Meaning of FACILITY in English




care services/facilities

How much money is spent on health care services?

childcare facilities

I think more women would work if there were better childcare facilities .

conference facilities

The hotel has conference facilities for 100 people.

cooking facilities (= somewhere to cook, with the equipment you need )

The apartment has one bedroom and a sitting-room with cooking facilities.

cooking facilities (= there is cooking equipment in the rooms )

The rooms all have cooking facilities .

correctional facility/institution/centre (= a prison )

credit facilities (= the opportunity to buy something on credit )

Credit facilities are available if you are over 18.

day care centre/services/facilities

subsidized day care facilities

disposal facilities

There are inadequate disposal facilities for toxic waste.

leisure facilities (= different places where you can play sports etc )

The leisure facilities in the town are very good.

overdraft facility (= agreement with their bank to have an overdraft up to a particular limit )

Many students have a free overdraft facility .

production costs/facilities/processes etc

high-tech production methods

recreation facilities (= places or equipment for people to use to enjoy themselves )

the provision of recreation facilities

residential treatment facility

sanitary facilities (= toilets )

a prison with no proper sanitary facilities

sports facilities

All our holiday camps have wonderful sports facilities.

toilet facilities

Toilet facilities are available at the bus station.

up-to-date equipment/facilities/technology etc

up-to-date kitchen equipment




There are also excellent facilities for the technicians in their own purpose built workshop.

Saalbach is the larger of the two, but both have excellent facilities to offer.

The island has 24 roomy bungalows scattered about the beachfront, each with a wide verandah and excellent facilities .

It's a lovely place with excellent facilities .

Tennis: Hard clay courts are available throughout the town, and excellent facilities on the edge of the resort.

Thee are excellent facilities for children, with a kindergarten and a kid's playground in the Kurpark.

These excellent facilities are used by the University sports clubs for practice and for matches in the local leagues.


Adult educators in all sectors have attempted to make access to existing facilities easier; and/or special programmes have been developed.

In practice these allocations reflected the scale of existing facilities and their resident populations.

Investment to both upgrade existing facilities and extend our range of services has therefore been made to strengthen our position.

All rural settlements in the areas were classified according to their size, existing facilities and the scope for further development.

The irony being, of course, that climbing on the new wall would be considerably safer than soloing on the existing facilities .

For a few years the child population remained at pre-war size and existing facilities could match demand.

They feel that these systems are expensive and unnecessary, especially since they undermine firms' existing facilities for small orders.

It is currently committed to a multi-million pound improvement programme involving new plant and upgrading existing facilities .


Tom had been keen to take advantage of the medical facilities at Wiesbaden, if only to get his teeth sorted out.

Measure O backers say the university-financed roadway improvements are necessary to improve traffic flow, including emergency trips to Stanford medical facilities .

Because she has mild heart disease, she may serve her whole sentence in the medical facility .

In addition, airlines may ask for phone numbers of a doctor, medical facility or funeral director who can confirm facts.

As a result, many women conceive at the time most convenient to their lives and seek satisfactory rather than ideal medical facilities .

All medical facilities have been heavily concentrated in the capital city.

County General had once been a flourishing medical facility , designed to serve the entire Santa Teresa community.


The estimates do not include the cost of dismantling nuclear weapons and military nuclear facilities .

Neither state offers women a separate-but-equal military educational facility .

The United States retained its extensive military facilities but agreed to remove its nuclear weapons from the island.


According to the Charlotte Observer, 92 professional sports teams have built or planned new facilities since 1985.

Fund raising and development of new academy facilities will likely command the attention of her successor.

Work on the project will start shortly and the company expects to start production at the new facility early next year.

The team will practice for the first time in its new downtown Oakland facility on Thursday afternoon.

Start-up of production from the new facility is expected in October.

Southeastern hospitals generally have higher credit ratings than those in other regions, because they have newer facilities and lower costs.

This has increased the demand for new facilities , but the supply of teams remains limited.

Deductions for capital investments in new equipment and facilities would be immediate, instead of spread out over time.


Existing nuclear storage facilities are either full to overflowing or close to it.

The only effective countermeasure to such activities is international inspection of all the nuclear facilities on Earth.

She added that the party would not approve the construction of nuclear waste disposal facilities .

Despite that, the experts said security at nuclear facilities there is weak and there are few controls at national borders.

There was also fierce local opposition in June to plans to build the world's largest nuclear waste facility near Krasnoyarsk.

The closure of some of Britain's nuclear facilities means the equipment isn't needed here any more.

It has reiterated demands for the closure of all ex-Soviet nuclear facilities .

The estimates do not include the cost of dismantling nuclear weapons and military nuclear facilities .


Otherwise it will rob other facilities - or grants.

The sheltered housing is close to local amenities to allow residents easy access to shops and other facilities .

It was further recommended that Okinawa be retained and that whatever was needed by way of other facilities should be obtained in the Ryukyus.

The annual fee includes the subscription for student unions, athletic clubs, and other facilities .

Plans for the centre include two department stores, an open-air market, a 1,100-space car park and other stores and facilities .

Air traffic control and other facilities could be shared, Coun Mike Hughes, chairman of Warrington's planning committee, said.

Such families would therefore have no legitimate claim to nursery provisions and other facilities .

When combined with the other facilities in ARC/INFO, quite complex disaster management scenarios can be handled.


Supplements per person per night: No supplement in single rooms without private facilities .

All staterooms are outside with large picture windows and private bathroom facilities .

Single room with private facilities £3.50.

All bedrooms in the hotel are of a high standard with private facilities , television, telephone &038; minibar.

Rooms all have private facilities , and balconies with superb views.

All the bedrooms have private facilities and a balcony.

Single rooms have private facilities accessed via the balcony.

It has rooms with private facilities and balconies.


The losers were Liverpool citizens who continued to be denied access to a public facility .

Communities are overcrowded, with public facilities more often aimed at impersonal masses rather than stimulating intimate interaction.

Hotel Amenities Please refer to page 154 for a guide to the bedroom amenities and public facilities of the hotels featured here.

The public facilities authority raises capital by issuing taxable bonds to investors, whose money pays to renovate the stadium.

Miquel Tàpies points out that the Fundació's impressive library is actually Barcelona's only public specialist art facility of its kind.

The city government throbbed with nepotism, malfeasance and awesome abuse of public money and facilities .

The sports hall of a public sector facility is used more for aerobics classes than was the case ten years ago.

Typically, developers build new public facilities and incorporate their cost in the base price of their homes.


Middlesex sought to prevent urban development, with the secondary purpose of preserving amenity and providing recreational facilities .

Collie recently returned with the opinion that the county can conduct a referendum in November for recreational facilities .

In its 10-year history, the London Marathon has made grants of almost £900,000 for recreational facilities in the capital.

Eckels said that baseball and football stadiums could be considered recreational facilities , therefore an election could be conducted in November.

With only very limited recreational facilities available on the camp, the gym is popular.

When completed, the center will be the largest recreational facility in Los Angeles, at more than 80,000 square feet.

In addition, environmental standards have improved - sometimes dramatically - and leisure and recreational facilities have been substantially enhanced.

Local government agencies that provide libraries and parks and recreational facilities still work, to a degree.


Out of 174 local authorities, 97 or over half had no residential care facilities for children and 24 had no arrangements at all.

They are housed in small community-based residential facilities .

If local authorities do seek to improve their residential care facilities , what form might this take?

A residential facility will remain at the Countess of Chester Hospital for people requiring in-patient treatment.

There are currently an estimated 45 day-centres in Flanders, many of which are linked to residential facilities .

Twenty-four track, residential facility just over an hour's drive from Dublin.


Unless Oxendown had certain special facilities , something not easily transferred ... He would like to take a look at Oxendown House.

It may be worth paying a bit extra for luxuries such as a personal service or a special lending facility .

Provisions for cyclists will therefore require both the use of existing transport infrastructure and special facilities for cyclists.

If you are taking small children, lots of operators now offer special creche facilities .

Develop special care facilities for people with dementia in residential and nursing homes and day centres.

It offers special education facilities for children who are maladjusted, usually those referred by the child guidance clinics.

In stepped pupils from Ysgol ap Iwan, Abergele, who used special facilities available at the school to do the job.

Are there any places you want to praise for their special facilities ?



Day care facilities for the mentally handicapped include what used to be known as adult training centres.

We re licensed as an acute care facility .

Out of 174 local authorities, 97 or over half had no residential care facilities for children and 24 had no arrangements at all.

With this merger, there are concerns about what happens to the workers in these health care facilities .

Full day care facilities are available on request.

About 1 in 4 were in nursing and personal care facilities or offices and clinics of physicians.

Meanwhile, however, the lack of adequate community care facilities has led to a campaign to save the old mental hospitals.

There are no health care facilities . 7.


The Act requires childcare facilities to be registered to ensure that standards are maintained throughout the country.

Another frequent response is that additional, affordable childcare facilities are required.

How much does it cost an employer to provide childcare facilities and what is the cheapest option?

The University Childcare Officer is also able to provide information about other childcare facilities in the local area.

Employers who do not offer career breaks and childcare facilities may find themselves passed over in favour of employers who do.

Women entering the workforce, poor childcare facilities , marrying too late, all are blamed.


We carried out a survey to determine how buyers of conference facilities selected venues.

Licensed bar, restaurant and café. Conference facilities for 60 persons.

Accessibility 144 points 2. Conference facilities 149 points 3.

The results were as follows: 1. Conference facilities 152 points 2.

With conference facilities to cater up to 300 people.

Of the local hotels 11 have conference facilities .

It will also provide additional conference facilities which have become so important to College income.

It is a two storey structure which contains conference facilities and computer facilities for the University as a whole.


The method of creating a bill is for the customer to arrange an acceptance credit facility with his bankers.

The credit facilities replace a secured, two-year credit agreement totaling $ 170 million and set to mature Jan. 31.

It follows also that it is not credit-broking merely to advertise credit facilities or even carry application forms.

Armco Inc. said it completed two new credit facilities totaling $ 170 million.

Buyers' abuse of their credit facilities .

Accordingly, such a hire-purchase agreement could not be called credit facilities .

Important Credit facilities should only be reinstated once you are reasonably sure there will be no more problems with getting paid.

The Boards also aimed to expand sales through the provision of hire and credit facilities .


Conclusions Hotel leisure facilities have been shown to be a worthwhile investment in that they can: 1.

Parks, moreover, can provide significant leisure facilities - and revenue - in their own right.

The club is a discount scheme to be operated in all the district council's leisure facilities from April.

One session will look at the role of cities as major providers of huge new leisure facilities and sporting venues.

It is well provided with leisure facilities for sports and arts.

Fourthly, a successful terminal at Stratford would inevitably and inexorably encroach on the Lea Valley regional park and reduce leisure facilities .

Projects in the pipeline include office buildings, leisure facilities and a chain of hamburger bars.

The developers now need social facilities and infrastructure, such as schools, open space and leisure facilities to support their own schemes.


All rooms have central heating, colour television, tea/coffee making facilities , en suite or private shower.

All rooms have colour TV/tea/coffee making facilities .


Rabo owns an independent facilities management firm, Facet, which will run the network should it win the bid.

Hanson has more than 20 years of military and civilian airport operations, maintenance, program and facilities management experience.

The restructured firm consists of three operating divisions; defence; facilities management; and I-Linie manufacturing management applications for mainframes.

Browne's definition of facilities management is the management, by a third party, of an organisation's information technology infrastructure.

The facilities management operator will confirm that jobs have been run according to the schedule in the Weekly Service Report.

Plus various elements of facilities management-particularly if it is outsourced-and lifetime construction services generally.

Income from facilities management grew 8.8% to £59.7m, making up 14.5% of the total.

While turnover from services increased by 36%, the fastest growing area was managed services, such as facilities management .


We also provide interest free overdraft facilities in the first year of study.

As the overdraft facility is used, however, two things begin to happen simultaneously.

The company had agreed an overdraft facility with the bank that by December 1986 had been raised to £40,000.

When the overdraft facility is fully used, the composition of assets will have changed.

Mr. Tucker agreed to allow an overdraft facility of £60,000 for one month.

You may want a permanent overdraft facility .

But remember that this change in the composition of assets came about because the borrower used his overdraft facility .

We can offer current accounts with overdraft facilities and deposit and loan accounts in any major international currency.


Merrydown has bumped up production facilities to cope with the expected demand.

The locations range from former weapons production facilities to fuel tanks to federal landfills.

But a major part of the work is the creation of production facilities to treble capacity to around 10,000 cars a year.

The business has made substantial progress in terms of integrating production facilities , warehousing and administration.

Further expansion of the production facilities has recently taken place.


Britain even lagged behind the United States in the provision of industrial recreation facilities .

But they also use many city services, from the Community Center to Tucson parks and recreation facilities .

Most recreation facilities like swimming pools and sports halls are under their control.

They have begun to offer their customers choices-of schools, of recreation facilities , even of police services.

They can also help to make exercise opportunities available to their elderly clients by encouraging local recreation facilities to provide special classes.

Street improvements and improvements in park and recreation facilities were widespread among the neighborhoods phased in by the second-year stage.

Is social development any more than the provision of village halls and recreation facilities ?


Connolly likes the manager's size and research facilities , which help it to make better investment decisions.

After the war, the site became a physical rehabilitation center and research facility .

I asked for certain research facilities and I got them.

The second phase also provides upgraded services for 200 to 300 research facilities directly linked to this backbone.

The purpose-built research facilities can be booked on appointment by anyone wishing to carry out their own desk research.

A spokesman said the company also would add people at its research facility in Bridgewater.

Both departments involved in teaching this degree are actively engaged in palaeoenvironmental research and possess established research facilities .

The quality of teaching and research in the Faculty of Arts is underpinned by the excellent research facilities that are available.


Limited cooking and food storage facilities are, however, available in the utility rooms on each floor.

Existing nuclear storage facilities are either full to overflowing or close to it.

It also requires a terminal storage facility .

It turned out he had forgotten to inspect my fertiliser storage facilities and was very apologetic about the oversight.

To conserve your time, your energy, and gasoline, shop as infrequently as your storage facilities permit. 3.

This has several advantages: fragile items will be spared the cumulative damage resulting from repeated handling and removal from storage facilities .

Old charts were automatically retired to the storage facilities out here.


It has inadequate parking and only very limited toilet facilities .

The carrousel therefore contained the kitchen, dining, washing, and toilet facilities .

This was followed by Station facilities at Pant with its cafeteria, licensed restaurant shop and toilet facilities plus local workshops.

Public disabled toilet facilities are available at a wide variety of places within York.

Each unit has kitchen and toilet facilities , together with lighting, heating and three-compartment skirting trucking for maximum flexibility.

A system which allowed electronic unlocking of cells so that they could use shared toilet facilities seemed preferable to most.

Bullingdon will house 635 prisoners, many in single cells, all with toilet facilities , ending slopping-out.

As for toilet facilities , I have an earth closet so the lack of water does not affect that side of things.


Water treatment facilities are non-existent in the area, with chemicals such as chlorine unobtainable to stop the outbreak.

Llanos came to Washington, apparently to enter a psychiatric treatment facility for priests in Maryland.

There might be, he concedes, a few problems with small firms with inadequate or non-existent treatment facilities on site.

Likewise, growing population placed increasing demands on electric generation and water treatment facilities .

We have heat treatment facilities here that nobody else can replicate.

But unless the city met the requirement, it would have to build a $ 135 million treatment facility .

The new treatment facilities should be commissioned in late 1993.

The first priority is to provide sewage treatment facilities .



According to the Charlotte Observer, 92 professional sports teams have built or planned new facilities since 1985.

Simply repaying the bonds used to build the facility accounts for nearly 60 % of the cost of producing power there.

Expand existing facilities or build new facilities that can adequately and safely maintain a specimen bank of etiologic agents and clinical specimens.

Are you building a new skate facility ?

In fact, some day-care centers are purposely built adjacent to senior facilities to encourage the connection.

Typically, developers build new public facilities and incorporate their cost in the base price of their homes.


Some farms had in recent times improved their stock handling facilities and this had helped greatly.

Immediate priorities should include improving facilities to deal with infectious agents that require high level microbiological safety precautions. iii.

A Northallerton Town football player has been signed up to improve fitness facilities at Hambleton leisure centres.

Late in the nineteenth century some efforts were made to improve irrigation facilities in these areas, where.

It is now looking to raise a further £900,000 to improve facilities .

In addition to the afternoon's official programme, there were several extra events, all raising funds to improve facilities at the centre.

If local authorities do seek to improve their residential care facilities , what form might this take?

The clubs use the cash either to improve facilities or go on tour.


Most trains are steam hauled by one of the railway's extensive collection of tank engines and include full buffet car facilities .

Immediate priorities should include improving facilities to deal with infectious agents that require high level microbiological safety precautions. iii.

Many shopping centres include car-parking facilities .

The company also has held talks with Apple Computer about a technology sponsorship that could include kiosks at the facility .

The Altivar 28 range, for example, includes communications facilities as standard, allowing remote configuration and control.

It would also make sense for Microsoft to include network mail facilities .

Entries include information on facilities such as disabled access and interpretation services.

The price of space in the building includes use of the facility .


Here there are three beaches and a busy little town which offers every facility .

The hotel also offers huge banquet facilities and the recently opened bar, Point Moorea, sports an open kitchen as well.

Private firms must be formidably efficient to overcome these handicaps and offer facilities at the same or lower prices.

An unspecified number of employees were offered jobs at other facilities , said Witco spokesman Carl Soderlind.

If you are taking small children, lots of operators now offer special creche facilities .

Finally, some ISPs will also offer facilities to allow you to publish your own content on to the Internet.

Gillingham marina offers top grade facilities without the South Coast price tag.

Several companies offer this facility and some will even do it free of charge.


Parks, moreover, can provide significant leisure facilities - and revenue - in their own right.

But they must also provide powerful facilities to reduce the proportion of total failures and to aid demanding and persistent users.

It had been intended to provide turning facilities at the Robin Hood, but no suitable place could be found.

If this service is not available press the council and local retailers to provide facilities for recycling.

We should expect, therefore, to see employers providing exercise programmes and facilities for their staff.

How much does it cost an employer to provide childcare facilities and what is the cheapest option?

They also provide personal loan facilities and financial advice to their customers.


This saves on training facilities and teacher trainers and also helps fill the gaps in the ranks of the existing teaching force.

He sent decorators to pick out carpet and paint schemes for a new training facility in Anaheim, Calif.

Discussions between the school district and Austin Community College about sharing education and training facilities also got under way.

He is negotiating for both a summer training camp facility and a permanent office / practice facility.

Construct a new off- site practice field and training facility .

Swim Stadium will serve as a training facility for Olympic hopefuls in the 2004 and 2012 Summer Olympics.


Users are therefore encouraged to use the information available and if they need more help to use the Freephone facility .

The Hatch Act prohibits political activity by federal employees during work hours using government facilities .

The children are being invited to attend special masterclasses, using facilities not available at their own schools.

I have to use the facilities .

Guests can use all Village facilities , the pool at the Castello and two reserved tennis courts.

Anyone who wants to use the facility can use it.

There's a swimming pool and large sun terrace and guests are welcome to use the facilities of the Montanamar hotel opposite.

In particular these London-wide resources have been used to provide facilities for children with special needs in specialist day and boarding schools.


Money is being raised to build a new sports facility .

The college has excellent research facilities.

The phone is equipped with a call-back facility .


The Sport and Recreation Department offers some of the finest indoor sports facilities and outdoor playing fields in the province.

There is a vast range, and the facilities and opportunities offered by these vary considerably.

There was also fierce local opposition in June to plans to build the world's largest nuclear waste facility near Krasnoyarsk.

They are usually purpose-built, with facilities to help disabled people and are staffed by qualified people.

We will encourage more effective use of local sport and leisure facilities through compulsory competitive tendering.

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