Meaning of ENVIRONMENTAL in English

en ‧ vi ‧ ron ‧ men ‧ tal S2 W2 AC /ɪnˌvaɪrənˈmentl◂/ BrE AmE adjective

[ Word Family: noun : ↑ environment , ↑ environmentalist ; adverb : ↑ environmentally ; adjective : ↑ environmental ]

1 . concerning or affecting the air, land, or water on Earth ⇨ ecological :

the environmental damage caused by the chemical industry

an international meeting to discuss environmental issues

the environmental impact of pollution from cars

an environmental group (=group of people who want to protect the environment)

2 . concerning the people and things around you in your life, for example the buildings you use, the people you live or work with, and the general situation you are in:

environmental risks to employees’ health

—environmentally adverb :

environmentally damaging projects

• • •


■ nouns

▪ environmental issues

Environmental issues, such as cliff erosion and pollution, directly affect people’s lives.

▪ environmental protection

Is environmental protection more important than economic growth?

▪ environmental damage

the environmental damage caused by opencast mining

▪ environmental pollution

Power stations cause a lot of environmental pollution.

▪ environmental problems

Acid rain is one of the major environmental problems associated with burning coal.

▪ environmental concerns

Residents have raised some valid environmental concerns about the nuclear plant.

▪ environmental awareness (=how aware people are of environmental issues)

Schools are crucial in helping to raise environmental awareness.

▪ an environmental group

a campaign by environmental groups to protect the Antarctic

▪ the environmental movement (=all the groups concerned about the environment)

There are differences of opinion about nuclear power within the environmental movement.

▪ the environmental impact

Don’t underestimate the environmental impact logging has on the rainforest.

▪ environmental effects

The environmental effects of building the dam will be felt by generations to come.

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