of institutional racism and creating a hostile work environment .

These conditions embraced the realities of survival in an often hostile environment , and the mysteries of birth and death.

They died for their quest for comfort in a hostile environment .

They are used to dealing with harsh conditions in a hostile environment .

Once again, you navigate dark passageways and hostile environments , killing everything that moves.

I would say that Courtaulds is reasonably healthy in an extremely hostile environment .

Objectionable pictures have been deemed to contribute to a hostile environment .


Morphology was a laboratory-based subject that did not encourage detailed study of how animals adapted to their local environment .

The local physical environment was not always well matched to these inputs.

It may also prove necessary to confound the belief that the local community and environment can not provide a suitable learning medium.

Interleukin-2 is normally present in minute quantities in the microscopic local environment of lymphocytes and acts only upon those few cells.

Liberal Democrats aim to cut pollution and clean up the local environment .

Ash and dust was deposited over an area of 170,000 hectares devastating the local environment and crops.

Its value depends on the local environment .

By destroying these wastes Rechem is significantly helping to prevent further pollution of the local and world environment .


Open Country Free Range Chicken in their natural environment .

Most Chicagoans considered the dishonesty of the police as part of the natural environment .

Eva was back in her natural environment .

This fact underscores a point that is central to any discussion of how population growth impinges on the natural environment .

But are they on a par with their natural environment ?

And it will take other research sites to predict the effects on natural environments rather than well-tended farmland.

We recognize this when we talk about the punitive contingencies in the natural environment .

All life is interdependent on the natural environment , from the smallest bacteria to the largest animal or plant - even man.


Progress is often alarmingly rapid as their enthusiasm and natural abilities adapt to the new environment .

The new work environment includes unique learning requirements that classroom training alone can not meet.

They housed children who could not find foster parents or who were too old to fit easily into a new family environment .

To make it to safety, the new environment in which we suddenly find ourselves must be understood.

There is now a need for alternative control mechanisms in this new computing environment , one of which is proper personnel controls.

To create the new environments , the specialists were reassigned to cross-disciplinary teams.

The role of the semantic net is being explored in this new environment .

They must also, perforce, choose as parents those animals best able to cope with their new environment .


The local physical environment was not always well matched to these inputs.

The physical and chemical environment can be easily manipulated as well as observed in the living state.

As the other books in the series have shown, social and physical environments are continually developed, abandoned and changed.

For an analogy, consider our physical environment .

Thus, many recreational activities do not impinge on the physical environment or landscape with which this section is concerned.

A major difficulty arises when fossil species disappear for good as the physical environment , over millions of years, inevitably changes.

This has influenced Cheltenham's physical environment and social patterns.

In contrast the physical environment and equipment specifications have received considerable attention.


Much depends on the political environment .

And traditionally, in political environments , the top appointees have no management experience.

The changing economic, political and technological environment presents management with a new set of issues, requiring fresh approaches.

First, let us take two examples regarding the political environment: 1.

It also looks as if the long-term political environment has changed.

Even prevention is a hard sell in a political environment .

What has also changed is the whole political and cultural environment in which we operate.

More than voting, the same act can vary in meaning in different political and cultural environments .


There is hope for a safer environment , but it can not be achieved easily or soon.

They try too hard to engineer a safe environment for their child and, in so doing, interfere substantially-with serious consequences.

Obviously knowledge as well as self-discipline is necessary to prevent accidents and maintain a safe environment .

After I came to the United States, I made myself a really safe environment .

Clean-burning and abundant, natural gas provides us with hope for a safer environment .

The acid tank farm now provides a safe environment for storing strong and fuming acids.

Guidance on measures to ensure a safe environment , and issues related to health and safety at work.

Sensory loss frequently occurs with motor loss; the patient is paralysed and it compounds the problem of maintaining a safe environment .


The central purpose of social services remains the adjustment of individuals rather than any fundamental change in their social environment .

That fact, and the recent changes in the social environment , have translated into few class distinctions on campus.

A massive interview program convinced Mayo that informal working groups created a social environment that greatly influenced the productivity of the employees.

You can be very intelligent but yet not really able to live in a social environment ...

Chapter 4 in this volume recounts an ethnographic observation of Young Conservatives relaxing in their own social environment .

For Vygotsky, acquisition of language from the social environment results in qualitatively improved thinking and reasoning, or intellectual development.

The latter are perceived to provide a hostile physical and social environment .

As the other books in the series have shown, social and physical environments are continually developed, abandoned and changed.


Air pollution and energy conservation aside, private vehicles also come under attack when we consider rural and urban environments .

This blending of urban and wildlife environments could generate income, Galvin explains.

It is composed of species adapted to the urban environment and is influenced strongly by the availability of seeds.

Most talked about the need to make a bridge between nature and their school's urban environment .

The Industrial Revolution transformed the face of the countryside and thrust workers together in the new urban environments , packed and smoky.

The high quality of much of Glasgow's urban environment is increasingly important in attracting visitors and investors to the city.

For one thing they were a rural party in an urban environment .

First, about the impact of the private motor car on the urban environment .


Physical match includes the design of the whole work place and working environment .

Muriel's attitude to others in a working environment gives little credit to anyone else for practical intelligence or reliability.

A better working environment than the diocesan office, Julia thought, as she surveyed it.

With Ian, his inner sensitivity has a negative effect mainly in his working environment .

The relationship between these two groups defines the working environment to which Paul is referring.

The upgrading of the working environment of advisory staff must be treated as a priority.

A multi-disc reader is also part of our working environment .

And a competitive working environment drew out from directors and writers the best they could achieve.



In addition to the informal discussions, corporate planning departments require knowledge of the business environments for their formal roles in the planning process.

They were, however, undergoing significant change in response to an increasingly competitive and volatile business environment .

However, operating under cover of a domestic licence does seem rather restrictive in today's international business environment .

Becoming a martyr in most business environments is a good way to damage your career progress permanently.

The content of core programmes will continue to evolve to reflect the changing reality of the business environment .

The city is planning to talk with local commercial brokers about what can be done to improve the business environment .

In addition, all published information related to the business environment and support services in Stirling will be collated and analysed.

Maintaining order and routine within a minimally competitive business environment made for successful enterprises.


DataCom relational database and Telon, its own application development environment .

The company's core product is its object-oriented LispWorks development environment .

The other change is support for object-orientated technology within the application development environment .

Qualiparc is built upon the Uniface software development environment and costs from £5,000 up.

Perez says Open Interface will evolve into what he calls a comprehensive universal development environment .

Meanwhile, SunPro has made its ProWorks development environments available on the same early access kit.

There will be a development environment and beta versions of the complete environment tailored for vertical markets running up to its release.


The simulated home environments are based on the belief that children experience the highest quality of learning at home.

The quality of relationships the Bible speaks of in terms of the home environment is learned and therefore needs to be practised.

Within the home environment too, training is important to prevent damage to furniture and soiling of carpets, for example.

Men therefore stood to lose not only in their personal home environment but also in their public life.

What then are some of the hazards in the home environment which can cause accidents?

Rottweilers need plenty of new stimuli: rides in the car and very short walks outside the home environment .

Relatives will be helpful in providing information about the home environment , thus increasing understanding of the patient.


But the environment minister , Tom King, could not give any firm commitment to further government funds.

The environment minister , Michael Meacher, conceded that the pyres could be a health risk.

The summit's failure to address environmental issues may however be mitigated by meeting of G7 environment ministers later this year.

The environment ministers were due to make their decision late last month.

This afternoon that put them on environment minister Michael Howard's hit list.

After Papandreou's electoral victory in 1981, Tritsis was appointed environment minister .

Junior environment minister found careering at the wheel after midnight during the Tory party conference in Bournemouth.


Rentokil Tropical Plants add prestige and enhance the work environment .

It is within your power to concentrate on selected aspects of your work environment and ignore others.

The connectedness of the individual worker to his work environment is such that it can easily be controlled by others.

The new work environment includes unique learning requirements that classroom training alone can not meet.

Some work environments enable people with the syndrome to flourish.

These factors, interestingly, all have to do with the quality of the work environment .

Work which is relevant to family life, where skills acquired may be utilised outside the immediate work environment .

What economic, technological, demographic, or cultural changes in your own work environment fall into this category?



Indoors, there are many ways in which you can adapt your environment to suit the needs of your pets.

The stomach is a biological structure that animals use to adapt to their environment .

In such occupations autonomy is cherished as a means of adapting to an uncertain environment .

It favors species better adapted to their environments and kills off those less suitable.

This particular formula is well adapted to an environment consisting of test-tubes provided with ready-made replicase.

As we adapt biologically to our environment , we adapt intellectually.

Progress is often alarmingly rapid as their enthusiasm and natural abilities adapt to the new environment .

Intellectual and biological activity are both part of the overall process by which an organism adapts to the environment and organizes experience.


It is essential therefore that easily remembered navigational devices are built into the environment .

Now imagine, Weiser suggests, computation and connection embedded into the built environment to the same degree.

Joe Guglielmi explained that Taligent is not building an operating system, rather it is building a total development environment for objects.

But being simpler, the missions communicate a clearer essence of what the built environment in Southern California ought to look like.

The most important powers available to planners are development controls, which operate predominantly at the level of the built environment .

Rotating local authors include designer / writer Lynette Evans on how people respond to the built environment .

Full appreciation of place will involve exploration of the inter-relationships among the physical environment , the built environment, and the people.

However, put them in a novel built environment and they will walk for miles.


Evidently freedom and dignity are threatened only when behavior is changed by physically changing the environment .

They make it impossible to respond to rapidly changing environments .

You can cure many genetic diseases by changing the environment .

Living organisms have a similar tradeoff in deciding how much mutation and innovation is needed to keep up with a changing environment .

In most cases you do not need to change your environment or what at present is your life or your job.

Today a changing environment has forced many such organization either to become low slack systems or to go out of business.

We need to change our environment .

We all work in a changing environment .


It is no doubt valuable to create an environment in which a person acquires effective behavior rapidly and continues to behave effectively.

You create that environment , and you know what it means?

Gift of creating a pleasant environment with minimal resources.

But now, with customers expecting more, creating a seamless roaming environment and providing enhanced services will be the key.

Their prime objective was to learn, and it was easy to create a fun learning environment .

It is not machines we are creating but a mechanical environment permeated with our sense of learning.

Do people create their own environment , or will they learn to live in any conditions?

The challenge for the negotiations ahead is not to create a changed environment .


This discourages people from taking pride in the area and attempting to improve their environment .

The city is planning to talk with local commercial brokers about what can be done to improve the business environment .

Activities included developing economic strategies and initiatives; providing business support services; improving the environment and removing barriers to economic development.

Emerson had written that the proposed trade agreement could help improve the border environment .

Car ownership and use grow continuously, severely undermining the government's fragile attempts to improve the environment .

The subcommittee questioned industry representatives on the role companies could play in improving the environment .

By improving the working environment of teachers, governors could indirectly improve relationships between staff and pupils.

Considerable global assets have been spent to prevent non-communicable diseases - for example, with major investments to improve the environment .


A textbook should represent a structured learning environment in which the reader is led through the subjects in a progressive manner.

They have perfected strategies for learning from their community environment .

In the school library, Prestel can be seen as part of the total information and learning environment .

Guests can experience the outdoors on alpine skis, snowboards, cross-country skis or snowshoes while learning the high-elevation environment .

There have been a number of comparisons of learning environments for deaf children.

One is called simulated learning environments .

Their prime objective was to learn , and it was easy to create a fun learning environment .

That sounds lofty and unrealistic, but this writer continues to strive for that kind of learning environment .


My eldest brother, Joe, used to take correspondence courses, so one lived in an environment of self-improvement.

Remember all those experiments with rats living in enriched environments ?

Many terrestrial forms simply did not live in environments in which preservation was possible.

Burgess hopes the flux of the desert can teach us how to live with a variable environment without simplifying it.

In modern societies living in a healthy environment , the difference is slight.

I live in a black environment .

This agreement is unique within the United Kingdom and demonstrates that trade, industry and commerce can live together with the natural environment .

I think learning to live within a structured environment is important no matter what the emotional impairment is.


For individuals, the costs of maintaining a safe environment are, however, by no means all in the category of indirect taxation.

Structures of management and finance devised to maintain environments and institutions may not be the same as are needed to oversee renewal.

This is true largely because the problems associated with maintaining a safe environment are different in different parts of the world.

He argues that by maintaining the job environment at an acceptable level then feelings of dissatisfaction can be avoided.

Sensory loss frequently occurs with motor loss; the patient is paralysed and it compounds the problem of maintaining a safe environment .

For many of them, their inability to maintain a safe environment is only temporary, but for others it may be permanent.

When deprived of these sensations they can not be used as checks when maintaining a safe environment .

However, there are other non-physical factors which are just as important in maintaining a safe environment .


So how can protecting the environment be left to individual conscience?

One way to nudge nature along is to provide a protected environment for trees.

This frequently ends up with the state attempting to protect the environment from the majority of the people who use it.

What we are being asked to do now is to sacrifice the development of these areas in order to protect the environment .

Most tropical forest aid has gone to industrial forestry and has done little to aid the poor or protect the environment .

Pampers are already helping to protect the environment .

The guidelines introduce into local planning the concept of protecting the environment through sustainable development.

We are constantly hard at work protecting our environment .


Working-class families, by contrast, are less likely to provide an environment that encourages scholastic skills.

Software simulations have not only moved this fledgling technology along, they continue to provide an environment that nurtures testing and experimentation.

That is the best way of providing a good environment in which businesses can flourish.

One way to nudge nature along is to provide a protected environment for trees.

It has regularly attracted research studentships of various kinds, and provides a stimulating research environment .

Furthermore, the competitive market system would seem to provide an environment conducive to the rapid diffusion of a technological advance.

It's like an adventure playground but everything in it is padded with foam to provide a safe learning environment .

Bread &038; Roses provides a non-commercial environment in which performing artists may donate their talent.


hothouse atmosphere/environment etc

smoke-free environment/zone etc

New laws to create a smoke-free environment at work and in public places.

The freedom of the individual is important; everyone is entitled to a smoke-free environment.

working conditions/environment etc

Complete the following exercise on working conditions.

For many people real wages fell and working conditions worsened.

Her interest in socialism or Bryant & May working conditions was perfunctory.

Protected by their enormous allowances and comfortable working conditions, they feel free to carry on behaving how they wish.

The working environment is conducive to the achievement of excellence and the work is intellectually challenging.

This made working conditions most unpleasant, the nets becoming wet and heavy to handle.

Unhappy with the working environment, she decided to quit the job to pursue her interest in alternative therapy.


Do girls learn better in an all-female environment ?

I didn't feel that the neighborhood was a very safe environment for kids.

It's not a very safe environment for children there.

Our company tries to maintain a pleasant work environment .

We have tried to create a working environment in which everyone can develop their skills.


Adaptation to a changing environment may be necessary as before to achieve traditional goals.

Almost every newborn encounters an environment that acts toward it in a social way.

As a social science, Geography focuses on how people create and use their socio-economic, built and cultural environments.

It is important to emphasize any explanation of the foot soldiers is highly contingent upon the environment in which they are operating.

Remember all those experiments with rats living in enriched environments?

They wanted control over their environment , including financial, material, and other resources.

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