Meaning of ENVIRONMENTAL in English



academic/political/environmental etc criteria

The winning product must satisfy a range of environmental criteria.

air/environmental/water etc pollutants

New regulations will reduce hazardous air pollutants.

an ecological/environmental disaster (= causing great damage to nature )

This region is facing an ecological disaster as a result of toxic waste.

an environmental hazard (= a danger or problem in the environment )

Oil from the tanker caused an environmental hazard.

an environmental impact

The environmental impact of the construction project is being investigated.

an environmental problem

Air pollution is our most serious environmental problem.

economic/social/environmental etc benefits

Tourism has brought considerable economic benefits to the island.

environmental conservation

It is important to encourage environmental conservation and awareness.

environmental damage

The programme will concentrate on reducing environmental damage and pollution.

environmental destruction

The islands are already threatened by environmental destruction.

environmental factors

Various environmental factors affect the growth of grapes.

environmental footprint

You can reduce your environmental footprint by recycling as much as you can.

environmental harm

The report highlights the environmental harm caused by transporting goods around the world.

environmental pollution

Most environmental pollution originates in the developed countries.

environmental protection

A draft agreement on environmental protection for Antarctica was discussed.

environmental regulations

The Bill stipulated some of the toughest environmental regulations yet seen in the industrial world.

environmental standards (= to protect the environment )

They called on the Indian government to apply stricter environmental standards.

environmental/nuclear/economic etc catastrophe

The Black Sea is facing ecological catastrophe as a result of pollution.

environmental/political/social awareness

reduce...environmental footprint

You can reduce your environmental footprint by recycling as much as you can.




There are no animal rights or environmental activists on the banned list.

The group, like other environmental activists , would prefer the use of hydrogen alone to generate power for fuel cells.

The group was divided into two subgroups: one for teenagers, and one for the community's environmental activists .

Until relatively recently, organized religion has left environmental protection to environmental activists , concerned scientists and political figures.

Few environmental activists would agree with that judgment.

There's considerably less bitching about the federal government, environmental activists and co-ed dorms.

It also points to a developing new alliance between environmental activists and religion.


Before the decommissioning and construction of a maintenance facility can occur, however, the Navy must complete an environmental assessment report.

Road building proposals for sensitive areas such as Oxleas Wood and Twyford Down must be subject to full environmental assessment .

We produced a whole environmental assessment , not just what I think, but what several other coral researchers thought.

They are supported by a very detailed environmental assessment .

People need to be satisfied that the environmental assessments for King's Cross and the high-speed link are accurate.

This paves the way for the start of environmental assessment , but construction is not envisaged for some years.


The first is that there is in the developed world a new culture of environmental awareness .

And that includes hues of oatmeal and taupe, which color consultants say suggest wholesome environmental awareness .

Such training includes environmental awareness carried out in conjunction with the Environmental Department.

The nine included product quality, technical back-up, innovation and environmental awareness .

In an age of increasing environmental awareness , the new £250,000 plant in Bolney, West Sussex is the ultimate recycling plant.

However, growing environmental awareness also poses challenges for conservation bodies.


It is here that any given expenditure will produce the greatest environmental benefit .

There also is the obvious environmental benefits to biking, since it reduces air pollution and reduces traffic.

Depending on how it evolves, electricity liberalization could bring environmental benefits .

The social opportunity costs of conservation, without denying their environmental benefits , are frequently high.

This can be a difficult and expensive process, but it is one that delivers a range of environmental benefits .

It's environmental benefits may be undisputed, but it seems its suitability for the car engine has now come into question.

It is essential that any proposals should be scientifically justifiable otherwise costs increase and jobs are threatened with no real environmental benefits .


They act as a complement to his large works which are responses to a progressive environmental catastrophe .


For instance, if environmental changes are capricious, the animal's migration viewed in isolation will also be capricious.

It allows organisms to protect their essential dynamical properties in the face of environmental changes by varying less essential dynamical properties.

Planetary overload: global environmental change and the health of the human species.

The 1970 National Environmental Policy Act extended this principle to environmental changes .

Both forest management and afforestation are responsible for direct and indirect environmental change .

Analyse policy options for dealing with global environmental change and promoting the goal of sustainable development.

For all of these agents of environmental change , economic and political considerations are primary factors in their operation and future development.

This, and similar organisations, may well become agents of environmental change in the not too distant future.


Its chairman, Helmut Sihler, said that environmental concerns would add tens of billions of dollars to industry's costs.

In this case, the Court answered no, though the legislation was prompted by strong environmental concerns .

Out of environmental concerns , the steel will be retrieved.

They contend that environmental concerns have been thoroughly studied and debated.

As some observers noted, the new regulation establishes the principle that environmental concerns take precedence over commercial arguments.

They become entangled in national budgetary squabbles or bogged down with environmental concerns .

Similarly, some investors put environmental concerns uppermost on their list while others are only just waking up to green concerns.

Local observers were encouraged to report on distribution and migration patterns, thus paving the way for an interest in environmental concerns .


Some of the environmental consequences have been deeply negative.

While addressing this economic question, how can we use natural gas to mitigate the environmental consequences of increased coal burning?

We have difficulty making even the most obvious connections between human activities and their environmental consequences .

In addition, the social, employment and environmental consequences of open cast mining are the subjects of quite varied interpretations.

Yet the environmental consequences of unchecked population growth will be devastating.

However, nothing is known about the long-term environmental consequences - or even effectiveness - of using the ocean beds as dumps.

This has had damaging environmental consequences , such as creating new pressures for house building and increasing reliance on car-based transport.

Removal of tariffs on forest products will have devastating environmental consequences on the world's remaining forests.


But social and environmental considerations are also being considered.

This is an area of rapid development with little or no environmental considerations .

What are the environmental considerations or limitations?

These, as we now know, involve everything from environmental considerations to limits on the working hours of employees.

As to Broughton moor, we shall do all that we can to take environmental considerations into account.

Other measures proposed include action to tackle traffic flows, and greater environmental considerations of spending on new transport infrastructure.

Ethical and environmental considerations are an important part of this innovative programme.


Sixthly, on environmental controls , I congratulate the Government on their more sensible and practical approach.

The internal part of the mid-section was also pressurized and contained the guidance computer and the environmental control system.

The fear is based on the difference in environmental control standards between the two countries.

To the extent environmental controls undermine our economic base, they threaten our ability to pursue the environmental goals we all share.

Crumley starts by analysing the piecemeal approach to development and lack of adequate environmental control in the Cairngorms.

The environmental control unit was a squat concrete abutment with metal slotted vents.


Social and environmental costs Much has been written on the social and environmental costs of opencast coal.

Foes, in addition, worry about the environmental cost .

This clearly implies that the full environmental costs of mining operations should be borne by the operator.

Social and environmental costs Much has been written on the social and environmental costs of opencast coal.

Planning can include social and environmental costs . 2.

Moreover, countries should price fuels to reflect their full costs , including environmental costs.

In a free market, polluting coal-fired power stations and unpopular nuclear ones should be less competitive because of rising environmental costs .

Then there are the environmental costs .


Social and environmental costs Much has been written on the social and environmental costs of opencast coal.

This clearly implies that the full environmental costs of mining operations should be borne by the operator.

Social and environmental costs Much has been written on the social and environmental costs of opencast coal.

Moreover, countries should price fuels to reflect their full costs , including environmental costs.

Planning can include social and environmental costs . 2.

In a free market, polluting coal-fired power stations and unpopular nuclear ones should be less competitive because of rising environmental costs .

Then there are the environmental costs .

Trade has environmental costs , for instance.


The replacement of surface skin cells slows down, and they tend to become more prone to environmental damage .

When that happens, the result is environmental damage and human suffering.

Paradoxically, environmental damage is a source of growth because it prompts people to spend money on repairs.

Seventy percent of global environmental damage is because of the rich countries.

Wesley Smith Opponents say it's a policy doomed to fail - creating massive environmental damage .

But the precise size of the spill and the incumbent environmental damage remained unclear Saturday.

It is likely that very severe environmental damage would be done if parts of this reserve were activated.

Local self-sufficiency is further hindered by widespread environmental damage .


The report speaks of extensive environmental degradation caused by high population growth, rapid urbanization and fast industrialization.

I realized the data did not square with the theory that population growth causes resource depletion and environmental degradation .

Declining productivity levels and environmental degradation have caused a widespread exodus of people to centres of economic activity.

In a few short but intense years we began to atone for centuries of environmental degradation .

It would wipe out farm profits, undermine rural employment and cause environmental degradation in East Anglia, he says.

Many of these relations directly or indirectly affect land using decisions which lead to environmental degradation .

The results of the research will increase the knowledge of the socio-economic and demographic causes of environmental degradation in the Sahel.

Regional geochemical maps provide information on background levels of metals against which environmental degradation can be monitored.


The killing, which occurred in 1988, was met with worldwide outrage and focused attention on environmental destruction of the Amazon.

Yet in the age of unprecedented environmental destruction an awkward question nags at us.

They are already threatened with environmental destruction , since 88 % of their original vegetation has been destroyed.

The downside was inefficiency, corruption and environmental destruction .


If there had been a bolt on my belay at Swanage it would not have been an environmental disaster .

The result is that civil, socio-political and environmental disasters are now threatening the roots of our existence.

Of course, the Third World has already had - and has - some considerable environmental disasters .

Although the oil wells survived they where badly managed and an environmental disaster .

Perhaps international pressure can stop this environmental disaster .

By 1903 the spectre of that environmental disaster had vanished.


On average, environmental factors caused about twice as many cancers as inborn genetic factors.

Another environmental factor long thought to contribute to alcoholism is expectancy.

Hence inherited characteristics could not be modified by environmental factors .

Finally, it might be the result of an interplay between genetic and environmental factors .

It could be forgotten that these limitations are also set by environmental factors .

For plans to be effective management should consider the wider environmental factors that relate to the firm.

This example shows that environmental factors can not be cleanly isolated from biological ones.


Interest in clean technology among governments, industrial organisations and environmental groups is, therefore, high.

Her decision drew strong criticism from environmental groups , nuclear non-proliferation activists and some members of Congress.

Of course, disparity between the timber industry and environmental groups centres on the definition of sustainability.

Myers is director of the W.. Alton Jones Foundation, an environmental group .


The team recently collected a silver trophy in Aylesbury Vale District Council's environmental health competition.

Prisons are exempt from having regular visits from environmental health officers, but in April 1992 this Crown Immunity will be lifted.

Subsequently the scientists had advised the local environmental health officer of the dangers and he closed the water.

Eventually, environmental health officers seized Mary Carruthers' stereo system and speakers after a petition from neighbours.

And Northamptonshire's environmental health officers are backing up that message.

In Darlington applications have been sent to scores of businesses which are subject to regular environmental health checks.

The work of the environmental health officer will be particularly affected.

People holding loud parties or operating noisy machinery will be closely scrutinised by the council's environmental health officers.


The Commission claims that the government has breached the directive which requires an assessment of the environmental impact of major projects.

Fresh details of the zoo master plan were presented to the Planning Commission on Thursday in a 190-page environmental impact report.

These are just two reasons why an environmental impact survey is needed but the planning committee have not considered this.

Its main task would be to ensure that the environmental impact of military activities were kept to a minimum.

We will encourage environmental audits for companies, showing the environmental impact of their activities.

Our addiction to petroleum can only be managed by incorporating environmental impacts in fuel costs.

In many cases, both the minimisation of environmental impact and cost savings compared with previous practice have been achieved.

Increasingly such requirements are based on life-cycle assessments of the product's environmental impact during production, consumption and disposal.


A third have also carried out environmental improvement work, mainly teacher instigated.

It's the latest move in Teesside Operations' environmental improvement programme.

Some environmental improvements and land reclamation had additionally taken place.

A special study has been carried out on the need to balance environmental improvements with potential disruption of essential traffic.

It cooed about sewage treatment, environmental improvements and coastal waters.

It could even be represented as an environmental improvement of a run down site.

Over recent years, environmental concerns have been driving genuine environmental improvements across a wide range of processes and products.


Includes comment on the incorporation of affordable housing, but focuses on design and environmental issues .

The lawsuit asks a judge to halt the project until environmental issues are sorted out.

Protecting our planet. securing our future: linkages among global environmental issues and human needs.

But the commission, long criticized for inattention to environmental issues , is under fire from a sister agency.

The planning department of this sixth company questioned the usefulness of determining key environmental issues , particularly given the effort involved.

The Environmental Department also trains management on specific environmental issues in order to implement procedures to comply with other policy objectives.

As with so many of the environmental issues that face us now, every little helps.

The plan gave priority to environmental issues , but also provided for land reform, improved education and administrative and financial decentralization.


It was investigated in 1989 for violations of environmental laws , and production ceased later that year.

He defied reporters to point out an instance of where Republican-led initiatives succeeded in rolling back environmental laws .

Its structure aims to allow the reader to compare and contrast aspects of environmental law between different jurisdictions.

Their unsuccessful efforts included a move to block the Environmental Protection Agency from enforcing provisions of environmental laws now on the books.

Strong majorities of freshmen want more gun control, tougher environmental laws , and support gay rights.

Environmentalists pointed out that many of the other environmental laws are under fire in the Legislature and Congress.


It examines the relationship between fertility histories and household labour availability, and the consequences for labour intensive techniques of environmental management .

A combination of medication, lifestyle adjustments, and environmental management will allow you to control your condition.

The main topics were environmental management and marine pollution.

Early workers concentrated on destroying the immature aquatic stages in their breeding places using what we would now call environmental management .

The initiative will seek to identify the best examples of environmental management to be used for setting a benchmark for the future.

Yet these human disasters are as much to do with complex social and economic processes as they are with environmental management .

Once again this highlights the significance of social and administrative factors in environmental management .


We are committed to openness on environmental matters .

Full marks for style, but how on earth is he going to cope when environmental matters are on the agenda?

The preference for directives as opposed to regulations for environmental matters has also been repeatedly expressed.

Even individuals who follow environmental matters keenly will find new information or a new perspective.

Author Richard Mabey is a writer and broadcaster on country and environmental matters .

This organisation provides technical assistance to community groups on planning, housing and environmental matters .

In this respect Ramsay Spence was given overall responsibility for quality, health, safety and environmental matters during the year.

Edinburgh's integrated approach to teaching, research and institutional behaviour on environmental matters leads the way for others in higher education.


In the environmental movement , it was women who led demonstrations and marches and clung to trees to stop them being felled.

The environmental movement is devoted to-and is itself a form of-conscious evolution.

Many people have dated the start of the environmental movement to the first sight of the Earth rising over the lunar highlands.

The more successful the environmental movement becomes, the more radical its partisans become.

In Britain at least, the role of art in the environmental movement has been fairly marginal.

As one environmental goal after another is achieved, the environmental movement raises new issues and objectives.

In the environmental movement the comparable issue is the rights of future generations of humans.

Much of the environmental movement today appears to fall well within that definition.


It will also continue to seek ways to reduce emissions further, in line with corporate objectives for continuous improvement in environmental performance .

Overall responsibility for environmental performance is vested with Brian Baldock, joint Deputy Chairman.

Manufacturing sites now provide information about their environmental performance to their local communities.

This included the publication of specific information relating to environmental performance and emissions data.

Some 114 sites surveyed had improved their environmental performance while that of 30 had deteriorated.


Among the things they want to know are: what are the company's social and environmental policies ?

Although these can be valuable instruments of environmental policy , the application of such requirements to imported products can pose significant difficulties.

Government takes the lead responsibility in social and environmental policy , including that affecting provision and use of electricity.

His task would be to promote the government's international environmental policies abroad.

The environmental policy has progressed from its initial remedial approach to one of prevention and anticipation.

Trade and environmental policies are therefore inextricably interlinked.

Communicate our environmental policy to employees, customers and the community.

It was also accounted for in Government planning guidance and other environmental policies that influence land use.


The most important areas were agriculture, energy, environmental pollution , competition regulations, and foreign trade.

The most obvious examples of spillover costs involve environmental pollution .

Low level environmental pollution was detected - ie sulphates and nitrates.

The project has enabled farmers to reduce environmental pollution whilst raising crop yields.

Heavy industry was developed along the north coast, without any consideration of chemical, atmospheric and environmental pollution .

Nor do they contribute to environmental pollution by burning fossil fuels.

They also include the control of environmental pollution , and we could benefit greatly through co-operating further on defence and foreign policy.

Yet as with many agreements on environmental pollution , voluntary abstention is unsuccessful.


However, there will be environmental pressures on packaging and this is going to be a major factor.

Concepts of strategy introduce consideration of market forces, environmental pressures , and organizational imperatives which form the backdrop for visionary initiatives.

The structure which is selected is likely to be a compromise between environmental pressures which pull in opposite directions.

There was, at times, a marked hostility to environmental pressure groups and to the trade union movement.

But with new technology to exploit and ever greater environmental pressures Mr Middleditch demands top notch advice to maintain that relationship.

Other environmental pressures could shorten this to nearer the fifty years required by law in the United States.

Second, there is growing environmental pressure , particularly on organic solvents.

Energy conservation and environmental pressures are rightly being placed on oil and gas producers in the North sea.


Among the environmental problems related to coal mining, two are considered here: opencast mining and subsidence damage.

Their fortunes may thereby serve as an early warning system to humankind of previously unrecognized environmental problems .

Hydrogeochemical maps are being developed as an aid to interpreting environmental problems such as acidification and agricultural and mining pollution.

But that could cause other environmental problems .

In the Galápagos Islands, for example, the attractions of natural beauty and a unique wildlife are leading to serious environmental problems .

But a new environmental problem is on the horizon.

A plan to build one in a meadow several years ago was derailed by environmental problems .


SeaWatch encompasses all our environmental projects and was formed to improve everyone's understanding and respect for the seas.

The three governments will fund specific environmental projects in the region.

A study based on a volunteer for a show-piece environmental project may turn out to have drawbacks, too.

The scheme is the latest in a series of environmental projects Wedgwood has run in conjunction with the school.

The proceeds from the taxes will be used for environmental projects .

The winner will receive a £25 voucher plus £100 for an environmental project at his or her school.

Some competitions yield better results than others, particularly worthwhile are environmental projects and also some of the prestigious art competitions.


The buzz at Geneva last week was about smaller cars, wholesale commitment to environmental protection and rationalised, merged conglomerates.

New and pressing concerns of geologists are conservation and environmental protection .

Women are key agents of environmental protection .

The plan also calls for balancing the budget without deep cuts in Medicare, education and environmental protection .

On June 12 the Bank had approved a loan of US$29,200 million for an environmental protection and resource conservation project.

Gaylord Nelson, D-Wis., as a day to rally for environmental protection .

There will have to be compromises about power conservation and environmental protection , and the cost will have to be shared.

Women are more likely to think around issues of education, of health care, of environmental protection .


Green eaters go further, buying food with good environmental quality as well.

Instead of a problem, Tahoe is a showplace to see what the United States has done correctly for environmental quality management.

Focuses on urban ecology, social equity, land conservation, greenhouse gas emissions and environmental quality .

An improvement in environmental quality is also an economic improvement if it increases social satisfaction or welfare.


These orders, valid into the next century, carried few conditions when granted and would not meet current environmental regulations .

They are historic issues that developed at a time when environmental regulations did not exist.

But whatever the actual cost of environmental regulation may be, it is large and commands attention.

With the number of environmental regulations escalating, companies have naturally turned to outside services for help and advice.

The space agency and its contractor switched supplies to comply with environmental regulations .

For most industries, costs attributable to environmental regulations rarely exceed about 1.5 % of the total.

Above all, the water companies may pass on to their customers any new costs caused by changes in environmental regulations .


One solution has been to create university departments of integrated environmental science or of earth sciences.

Perhaps concern about the environment has induced them to learn more about a key environmental science .

In environmental science , interdisciplinarity is all.

Lawrence River, where she takes samples from polluted water and instructs local residents in environmental sciences .

We should choose to promote environmentally aware and responsible science - as well as to prioritise investment in environmental science itself.

He left with a degree in environmental sciences and was employed by the Norfolk Naturalist Trust, a voluntary conservation organisation.

How does it relate to environmental sciences ?

Again, relative to most other international environmental science processes, this one is pretty secure.


The range of environmental services on offer is seemingly endless - from environmental auditing to public relations.

In 1995, it added environmental services .

The districts collect the rubbish ... take responsibility for housing ... and look after certain environmental services .

Its remit covers consultancy, training, security, education and training, environmental services and applications development.

Head of environmental services , Mr Keith Atkinson, told them it would cost around £200,000.


If anything, competition is bidding up environmental standards .

The volunteer has to meet all relevant environmental standards , of course.

Higher environmental standards have to some extent highlighted the problem of offensive odours.

In addition, environmental standards have improved - sometimes dramatically - and leisure and recreational facilities have been substantially enhanced.

Countries with initially low environmental standards are not immune to pressures to raise them.

Under the code, each country would be allowed to meet its own environmental standards .

Model clauses for contracts and leases will be drafted to meet the higher environmental standards now expected of businesses.

The garbage giants' advantage was their ability to meet new environmental standards requiring safer, costlier methods of disposal.


Teachers' notes illustrate where the resource fits within the new national guidelines for environmental studies for pupils aged 5-14.

The environmental studies were the hardest challenges for the Marines because of the strong opposition from area residents, he acknowledged.

The application of geochemical mapping to environmental studies in developing countries is being investigated.

Shine, who distrusts photographs, has been conducting environmental studies at the lake for 20 years.

The question last week was whether the city should launch another in a series of environmental studies .


An oil spill of that size will cause a lot of environmental damage.


A new environmental cabinet permits simulation of weathering in a wide range of environments.

According to Samuel Epstein, professor of environmental medicine at the University of Illinois, the reason is obvious.

And Northamptonshire's environmental health officers are backing up that message.

The action is exactly reversed in an environmental analysis.

The pictures sent back to earth tell an important environmental story.

The planning department of this sixth company questioned the usefulness of determining key environmental issues, particularly given the effort involved.

These three trends combined to form a more environmental physical geography which may have been late but hopefully not too late.

We believe a much better understanding of the environmental implications of using secondary aggregates is urgently required.

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