Meaning of EXIT in English

I. noun


an entry/exit visa

All foreigners need an entry visa.

an exit poll (= when people are asked how they have just voted )

The exit polls said that 46 percent of women had voted for Obama.

exit poll

exit strategy

The President convinced people that he had a workable exit strategy to free his forces from the conflict.

fire exit

the entry/exit wound (= where a bullet enters or leaves someone’s body )

The exit wound was only slightly larger than the entry wound.




That infuriated the Roma stars and set the scene for a crazy last 10 minutes which culminated in Tommasi's early exit .

It was tough to watch. 4: 04 p. m.: Northwest faces an early exit in the double-elimination tourney.

Poor health and disability are both consistently associated with early exit from the labour market.

International evidence indicates that an early exit is not confined to declining industries alone.


The only fairly quick exit from here is feet first.

And he had been one of the lucky ones who got a quick exit card.



I only wish that some one had opened the exit door before I passed through it.

Some right-wingers back then tried to lock the exit doors on bad marriages by making divorce much harder to get.

Now the main lights were on, the ruffled gold curtains closed across the screen, the exit doors wedged open.

The cart made one last turn, away from the exit doors .

She ran to the emergency exit door and pushed the bar to open it.

He flashed his security pass under the eyes of the two armed guards posted beside the exit door .

The steward opened the exit door when the plane was stationary and dropped the retractable stair ladder.

As they came through the exit doors , Ricky looked wearily round for an Avis sign.


But I came out of the stand through the fire exit and I can't get back in.

They kicked open the door and tossed us out into the snow through the back fire exit .

Howard Dickson's body had been discovered by a doorman in a nightclub fire exit at a little after 2.00 a.m. that morning.


Entrance and exit point are usually separate.

Don't forget to include a window, entrance and exit points and a door to the rear storage area.

A suitable exit point is at School Brae to reach Gamekeepers Road.


But then, nemesis: the exit poll , the Basildon result.

My guy at Channel 3 saw their exit polls .

The Democrats' exit polls gave a 60 percent majority for Clinton - 321 electoral votes.

In the election day exit poll , two-thirds of Virginia voters expressed a negative opinion of Robertson.

The exit polls suggest that people thought about this proposition, and began to accept it.

National exit polls showed 54 percent of women voted for Clinton and 38 percent chose Dole.

Early exit polls suggested that he had a 10-point lead over Mr Rudolph Giuliani, a Republican.

Women preferred Democrats, 55 percent to 43 percent, according to the nationwide exit polls .


Why did genes come together into large vehicles, each with a single genetic exit route ?

That's my exit route gone.

Specified entry and exit routes are envisaged for waste entering or leaving the Community.


And if the job is to be done properly, there is no exit strategy .

His chief exit strategy , it appears, is to exit.


There are also reports of exit visas being refused.

If I were arrested, that would be the end of every-thing the exit visa , the certificate.

Unfortunately he tells me his exit visa is time-expired.

Yet even if he did win a new homeland, there is always the matter of a Soviet exit visa .

The reissue of an exit visa took two hours and a thousand riyals.

His Soviet exit visa would eventually expire.

Would it be a good idea, perhaps, to introduce exit visas ?



Two of them blocked her exit from the car park while the third smashed the car window to grab her handbag.

People loaded with shopping shoved her aside: she was blocking the exit of a big supermarket.

We had been coming on to the main road at about five miles an hour when three men had blocked our exit .

It blocked the exit to the driveway.

She quickly slipped ahead of the trolley pushers as one of them blocked the exit , manoeuvring his way through.


Thus finding their exit blocked, most of the marchers respected the barriers.

Once inside, one would go endlessly along its twisting paths without ever finding the exit .

Reunited with the Doctor, Ian is trying to find another exit from the cave along a narrow ledge above a chasm.

He found one near the exit where the checkout girl was just opening up and Mum wheeled her trolley into the space.


He made for the side exit , away from the man.

All he wanted to do was make his exit .

Unafraid, he plucked the heart and made his exit .

He had said so before making his exit from the Benson &038; Hedges, where he shot 82-82.

Ian Wright also had food for thought as he made a hasty exit from Arsenal's demoralised dressing room.

Instead, he picked up the questionnaire and made an abrupt exit with-out saying a word.

When it became clear that he had nothing to tell me, I made my exit in the face of dismissive politeness.

Six judges were photographed making their exits .


block sb's way/path/exit/escape etc


an emergency exit

Take the 14th Street exit and then turn right.

There are two exits at the back of the plane.


He threw his wife Sheila out of an emergency exit before leaping into the darkness after her seconds before the explosion.

He was no hero: his final exit was ignominious.

He was whisked away as his audience bolted for the exits.

I sneaked into the auditorium through the exit at the north corridor and nestled in about half way down the aisle.

Then, holding her own breath and moving stealthily on tiptoe, she began to ease her way towards the exit .

We took the Neche-Pembina exit into a truck stop.

II. verb




Before you exit from the program .

Close the document and exit the program .

Type in a few sentences and save the result, then exit your program .


But it seems Stephanopoulos, exiting quickly to Punditland, left some items behind.

But to change the text, you had to exit that mode, using a specific command, and enter edit mode.

Press F7 N Y to exit WordPerfect.

Take I-10 east, exiting south on State Route 90.

That is, in spite of revising their reservation wages upwards, they are exiting faster in the second period than in the first period.

Trying to exit the airfield after the show ended resulted in large queues of vehicles all trying to get out of one gate.

William exits fairly despondent and heads for the door.

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