Meaning of FACING in English



be awaiting/facing trial

Its managing director is awaiting trial on corruption charges.

facing famine

A million people are facing famine .

facing/looking/spreading etc outwards

Stand with your elbows pointing outwards.

the opposite/facing page

See the diagram on the opposite page.




The recipes on the facing page give a few ideas for cooking with these fruit.

The photograph on the facing page shows a pair of pictures, illustrating two curved designs bending round towards each other.

Here refers either to an imaginary situation or to the picture on the facing page , which shows Pooh coming downstairs.

The photograph on the facing page shows various ways in which miniatures can be grouped together to make an effective display.

Over 70 paintings from the last five years are included, each with some comments by the artist on the facing page .

The photograph on the facing page shows two new designs - a heart shape and a diamond.

For details, see the facing page .


For homeowners who do not have a south facing garden, there are other equally favourable aspects for the siting of conservatories.

However a south facing conservatory will become stiflingly hot if not properly ventilated.

The junior suits have separate sleeping and living areas and a south facing balcony.


But it illustrates the challenge facing sport generally: where do the resources come from?

It would have been everything just to keep her steady, facing that way, just to stay afloat.

Summary: A long, north facing wall of variable quality limestone.

The concrete block shell was in place by early 1992 ready for the 25-week facing brickwork stage to begin.

The recipes on the facing page give a few ideas for cooking with these fruit.

There was growing concern over an estimated 780,000 people facing starvation in central and southern areas.

There was, however, a very practical reason for the facing of the galleries in these directions.

They followed Dieter through the ornate entrance and into a large cool room with an enormous stone fireplace facing the door.

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