Meaning of EXIT in English

exit 1

/eg"zit, ek"sit/ , n.

1. a way or passage out: Please leave the theater by the nearest exit.

2. any of the marked ramps or spurs providing egress from a highway: Take the second exit after the bridge for the downtown shopping district.

3. a going out or away; departure: to make one's exit.

4. a departure of an actor from the stage as part of the action of a play.

5. Also called exit card . Bridge. a card that enables a player to relinquish the lead when having it is a disadvantage.


6. to go out; leave.

7. Bridge. to play an exit card.


8. to leave; depart from: Sign out before you exit the building.

[ 1580-90; partly exitus act or means of going out, equiv. to exi-, var. s. of exire to go out ( ex- EX- 1 + ire to go) + -tus suffix of v. action; partly n., v. use of EXIT 2 ]

exit 2

/eg"zit, ek"sit/ , v.i.

(he or she) goes offstage (used as a stage direction, often preceding the name of the character): Exit Falstaff.

[ 1530-40; ex ( i ) it lit., (he) goes out, 3rd sing. pres. of exire; see EXIT 1 ]

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