Meaning of EXTENDED in English


Etymology: Middle English, from past participle of extenden


a. : drawn out in length

an extended meandering river

especially in length of time

their extended residence in England

an extended visit

: lengthy

an extended tale

: prolonged, protracted

b. of a letter or typeface : having a face considerably wider than that of a typeface not so characterized — compare condensed , expanded


a. : fully stretched out

his extended limbs raised in an attitude of prayer

: widely spread out

an extended battle line

b. : stretched forth : held out

refusing to accept her extended hand

c. of a horse's stride : full

an extended gallop

— compare collected 3

d. : intensive

the groundwork is laid for more extended efforts — Dorothy Barclay

an extended course in college mathematics

3. : having the property of extension : having spatial magnitude

extended substances

4. : extensive: as

a. : having great area

extended farm lands

: widespread , far-flung

an extended empire

b. : having a wide range : greatly diversified : of great scope

an extended vocabulary

a word with extended meanings

: notable in extent

surgeons who have had extended experience — Morris Fishbein

c. : enlarged , amplified : more complete, comprehensive, or detailed

lectures that were later brought out in extended book form

• ex·tend·ed·ly adverb

• ex·tend·ed·ness noun -es

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