Meaning of EXPERIMENTAL in English



experimental data (= resulting from experiments )

the analysis of experimental data




The genre is wider and more experimental and now has the element of pastiche.

In fact, it offers more experimental menu items and store formats than any of its competitors.



Luckily they chose experimental animals which happened to include a species sensitive to one of the new agents under trial.

It is more fibrin-selective than human t-PA in experimental animal models but has not yet been tested in man.

Two of the commonest experimental animals , and the examples are typical.

Data on experimental animals show that it may be the long term consequence of glomerular haemodynamic abnormalities induced by long term hyperglycaemia.

Mice must be obtained from breeding or supplying establishments designated under the Act and the experimental animal facilities must also be designated.

In summary, several approaches have produced engineered plasminogen activators with an increased thrombolytic potency in experimental animal models.

They could be continued on the basis of efficacy studies in experimental animals and existing data in humans.


Those involved in the experimental approach to athletics showed little interest in boosting performance.

Attempts have certainly been made to test the intuitive mythologies of Freudian theory by other experimental approaches .

The experimental approach to the study of heredity led to the creation of the new science of genetics.

The former strategy is the traditional experimental approach , the latter is the computational approach.


Third, Tempo 30 would be introduced throughout the experimental area , with only minor exceptions.

Evaluating the Buxtehude strategy An evaluation of the Buxtehude experimental area is relatively straight forward.


On an experimental basis at least, Hall argued the effectiveness of liberalization within a few inner-city sites should be explored.

Often, special pilot projects can be designed on an experimental basis .


Is the standard unified model the only possible explanation of the experimental data it so well describes?

This feature is present in the standard unified model, so it is not surprising that the experimental data are satisfied.

As agreement between calculated and experimental I-V spectra is good, this method is clearly viable for the analysis of experimental data .

Each experimental data point in Figures 1 and 2 is the average of three experiments in three identical model biles.

Data sets precluded from analysis are well documented, but the great bulk of typical experimental data will be handled.

In nylon he found the Voigt average to be closest to experimental data .

In some places, however, there is insufficient discussion of large amounts of experimental data .


Essentially, the classic experimental design involves controlling all factors extraneous to the hypothesis of interest in order that this can be tested.

This at once gave me the idea for the experimental design I wanted.

The empirical literature is carefully reviewed, with an emphasis on the evaluation of field methods, data analysis and experimental design .

If they fail to agree, it is necessary to decide where some one has gone wrong, in experimental design or theory-making.

Feminist psychology's combinatory approach has been applied to experimental design as well.

With this experimental design both rapid repair of non-haemorrhagical lesions and any repair of haemorrhagical erosions could be studied.

It acknowledges the lack of control groups and neat experimental designs and works with perceived values of change.

Studying the body clock for extended periods of time Consider the following experimental design for a volunteer studied on his own.


The disobedient youth has been injected with an experimental drug , though of course his tactile sensations aren't blunted.

After two years of being on experimental drugs for her epilepsy, Harlan got on Medicare via Social Security disability.

For the time being however, interferon remains very much an experimental drug whose full clinical value has yet to be determined.

In the second act, the specialist treating Selma puts her on an experimental drug that returns her to her old self.

Few recently infected people have received the experimental drug mixes, Volberding said.


Throughout the book, theoretical concepts and experimental evidence are integrated.

However, some suggestive experimental evidence is now available.

Though the theory was many years ahead of its time it was almost wholly guesswork and rested on no satisfactory contemporary experimental evidence .

However there is now an enormous amount of experimental evidence in favour of it.

They are predicted by theoretical physics, and there is good experimental evidence in favour of their existence.

Further, no firm experimental evidence shows that these drugs diminish regional cerebral blood flow in migraineurs.

Conversely, the fact that we are able to predict events is experimental evidence against singularities and for the no-boundary proposal.

Scientists therefore require experimental evidence to test between causes and correlations.


There are experimental findings to suggest that Wagner's theory needs to be modified in this respect.

It was not until the 1880s that there were consistent experimental findings to support localization.

Some teachers will believe so, particularly since it seems to be well founded on experimental findings .

That is, to explain the experimental findings in terms of the subjects' account of the experimental rather than causal processes.


Protocol 2 studied the phenomenon of adaptive cytoprotection in response to mild irritation of the duodenal mucosa in the three experimental groups .

A major problem is how to make the comparison groups as similar to the experimental group as possible.

Protocol 3 studied the effects of indomethacin pretreatment on adaptive cytoprotection in the three experimental groups .

Differences are computed, and the program is deemed a success if the experimental group has improved more than the control group.

So, in our example, it would be the experimental group which was exposed to the new teaching style.

Sometimes the whole experimental group is matched with a similar group at the start of the program.

The classic experiment requires both a control and an experimental group to which subjects are randomly allocated.

There is an experimental group and a control group with a before and after set of observations. 2.


The automatic recognition of word meanings has been demonstrated in a number of experimental investigations .

Our knowledge about this comes primarily from experimental investigations .

His call for a new spirit of experimental investigation was later codified and converted into a more concrete programme by Francis Bacon.

The human brain was very inaccessible to any sort of experimental investigation .

To relate these variable quantities to molecular processes is the purpose of many theoretical and experimental investigations .

After a complete theoretical and experimental investigation in the Cambridge University Engineering Department.

Homoeopathy is based on the observations which resulted from a number of studies and on further experimental investigations derived from these.


We consider experimental method further in Chapters 15 and 16.

Commitment of experimental method is in itself entirely commendable.

You should, however, remember them when considering the experimental method .

Robbins moved to Memphis last year and has used the experimental method on 24 patients there since July.

Anyway, you can't dismiss the experimental method just because some irrational people choose not to put the findings into practice.

In its place, realism posited a predictive science of law rooted in the experimental methods of social science.

That is one of the strengths of the experimental method .

The response depends critically on the particular experimental method used to provoke it.


At the moment he is doing mathematical modelling with the aim of building an experimental model of a solar-powered desalination plant.

Steroids inhibit the synthesis of all the eicosanoids; they reduce late radiation induced fibrosis in experimental models .

Thus, there are both in vivo and in vitro experimental models of focal epilepsy.

It only seems to include the experimental model drawn from the natural sciences.

Firstly an experimental model was probably made in his workshop.

The relative complexity of gastric crypt anatomy compared with colorectal mucosa has discouraged its use as an experimental model in proliferation research.


How would you conduct a survey to investigate any change of opinion during the experimental period ? 3.

Why on earth they should subject the whole world to an experimental period for some of the laws is beyond me.

Finally, none of the accommodation problems proved too serious during the experimental period .


Not uncommonly there have been problems in replicating both experimental procedures and the results claimed for them.

At one extreme lie true experimental procedures , which demand a high degree of control over possible confounding factors.

Two further mandatory modules are taken, covering mathematics and experimental procedures .


It aims to disseminate information on the principles of mental health, promote research and aid experimental projects in the field.

Again a series of experimental projects was set up in order to evaluate the effect of the measure on traffic safety.


Of this argument Max Hammerton, an experimental psychologist , is a good recent example.


The first-year course provides students with an introduction to the main areas of contemporary experimental psychology .

The board approved doctorate degrees in communications and experimental psychology at North Dakota State University.

There are the facilities here, in the experimental psychology faculty.

Rivers played a fundamental role in the establishment of both experimental psychology and social anthropology as academic disciplines in Great Britain.

This departure from the rigid procedures of experimental psychology sets up a radical challenge to the conventional discipline.

In consequence, the sciences of animal behaviour and experimental psychology were founded by men deeply hostile to anthropomorphic explanations.

Professor Gregory is distinguished for his studies in experimental psychology , most notably in visual perception and the nature of visual illusions.


But perhaps it reveals more of the inherent uncertainty of experimental research than the tidiness which precedes it.

The terrible twos seem to involve a systematic exploration of that idea, like an experimental research programme.

An experimental research project is undertaken in the seventh term, usually at the students place of employment.


In theoretical physics, the search for logical self-consistency has always been more important in making advances than experimental results .

Significant figures in an experimental result are those figures known to be valid.

The experimental results that encouraged the financiers to support a rotor ship were truly spectacular.

These theoretical discussions are consistent with recent experimental results that are also summarized in section 9. 3.

Snow was involved in a whiff of controversy about some experimental results obtained in the 1930s.

This conclusion is based on the experimental results obtained with hexamethonium and lidocaine.

Abinitio calculations and computer analysis have been extensively used to demonstrate acceptable correlations between theoretical and experimental results .

At least, that was how the scientists interpreted their experimental results .


Only a minority of pupils take part in high quality experimental science-which is often completely ignored until they are 14.

There were no liberal arts, no research, no experimental sciences .

But this is making demands which are wildly at variance with the methodology and history of the experimental sciences .

Every experimental science simplifies the conditions under which it works, particularly in the early stages of an investigation.


There is also a need for comparison studies to see what differences there are between the experimental situation and the classroom.

Sadly, the experimental situation is much more patchy.

The effectiveness of the micro in simulating experiments hinges on the children's accepting the analogy with the true experimental situation .

This is an expectation which may well have been frustrated in the experimental situation .

This leaves the experimental situation at a certain disadvantage.

In an experimental situation some of these variables could be controlled, and average search times could be computed for different systems.


But he was still at an experimental stage of his thinking, and this enabled his political opportunism to come into play.

Is it still in the experimental stage ? &038;.

It is still at an experimental stage and has not yet been implemented country-wide.


The experimental study of heredity led Bateson to breeding studies and soon to the newly rediscovered laws of Mendelian heredity.

The use of light isotopes in a fusion reactor has been under experimental study since the 1950s.

Although many experimental studies have been carried out since then, this remains the clearest and best-known work.

Moreover, one experimental study showed increased tumour formation with dietary calcium.

If the materials are properly prepared and used, the procedure can have all the advantages of an experimental study .

Using both experimental studies and computer simulation, existing theories of face recognition and learning in general will be evaluated and developed.

An experimental study from Plymouth reported a 23% reduction in general practitioner referrals after local guidelines were distributed.

An experimental study of children's behaviour outlines a possible answer.


These 12 made the main experimental subjects .

In a sense, experimental subjects are only partially real people.

The people in her charge are pupils and not experimental subjects .


Traditionally, psychologists go about assessing children's capabilities by using some standardized experimental task .

FIG. 3 Comparisons of experimental tasks .

However, another way of explaining this effect is to ask the subjects how they performed the experimental task .

In the second experimental task , rhyming judgements were made.


As this is the case, part of the research will examine various experimental techniques used previously in studies on word recognition.

Empiricism is principally the use of replicable experimental techniques , applied to texts.

They provide expertise across a wide range of topics while allowing the students to contribute to the year-to-year developments in experimental techniques .

The experimental technique used for the determination of enthalpy is calorimetry.

The research uses two experimental techniques for producing natural dialogue.

The development of new experimental techniques has been spectacular.

On the other hand, the experiments in which particular routes to chaos have been identified required very precise experimental techniques .


Decisions to retain or reject an hypothesis are fairly straightforwardly determined by the results of experimental tests .

With this sleeping beauty, the prince is the experimental test .

Theories that fail to stand up to observational and experimental tests must be eliminated and replaced by further speculative conjectures.

The prospects for experimental tests of the dynamical transition paradigm seem particularly promising in the case of focal epilepsy.

This story tramples traditional disciplinary boundaries and exposes time-honored philosophical principles to direct experimental tests .


Gross injury was evaluated by an observer unaware of the experimental treatment .

History-events may occur in addition to the experimental treatment and thus provide alternate explanations of effects.

This debate in public is about Parkinson's disease and a particular experimental treatment .

In effect, no two children ever receive the same experimental treatment .

He has just emerged from four months of experimental treatment for skin cancer with assurances of remission.

However, the panel rejected several proposals pushed by consumer advocates, including coverage of experimental treatments .


Of course such features are never totally absent in experimental work .

He was most concerned that philosophical solutions to problems could not be verified with out experimental work .

It was, however, the dominant theory driving some of the earlier experimental work on arousal and memory.

Systematic combinatorial methods are used in their reasoning and in their experimental work .

The cell migration cycle is based on experimental work in animal studies as well as in human studies of oral vaccination.

First, in his experimental work he has achieved performances that match existing systems.

The laboratory integrates experimental work from basic science courses especially physiology, biochemistry, and pharmacology.


experimental research

an experimental drug

an experimental theater group


A few of the drugs are experimental and not covered by insurance companies.

Casaubon was not alone in his criticisms of the new experimental philosophy for its atheistical tendencies.

If his earlier experimental albums were met with disdain by his core audience, this one appalled them.

Often, special pilot projects can be designed on an experimental basis.

Our knowledge about this comes primarily from experimental investigations.

The board approved doctorate degrees in communications and experimental psychology at North Dakota State University.

This can be established by programs in which the actual experimental apparatus is linked to a computer simulation.

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