Meaning of EQUIVALENT in English


I. adjective


an exact equivalent (= something that has exactly the same meaning, purpose, value etc as something else )

There is no exact equivalent in English for the phrase.

broadly similar/comparable/equivalent etc

We reached broadly similar conclusions.

roughly equal/comparable/equivalent

two rocks of roughly equal size

the modern equivalent of sth (= something with the same importance or purpose as something from the past )

In their own minds they are the modern equivalent of highwaymen.




Our finding also confirms previous reports that postprandial serum gastrin consists of approximately equivalent concentrations of G17 and G34.

This amount was approximately equivalent to half of their annual salary, depending on age and position held.


This is in accordance with the Council's long standing policy to maintain reserves broadly equivalent to three months' core activity expenditure.

It would provide the maximum area of water within the engineering constraints and would be broadly equivalent to mean high water mark.


And yet Aronofsky, with relentless, almost aesthetic cruelty, shows her fate as exactly equivalent to her son's.

Table 5.5 presents these coefficients, estimated using ordinary least squares, for exactly equivalent models to those reported in section 5.6.

The attribute pair and is exactly equivalent to defined earlier in the Taxis-like symbolic key definition of Figure 2.

The statement is exactly equivalent to Leading spaces will be removed from the input line, but not trailing spaces.


That is roughly equivalent to the gross global product of Earth for the next thirty thousand years.

Consequently, they are roughly equivalent to the transracially adopted children.

Her snack bar was roughly equivalent to a trust fund.

This was roughly equivalent to an investment of 1.25 pence for every unit of electricity ever generated by nuclear power in Britain.

Being told that one must change to survive is roughly equivalent to being told that one will burn in hell.

Wilson aides said the governor thought that roughly equivalent comparisons could be made between schools and districts using different tests.

The rate of withdrawal over natural replenishment is now roughly equivalent to the flow of the Colorado River.



Control incubations used equivalent amounts of phosphatidylcholine vesicles without cholesteryl oleate.

First, they wanted at least an equivalent amount of compensatory land.

The buyer receives a further 100 from the seller who has to pay an equivalent amount as variation margin.

Real team members always do equivalent amounts of real work beyond and between meetings where things are discussed and decided.

The intention is that over extended periods of time equivalent machines receive an equivalent amount of resource.

That's the equivalent amount of time that is spent in the average household washing up in one year.

My husband did not have enough marks to pay the bill, so he offered to pay the equivalent amount in Sterling.

His intention to repay the equivalent amount was relevant to dishonesty, not to the intention permanently to deprive.


If so, an equivalent effect can be expected in latent inhibition.


The equivalent figures for the trip to Manchester were eighty, forty-five and less than thirty hours.

The equivalent figures for manual workers other than general labourers show a reverse pattern.

For seventeen year olds the equivalent figures are 70 and 44 percent.

The equivalent figures for female workers were £68 and £83 respectively.

No equivalent figures are given for Cramlington because of the irrelevance of the information given for Cramlington before the late 1970s.

Oil equivalent figures referred to in this document are based on 6,000 cubic feet of gas equalling one barrel of oil equivalent.

The equivalent figures in Newham were 4l, with 25 closed and 16 open.


Direct entry to masters' courses is normally limited to those with good honours degrees or equivalent qualifications .

Some 22 percent of councillors had a degree or equivalent qualification compared to only 5 percent of the general population.

Applicants should have a degree or equivalent qualification in chemistry and relevant post-graduate experience or training in analytical chemistry.


Similarly, managers and directors appeared to share an equivalent value orientation to the fans and were more receptive to their opinions.

The equivalent value for women suggests a positively sloped aggregate labour supply curve.


He was fined $50 but given the choice of doing the equivalent amount of community work.

His monthly US salary is equivalent to a year's pay here in Mexico.

If these prizes are not in stock we will send you an equivalent gift of the same value.

no more than 12 bottles of beer or an equivalent amount of alcohol

The US Congress is roughly equivalent to the British Parliament.

The volcanic eruption on Krakatoa had an explosive power equivalent to 20,000 tons of TNT.

Unemployed workers receive welfare payments and rent assistance equivalent to 50% of their usual income.


Any transaction involving two groups or two equivalent individuals is regarded as a negotiation rather than an interview.

By contrast, a small saving in purchasing costs can be worth considerably more in terms of equivalent sales value. 9.

The equivalent figure for women was 31 percent in 1972 and 63 percent in 1983.

The equivalent figures in Newham were 4l, with 25 closed and 16 open.

There is no equivalent history of the Liberal party during this period.

II. noun




There is no exact equivalent of Taking the Side of the Other.

Both printed and online forms of the bibliography are exact equivalents when conducting author searches.

The basic spiritual treatment of eating disorders is the exact equivalent of that for Chemical Dependency.

Copper pipe - actual sizes Mathematicians among you will notice that these are, in fact, not exact equivalents .


No human equivalent of the endogenous mouse retroviral superantigens has yet been described.

She had chosen for herself the human equivalent of sackcloth and ashes, and she denounced herself for a masochist.


There were any number of cranes, cars and mechanical arms fashioned from the modern equivalents of Meccano.

I guess the modern equivalent of the actual party would be that Reform joke Ross Perot threw together.

These cargo planes are the modern equivalents of the tramp steamer.

These profit opportunities are the modern equivalent of finding El Doradothe city of gold.

I have known rocks become oblivious to both the old type of scarecrow and its modern equivalent , the automatic banger.

The honest farm-lad building stoops of corn - or the modern equivalent .

Who knows a modern equivalent of the Oxford three-quarter line may be waiting to be found.

Some of Sydney's residents are apprehensive about the prospect of a modern equivalent of Elis's tumult.


On dry land the nearest equivalents of the filter-feeders are the grazers.

Next to the speaking engagement, the nearest legal equivalent to the straight cash bribe is the campaign contribution.

The Boots Booklovers Library, the nearest equivalent , survived until the sixties; the branch in Exeter closed in 1965.

The Touchmaster doesn't seem to suffer from the major problem faced by its nearest equivalent , the Koala-pad in this respect.

The nearest equivalent at the time was Peter Hain's Young Liberals.

If that's how oyster's flavoured, it's nearest equivalent is brine.



These investments have therefore been treated as cash equivalents in preparing the cash flow statement reflecting the liquid nature of the investments.

Horsham has the right to deliver either the shares or their cash equivalent .

Once again, if the individual is offered the cash equivalent the new budget line is 45.

Therefore net cash balances comprise cash and cash equivalents together with money market deposits.


the nearest thing/equivalent to sth

A little bit of sleep was the nearest thing to consolation left for people like us.

Here was perhaps the nearest thing to alchemy that had ever been seen in the field of politics.

I think she and Phil were the nearest thing to soccer hooligans that canoeing can produce.

It was the nearest thing to a coherent defence system yet seen at Verdun.

So let us accept that I am the nearest thing to a father that Nana has available.

Still, as Jane belonged nowhere, Sussex became the nearest thing to home.

That and the fact that it lost faith in the nearest thing to a charismatic it had had since Rose Fox.

The United Nations General Assembly has been called the nearest thing to a world parliament.


Some Thai words have no English equivalents.


A record is an ordered collection of data items and/or data aggregates, the equivalent of a tuple.

It was the equivalent of about £1500 million at 1980's values, although greater than that in relation to the size of the economy.

Moving the game westward and southward follows a grand historic progression, a sports equivalent of Manifest Destiny.

The numerical score may be either an age equivalent or a standardised score.

The purchase of a carcass would be the equivalent of the purchase of two sides of beef.

They want the motoring equivalent of Carlsberg Special.

Trying to do so is the equivalent of adding oranges and lemons.

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