Meaning of ENVIRONMENTAL in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ ɪnˌvaɪərənˈmentl ]

adjective (Environment) Concerned with the conservation of the environment (see environment°); hence, serving this cause: not harmful to the environment, environment-friendly. Etymology: A sense development of the adjective which arises directly from the use of environment as a kind of shorthand for 'conservation of the environment'. History and Usage: The use of environmental in this sense seems to have begun in the US towards the end of the seventies, when advertisers first attempted to climb on to the bandwagon of concerns about the environment. In its more general sense 'to do with the conservation of the environment' it is used in a great variety of grammatical constructions; one of the recent ones, environmental labelling, is even more elliptical than most, contracting 'to do with the effects of the thing labelled on the conservation of the environment' to a single word. In local government and also in the private sector the term environmental services (first used as long ago as the late sixties) seems to have become the fashionable way to refer to the upkeep of the local environment, such as parks and public gardens, waste disposal (including the management of hazardous wastes), and street cleaning. See also environmental friendliness (under -friendly). Right Guard spray deodorant...now directs itself toward ecological armpits with the epithet 'new environmental Right Guard'. American Speech Spring 1983, p. 94 The Labour Party is planning to issue a 'Green Bill' later this year, setting out its plans for tackling atmospheric pollution, and its proposals for environmental labelling, litter control, handling hazardous waste, and improving water quality. Guardian Weekly 30 July 1989, p. 4 An environmental meeting in Bergen at which ministers from ECE's member countries discussed practical steps to promote 'sustainable growth', the catch-phrase...for economic growth that does not destroy the environment. EuroBusiness June 1990, p. 64

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