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extension lead




South Cave school was opened in 1967, further extensions including a sports hall were completed in 1978.

But the new function as a syllabic symbol received a further extension .

In this case a possible further extension beyond the horizon would present no problems.

After every second teaching unit there is further revision and extension .

There were further extensions of Soviet influence during the 1970s and 1980s.

Between 1818 and 1821, the mill's large southern extension was built, with further extensions completed prior to 1827.

The two opposition members of parliament were firmly opposed to what they saw as a further extension of government power.

There will always be some further extension or growth of democracy to be undertaken.


He was, rather, a natural driver, for whom the wheel seemed a logical extension of his hands.

Although dangerous, then, as a doctrine in practice, the admission of nodding is a logical extension of principle.

So while wireless data services may be fairly new, they appear to be logical extensions to existing and trusted services.

Thus team appraisal is a logical extension of the individual appraisal Interview.

One need not be a Nobel Prize economist to divine the logical extension of that trend.

Family history and the history of the local community offer logical extensions of this process.

So much modern merchandise is themed with bestselling books that it makes a logical extension to the stock profile.


Cloning cattle of proven performance seems the natural extension of these techniques.

What a natural extension it would be to take Brady to visit historical sites related to those dolls and their historical eras!

These companies had traditional links with the railways and their raisond'être had been that they were a natural extension of the business.

Automated sample-return missions are a natural extension of this category.

A natural extension of the two approaches is to combine them and test both predictions at the same time.

It seemed a natural extension of his arm.

A bog garden is a natural extension of a pool in which moisture loving plants can be grown.

To Richard Gough local history seemed a natural extension of family history.


The Library's collection of about 250,000 cuttings will be moved into a purpose-built room within the new extension .

However, research teams are so pleased with the results of science experiments that they asked managers for a new two-day extension .

They dug it up when they was making the trench for the pipes to the new vehicle examination extension .

But with the two new extensions built we were able to work more comfortably with carpeted classrooms.

I found the wretched machine later, in the new extension .

Both institutions claim to be under severe strain - although both are also busy planning new extensions .

The new extension at Lyles will be built in the gap between the two existing factory units.


Local consultation on the road which would be dual carriageway, with a possible extension is due to end next week.

In this case a possible further extension beyond the horizon would present no problems.

They have further suggested two possible extensions which will be described in the next section.

This concession will be granted for an initial period of five years with possible extension after that.

This route has been earmarked for a possible future extension of the Midland Metro light rail transit system.

In addition, he has suggested some possible extensions for the non-unique region beyond the horizon including one that is time symmetric.

In addition, on some manors, the liberal application of marl made possible an extension of the area under wheat.



Schilling signed a $ 15. 45 million, three-year contract extension with the Philadelphia Phillies in April.

Michigan's contract extension would have been worth between $ 22 million and $ 26 million over six years, sources said.

Paup had wanted to sign a contract extension with Green Bay during the 1994 season, but the Packers never approached him.

He and Jeff Bagwell have contract extensions that likely mean they will end their careers with the Astros.

Miami is offering a big contract extension to keep him from leaving campus.

The contract extensions of the 1997 flood employees would be a good place to start.

The contract extension really is two decisions in one.


The pictures are gone off the walls-a kettle on a long extension lead is on the bare table behind.

I bought an extension lead for the aerial point.

The socket of course was out of reach, but again the case provided an extension lead .

You ask for an extension lead .

Connection to the electricity supply should be via a weatherproof cable connector to the extension lead .

A very short length of cable is supplied with the machine, and this proved annoying unless an extension lead was used.



They added extensions , steam power and large loom sheds.


He has promised that he will build an extension if given money.

Otherwise they may be confronted with a partially built , inoperable extension and serious deterioration in the existing service.

Second, it can't support applications such as Video for Windows that build their own extensions to the Windows application binary interface.

They hope to demolish the store and build a bar extension , behind the main stand, in its place.

After six months we decided to build a 12×12' study extension .

Between 1818 and 1821, the mill's large southern extension was built , with further extensions completed prior to 1827.

If you build an extension , a soakaway will often be required.


Enhancements to the new release enhancements include Posix 1003.4 real-time extensions , which enable users to execute Ada code in Unix environments.

Despite complete protection, including the extension of predator control beyond the boundaries of their reservation, the heath hens never recovered.

It includes an extension of the no-go areas around Shetland.

Future developments include a multi-media extension called Mime.

Other measures can include chicanes, pavement extensions and road narrowings.


This provides an analytic extension beyond the Cauchy horizon which is another part of Kerr space-time.

The socket of course was out of reach, but again the case provided an extension lead.

We had asked for the additional cost of providing an extension of the present service to the Cuiken area of Penicuik.

They can provide extension services for farmers and invest in industries to process agricultural products.


"I've been having some problems getting extension ," Clark said about his elbow.

an extension course

Hello, I'd like extension 2807, please.

Professor Lohman gave me a one-week extension on my paper.

the extension of credit to newer customers

The city is building an extension to the subway line.

You'll find the Picasso collection in the extension to the museum.


A parser is an extension of a recogniser which assigns grammatical structure to the input.

It is just an extension of on-the-road campaigning.

Some 24, 000 more tickets will be made available by phone or in person for the three-day extension .

The extension to Inch Abbey has been approved completely but only part of the Ballyduggan extension has received approval.

The system will also support message passing models such as parallel virtual machine and the high performance Fortran extensions of Fortran 90.

The twelve sales units in the London office were merely extensions of the New York parent operations.

Two of the 16-bit slots have local bus extensions.

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