Meaning of FACILITY in English


/ fəˈsɪləti; NAmE / noun


facilities [ pl. ] buildings, services, equipment, etc. that are provided for a particular purpose :

sports / leisure facilities

conference facilities

shopping / banking / cooking facilities

The hotel has special facilities for welcoming disabled people.

All rooms have private facilities (= a private bathroom) .


[ C ] a special feature of a machine, service, etc. that makes it possible to do sth extra :

a bank account with an overdraft facility

a facility for checking spelling


[ C ] a place, usually including buildings, used for a particular purpose or activity :

the world's largest nuclear waste facility

a new health care facility


[ sing. , U ] facility (for sth) a natural ability to learn or do sth easily :

She has a facility for languages.



early 16th cent. (denoting the means or unimpeded opportunity for doing something): from French facilité or Latin facilitas , from facilis easy, from facere do, make.

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