Meaning of EXTENDED in English



extended family

sb's extended family (= including not only parents and children, but also grandparents, aunts etc )

She gets a lot of help from her extended family.




A more extended example can be provided by the notion of alienation.

Ethnicity is given more extended treatment in the following chapters.

We will return to this problem of spacing in the following section, with a more extended discussion on consonance and dissonance.



The draft union treaty, after an extended discussion , was finally published in the central press in November 1990.

An extended discussion of this kind of social analysis is in Chapters 5 and 6.

We will return to this problem of spacing in the following section, with a more extended discussion on consonance and dissonance.


No chance, they'd brought their bureaucratically extended families to stay.

Different cultures have different attitudes to such obligations; for some it is merely an extension of an already extended family .

And we can no longer rely on the extended family being dose at hand.

The extended family of the Schlesingers kept in touch over the years.

It was the typical extended family time with grandmother and other visiting relatives.

Family life today is likely to be affected by the extended family.

Members of Dorrance's extended family have indeed disagreed in public over whether or not the company should be sold.

Extended families seldom live together in Britain, but the interaction between members of the extended family is likely to be important.


He removed the glasses on reaching the tarmac and he shook the Chief of Protocol's extended hand .

An underside view of the extended hand of a bat showing the webbed fingers which make flight possible.

Ybreska's extended hands embraced only empty air as Kirov moved back out of his reach, but it didn't matter.

Graham rose to his feet and shook Laidlaw's extended hand .


If you have a 286 or 386 then you have to find a way of converting the natural extended memory to expanded.

EMM386 emulates expanded memory , and smartdrv will run much faster in physical extended memory than it will in emulated expanded memory.

Operating under Windows 3.0, LabQuest utilises the extended memory capability, multi-tasking and networking features of this graphic interface system.

It will need a third-party memory manager to take advantage of expanded or extended memory.


After an extended period of neglect the decorative arts in Rome are about to have new homes.

It was noted above that for an extended period of our history crime was actually falling.

Pulse arrival times have been recorded by Taylor and his colleagues over extended periods during the last 15 years.

The company applies its techniques through workshops or residencies over extended periods of time in hospitals, community centres of special schools.

Studying the body clock for extended periods of time Consider the following experimental design for a volunteer studied on his own.

The intention is that over extended periods of time equivalent machines receive an equivalent amount of resource.

Each section is relatively short, the idea being to avoid extended periods of continuous reading from the screen.

Miller observed that penal institutions' can not sustain their decency over an extended period of time.


But the suicide letter also keeps a foot in the abstract world, the world of metaphysics in my extended sense.

Description and decision are delayed until an extended visual search is completed.

It is not suitable for extended use beyond three years, without modification and revision.

Peake was not interested in a permanent move and Pool did not pursue the idea of an extended loan.

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