Meaning of EXCLUSIVE in English

I. adjective




The categories are neither intended to be mutually exclusive nor all-embracing.

Gessler maintains that fear and heat of passion are not mutually exclusive defenses.

Both questions have to receive affirmative answers, and they are not mutually exclusive .

This is the case of choosing from among mutually exclusive projects with widely differing costs.

To a large extent these two approaches have been mutually exclusive , not to say antagonistic.

These proposals were not mutually exclusive , and most officials wanted a combination of the three, with an emphasis on one.

Although they are discussed here as separate issues, tourism, recreation and sport are not mutually exclusive .

Are a reasonably healthy state of being and cigarette-smoking really, truly, absolutely mutually exclusive ?



She enjoyed it, particularly the exclusive access to MIle.

Can a union have exclusive access to school mail facilities?


However he stresses that, unlike the impulse ice cream market, there is no exclusive agreement for these freezers.

That, he says, would erode the value of any exclusive agreement with Quaker.


Any contracts won on an exclusive basis could affect the price at which it is offered for sale.

Ideally the purchaser would wish to have the vendor negotiate actively with the purchaser on an exclusive basis during an initial period.

To provide specialist care on a selective or exclusive basis - for example, for families of a particular religious denomination or area.

We do insist that appointments are on an exclusive basis to avoid duplications and a dispersed marketing effort.

They will also place technical features overseas on a nationally exclusive basis .


Unhappily, I am not a member of the exclusive club of millionaires.

Stockton was a signer of the Declaration of Independence, a pretty exclusive club .

Boro can take pride in being the sole North-East members of the exclusive club .

The atmosphere is subdued and clannish, like the aura inside an exclusive club .

Consequently some people become sucked into what they see as an exclusive club which will eventually pay them a hefty financial dividend.

As a receiver, Irvin belongs to an exclusive club .

A lot of rich people are feeling the same way about an exclusive club recruiting new members every day.

Perhaps like Groucho Marx they have other views about exclusive clubs .


As with other long-term agreements, a record company demands an exclusive contract with its recording artists.

The HMOs offer a physician group an exclusive contract to take care of a large volume of patients.

But he was under exclusive contract to Universal, and they wanted a prohibitive amount of money to loan him out.


On the debit side, Newfoundland gave up exclusive control of its offshore resources.

First, they both prevent any one employee from exercising exclusive control over specific functions or applications.


To start, Ariana will demand an exclusive distribution contract, co-operative advertising funds and a 50% royalty.

Suppose now that manufacturer 1 signs a selective and exclusive distribution agreement with retailer 1, promising not to supply retailer 2.

Capcom has an exclusive distribution agreement for Archer's QSound chip for the video arcade industry.


Rationing should not be the exclusive domain of managers and professionals.

Visual communication is not the exclusive domain of the graphic designer or the advertising executive.


In recent years the model's exclusive focus on shareholder interests has to a degree been modified.

An exclusive focus on either the task design or political school is likely to produce dysfunction consequences for strategic and structural change.

Following are excerpts, interspersed with my comments, which provide the flavor of the nearly exclusive focus on processes.


First, older people do not form an exclusive group , but one of which every individual will eventually become a member.


The wandering spirit was ousted, Diana's younger brother Charles revealed in an exclusive interview , and their beloved dad recovered.

There are also exclusive interviews and highlights of the playoff series with the San Diego Padres.

In an exclusive interview , Richard Feast discovers that his reputation for straight, sometimes controversial, talking is not exaggerated.

With his usual courtesy and willingness to be of assistance he had granted several exclusive interviews on the spot.

Sitting up in bed, I scanned the article, which the News of the World claimed was an exclusive interview .


The Special Commissioners had exclusive jurisdiction to determine the appeals, and to do so in relation to the facts as found before them.

Thus the headman had a veto over criminal prosecutions for the petty offences over which village tribunals had exclusive jurisdiction .

Accordingly, in my judgment, her claim falls within the exclusive jurisdiction of the visitor, subject always to judicial review.


They acquired joint and exclusive occupation of the flat in consideration of periodical payments and they therefore acquired a tenancy jointly.


In some cases it was not clear at first sight whether exclusive possession was in fact granted.

This includes a person who is entitled to immediate and exclusive possession .

In the present case it is conceded that Mrs Mountford is entitled to exclusive possession and is not a lodger.

A demise for years is a contract for the exclusive possession and profit of land for some determinate period.


There is nothing about this combination of themes which marks it out as the exclusive preserve of the right.

This is the exclusive preserve of the cave explorer who cares less for personal discomfort.

However, interviewing is not the exclusive preserve of survey research.

But just when he was thinking it was his exclusive preserve , along came Monty.


Sleek, dramatic good looks were supposed to be the exclusive property of the more fashionable marques.

Were such arguments for astronomical realism the exclusive property of Protestants?

However, it does not appear to be the exclusive property of the right.


The assertion of exclusive rights will, however, be actionable in tort.

Amtrak does, although Conrail has an exclusive right to operate any freight trains on the corridor.

Directors were given the exclusive right to manage the day-to-day business of the company.

But the spin-off will hold exclusive rights to the vaccine and related scientific data.

William Titford had paid five guineas during the 1870s for the exclusive right of burial in his chosen plot.

By the end of the film, you realize that bursts of inspiration are not the exclusive right of artists and geniuses.

It gives you the exclusive right to reproduce your work.

Each still has exclusive rights to provide a basic, local telephone service.


Many early studies, for example, were seriously flawed by their exclusive use of incarcerated offenders as samples of criminals.

But whatever the parentage, this new decentralized way admits to no national origin nor exclusive use by anyone.

Provide a towel for the exclusive use of each child.

Until the 1890s, the garden was reserved for the exclusive use of either the monarch or selected courtiers.

The youngest and the prettiest are naturally for the exclusive use of the bourgeoisie.

John was paid an annual fee by the Folies-Bergère management for the exclusive use of his Girls in Paris.

In a Roman view ownership meant the unconditional and exclusive use of property by the individual.

This explains the exclusive use of the to infinitive after this verb.


mutually exclusive

Both questions have to receive affirmative answers, and they are not mutually exclusive.

But educators there have shown that high academic standards and the concepts under-girding school-to-work are not mutually exclusive.

However, he did not seem to comprehend the possibility that self organisation and compulsion are mutually exclusive.

Of course, the three subcategories overlap, somewhat, and so are not mutually exclusive.

The transcripts start with either coding segment 1 or segment 2; coding segments 1 and 5 are mutually exclusive.

These proposals were not mutually exclusive, and most officials wanted a combination of the three, with an emphasis on one.

This is the case of choosing from among mutually exclusive projects with widely differing costs.

To a large extent these two approaches have been mutually exclusive, not to say antagonistic.


an exclusive Manhattan hotel

At the end of the programme we have an exclusive interview with Senator Goldwater.

Our figure skating club has exclusive use of the rink on Mondays.

Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with Boris Yeltsin.

The country club is very exclusive - you have to be invited to join.

The recent takeover gave Rafferty exclusive control of the company.

There will be exclusive coverage of the championship on Channel 5.

These students are part of an exclusive group of high achievers.

They live in Bel Air, an exclusive suburb of Los Angeles.

Your password gives you exclusive access to your personal computer files.


An inspection of the table reveals overlaps between the three trends, and clearly they should not be seen as mutually exclusive .

But it was a very exclusive part of town and there were always eccentric ladies puttering around at night.

The court action continues Burroughs' exclusive hold on the drug through at least 2005.

The nightclub was dark and exclusive and filled with beautiful people.

Two of the most exclusive beers in the world are drawing in the drinkers at the only pub where they're sold.

We can no longer be the exclusive tourist attraction.

Xorandor's logic transgresses that of binary systems because he combines mutually exclusive operations.

II. noun


Michael Jackson has promised the network an exclusive .

The newspaper has a reputation for good reporting and world exclusives.

We have exclusives that you won't find on other networks.


No one nation has an exclusive on compassionate capitalism.

So here's my very own Wembley Stadium exclusive for you.

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