Meaning of FIELD in English

I. noun


a broad area/field (= including a lot of different things )

Psychobiology is a broad area covering many different topics.

a cotton field/farmer/plantation etc

Texas produced half of the US cotton crop.

a cricket field/ground/pitch (= area of ground where cricket is played )

the school cricket field

a field experiment (= one that takes place in the real world, not in a laboratory )

In field experiments, we used patients who did not know that it was a test situation.

a sports field/ground

The village has its own sports field.

an area/field of research

This is a very exciting area of research.

field a candidate (= have one of your party's members competing for election )

The Green Party decided not to field a candidate in Darlington.

field corn

field day

The newspapers had a field day when the trial finished.

field event

field glasses

field goal

field hockey

field hospital

field marshal

field officer

field questions (= answer a lot of questions )

He fielded questions from reporters about the announcement.

field sports

field test

field trip

a geography field trip

gravitational field

the Moon’s gravitational field

lead the world/market/pack/field

US companies lead the world in biotechnology.

left field

People don’t know how to react when a question like that comes at them out of left field.

magnetic field

the Earth’s magnetic field

pioneer in the field of

He was a pioneer in the field of biotechnology.

plant a field/garden/area etc (with sth)

a hillside planted with fir trees

playing field

ploughed field

a ploughed field

sb’s area/field of expertise (= the subject or activity that someone is skilled in )

a historian whose area of expertise is the Roman Empire

till the soil/land/fields etc

track and field




Both Mercury and Mars have gravitational fields too low to retain an atmosphere.

Let us return to our sphere of particles dropping in a gravitational field .

The gravitational field generated in its productive phase by the legislative cycle attracted items from several diverse sources.

Both Earth and Moon have gravitational fields that allow bodies that would have missed them without their gravitational attraction to hit them.

As the star shrank, the gravitational field at the surface would become stronger and the escape velocity would increase.

Now there was new prey for the clashing gravitational fields .

In practice instruments could not survive such a journey; they would be torn apart by the increasing gravitational field gradients.

In the Jupiter fly-by, the ship had used the gravitational field of the planet to increase her velocity.


All round the small station were green fields and rolling hills.

There were green fields as far as the eye could see.

Scattered farmhouses, sentry telephone poles, and budding green fields flanked them on each side.

Telling my story, I looked at the green fields of wheat moving in the wind.

As for the regionally-planned green field sites for development, they are usually placed near new urban centres deliberately to provide employment.

Seen from the air this looked like a good green field to land in.

It appeared to be an old two-dimensional film presentation; an old fashioned oil-driven military vehicle was speeding across a verdant green field .


He ignores information on the left even though he has no left visual field loss.

While he used more complex sentences consistently, some of them seemed to come out of left field .

Hey, here's one from left field .

Some of the griping comes out of left field .

Walk down the narrow road and cross the ladder stile on the left into a field .

Raul Mondesi stroked it crisply into left field for a single, ending the no-hitter.

Fans in Atlanta still talk about the shot Linares hit off the facade in left field in a 1993 exhibition game.

Leadoff hitter Brett Hardy, a lefty, hit a line drive to left field .


That's ... that's because chromosomes are affected by electric and magnetic fields .

Iron might not have melted and sunk to form the liquid core, and the magnetic field would never have developed.

They cooled the sample below its critical temperature so it became superconducting, then applied an increasingly strong magnetic field .

The magnetic field that led to its discovery had vanished at the moment of that radio shriek.

Weak magnetic fields have been detected in surface rocks.

This was expected to be a clue to changes in stellar magnetic fields .

It is linked to the magnetic field of the transmitted wave - not the turns of the coil.

The flow of a magnetic field is taken from magnetic north pole to magnetic south pole.


Good fishing in the Ancre - not that I ever caught anything. Open fields with some large woods and copses.

The other four factors are virtually an open field .

Before that it was simply a part of the open fields of Great Bowden, a village a mile or two away.

Within minutes, police shot a dozen tear-gas canisters into the crowd, gathered on an open field .

With air conditioned offices and a very pleasant aspect across open fields .

They all crossed the road and hurried down an open field , and then he jumped another fence.

The door is as still as the sky; is as open as fields .

The Aug. 24-Sept. 3 trek covers Cape Province wineries, private gardens, open fields and a flower show.


On this playing field , actions speak louder than words.

Other improvement measures include a playing field and recycled and painted border railings.

It would not even create a truly level playing field .

At the bottom end of the playing fields is a rocky outcrop.

The Sport and Recreation Department offers some of the finest indoor sports facilities and outdoor playing fields in the province.

I understand your contractors maintain the grass outside the neighbouring bungalows and trim the hedges round the playing field .

The windows of the Methodist Church adjoining the playing field have been broken numerous times.

There is a playing field with equipment for the younger members of the community, and a football and cricket pitch.


One kind is vivid, detailed, colorful, large, and in the center of the visual field .

Frequent measurements of visual fields and acuity are obtained to detect optic nerve damage.

You find that cells in adjacent parts of the visual cortex are activated by stimulation in adjacent parts of the visual field .

You get a visual on the field with-out having to go over everything in detail.

The two forged blocks set up a visual field where the entire space becomes a manifestation of sculpture.

Figure 10.1 shows the percentage difference in correct identification of stimuli between visual fields for each condition.

He ignores information on the left even though he has no left visual field loss.

All the women had full visual fields .



In the years between Swann and Burnage the media had in any case had a field day .

His nomination could be a field day for Democrats.

The tabloid newspapers would have a field day .

Conspiracy buffs are having a field day speculating about White House motives.

Any bacteria that may be in the food will have a field day and grow.

Well, the crackpots will have a field day with these revelations, Holmes!

Secretive sects also had a field day .

The slippery, deceptive Mr Clinton will have a field day .


On October 15, 1994, Silje was playing with them on a local football field .

At 14 stories high and three football fields in length, it is the biggest passenger ship afloat.

We don't have any factories or co-ops here in Alcala, but we've got a marvellous football field .

The area, which is the size of about 10 football fields , easily hosts thousands of visitors.

The only time he wasn't was on the football field .

He donated $ 20, 000 for construction of a fitness center at the high-school football field .

It's a bit like scoring a goal on a football field when all the other players are men.

Brad was a hero on the football field , and Annette cheered him on as a majorette.


Moreover there are indications that in this gas field a secondary fracture porosity may exist.

On the liquids front condensate is being produced at the Kapuni on-shore gas field .

No gas fields occur in the Bramsche and Vlotho Massifs, although in the past many boreholes have been drilled there.

Privatization of oil and gas fields A decision to privatize oil and gas fields was announced on Oct. 1.

The Atyrausk zone contained oil and gas fields .


I had never kicked a field goal like that in the snow.

But the taping of the ankle allows him to kick field goals and extra points.

The first three times they got inside the Saints' 20-yard line, Jeff Wilkins kicked field goals .

Their chances of getting close enough for a winning field goal with more than seven minutes remaining seemed very high.

Sure, Florida State had another late field goal sail wide right.

Wilkins kicked a 35-yard field goal .

He made 11 of 15 field goals .


Since the field officer is a loner, he controls his output to a substantial degree.

My field officers and adjutant were all dead.

Our detectives and field officers are to be debriefed Monday night by case supervisors.

Each district is policed by a field officer responsible to an area supervisor.

Henry Bergson, an experienced field officer , was assigned to be 3d Brigade night duty officer.

The field officer , after all, has the power to make a discharger spend a substantial sum of money.

These senior officers supervise the activities of the one or two assistant field officers also found in most areas.


A third appraisal of this potentially significant heavy oil field will be drilled in 1993.

For many residents of the oil fields , Pemex executives seem little different from the foreign overlords they replaced.

The resultant computer models are used in oil field development.

A slim slice of those revenues has always been cut for the communities in the oil fields , local politicians say.

Now the armed forces are working the oil fields .

The downturn in the energy industry dragged on so long that workers drifted away and oil field equipment became outdated.

He himself grew up in slums, in one-horse towns, in abandoned oil fields .


Where quantitative analysis requires mathematical and computer skills, area studies require language training and extensive field research .

Extensive field research can mean long periods living under adverse conditions to which the researcher is unaccustomed.

Moreover, funding organizations may be less inclined to support projects that envision long periods of field research .

Secondly, this list of headings conveys a quite false impression of how field research is conducted.

His contribution lay firstly in his intensive field research , quite novel by the standards of his time.

The approach to pro-active searches is well established and involves a combination of desk and field research .

What is the role of field research within the market research process? 4.

The achievement of these aims imposed certain restrictions on the methods used during this stage of the field research .


Isn't it true that the men steal from the rice fields ?

You could die dawn there with my cousin Trung, in some bloody Delta rice field .

The main area, still submerged, was contoured under water-all for rice fields that were no longer needed.

Women gathered at streams to wash clothes and gossip, and they weeded rice fields by hand.

Several species are regarded as troublesome weeds in rice fields and irrigation ditches.

Most rice fields were owned in unequal shares, and the produce was distributed accordingly when the crop was harvested.

Gandhi the rice field , Tagore the rose garden.


Government ministers rely on the conclusions from the Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment prior to the field trials .

The organisation planned its first fibre field trials in 1974, and began them in 1977.

No proposed field trial has been rejected by the Committee.

Mainsborne, as the system is called, is being installed for field trials in 1000 houses in London and Milton Keynes.

The use of molecular markers will sharply reduce or even eliminate field trials .

The results of field trials with a live test are currently being evaluated and the Ministry refuses to comment on them.

Field trials to start Interruptible tariffs will soon be tested in two years of field trials costing about £1.5 million.


A few field trips are also arranged.

Kerin and classmates were on a field trip from Horizon Middle School in Ferndale, about 150 miles north.

The rest went on books, equipment, stationery and field trips .

In middle school, your children would rather attend your execution than have you attend their field trip .

He shows her a text message sent by Emily asking how the field trip is going.

Those schools have taken field trips to their local missions.

When the students return from the field trip , Emily is dismayed when Gina does not get off the minibus.

Students can now see a field trip , the descriptions and the student reports.



In the home market, it led the field by a long way, with 4,337,487 units sold.

McGee led the qualifying field with 71.

They soon arrived at a gate that led into a field and Jack was forced to stop.

He led the nation in field goal percentage for several weeks.

The Doctor and his companion were led across a field to an archaeological dig.

And so saying, he led me over the fields to his childhood home.

Swanson and Percival continued to show excellent form, leading home their respective fields .


The end came when Edward's royal standard was seen to be leaving the field .

The states still could, but the federal government had left the field: the forty-eight governors stood there alone.

The spectators began to leave the field .

Rain had fallen all morning, leaving the field better suited for mud wrestling than for football.

He left the field wide open for whatever the other players in this charming charade might suggest.

In addition, she is able to return and visually locate objects that have left her field of vision.

Mina was the first to leave for the fields .

Which left the field of supposed second-stringers that I had trouble naming the other day.


I would often see her watching me as I played in the fields .

The use of a network-based infrastructure reduces the cost and levels the playing field for both small and large businesses.

The 25 acres of the Peffermill playing fields are within easy reach from the main areas of the University.

We know that Darren Daulton is playing right field because his surgically repaired knees will no longer permit him to catch.

Better chance to play the field .

We usually played in the fields and around the barns and straw ricks together.

When will we have a level playing field in Northern Ireland with fair competition between all ports?

Most plans have called for reducing its size and putting the playing field closer to the fans.


It would have been easier to drive across a ploughed field .

There was no more open country now; we camped always on dark, ploughed fields .

These are the monuments to generations of individual farmers ploughing and draining their fields .

The ploughed fields were purple and Ambadji, larger now but still riding the horizon, was blue on pale pink.

In Suffolk it was customary until recent years to plough a field in stetches or lands of varying widths.

He went back as directed, and found the man he had in mind, who was ploughing his family fields .

Dumont does not scruple to show the naked corpse, left on the edge of a ploughed field .

How can we have grain without oxen to plough the fields ?


Sampling techniques were adopted from statisticians working in the fields of biology and botany.

She is seen working in the field and laboratory with her daughter, Shawnette.

The project will continue to serve as a centre for other scholars working in this field .

They set her to work in a field where it was so hot she practically burned her feet.

This can save a great deal of time when they are being worked in the field .

I can place the farmer, working in the fields .

In this way courses are enriched with case studies and presentations from experts working in relevant fields .

Although they enjoyed working in their field of specialty, a career in management was appealing.


If I should die, think only this of me:/That there's some corner of a foreign field/That is forever England

a level playing field

have a field day

Politicians and the media have had a field day with the incident.

Any bacteria that may be in the food will have a field day and grow.

In such situations, information biases have a field day....

The court was agog and the journalists continued to scribble away, knowing they were about to have a field day.

The slippery, deceptive Mr Clinton will have a field day.

The tabloid newspapers would have a field day.

They'd have a field day.

Well, the crackpots will have a field day with these revelations, Holmes!

level the playing field

out of/from left field

Some of the griping comes out of left field.

When something like this comes out of left field at you....

While he used more complex sentences consistently, some of them seemed to come out of left field.

play the field

Better chance to play the field.

He gave up playing the field and married a year ago, to a sinewy woman called Cheryl Berkoff.

Perhaps because he plays the field.

So she had played the field, enjoying male company without getting in too deep or too seriously.


fields full of cotton

a field of wheat

a football field

Bartlett defeated a crowded field of candidates for the job of mayor.

birds such as skylarks whose habitat is open fields and farmland

Cole is the most noted expert in the field .

Keith has a degree in engineering, but couldn't find a job in his field .

Laycock is one of the most brilliant psychiatrists in the field .

Several school playing fields have been sold off to raise money.

Some open spaces north of the city will be made into sports fields for leisure activities.

The field for the user's name is 25 characters long.

The crowd cheered as the players ran onto the field .

The fans cheered as he walked off the field .

The football field was too muddy to play on, so the game was cancelled

There are good employment opportunities in the field of healthcare, particularly nursing.

These fields boast among the highest professional wages in the nation.

We passed cows grazing in the fields.

We went out onto the school playing fields to watch a game of football.

Webster is a great success in his chosen field .

What exactly is your field of study?


A few were experts in the field .

Follow the path to the field corner.

Meanwhile thy various subcommittees reported on public expenditure in their fields.

Men may work periodically as day laborers on others' fields, as carpenters, or masons.

Our family had harvested the cabbage and turnips from our field and were preparing to wash and salt them.

The fields flood in winter and in summer dry and starve because every plant grows to the same depth.

II. verb




A smartly dressed female presenter has to field calls from a small audience and international callers.

Many of the new workers are in training and should start fielding calls by late next week, she said.

So when the station came clean, they had to field several angry calls accusing them of pro-Nottingham Forest bias.

Around-the-clock, certified poison specialists field calls on 1970s-era phone consoles with rows of blinking white and red plastic buttons.

He fielded the phone calls and promised answers - answers which never came.

Later, they fielded the phone calls from recruiters, sat for home visits and helped their daughters sort out offers.


The Green Party fielded 256 candidates , and averaged 1.3 percent of the vote.

Even before the crisis there had been talk of fielding a Popular Front candidate in Oxford.

They would have to field candidates for a variety of offices at regular intervals or risk being closed.

Labour are fielding a strong candidate in Alan Milburn.

Although it fielded no candidates in the prefectural contests, it won four seats in the national constituency.

It fielded four candidates who averaged just under 10 percent where they stood.

The Greens fielded 260 candidates in 2000 and won 81 races, mostly local.

At two state elections this month, Mrs Hanson stunned everyone by reappearing, fielding candidates and causing havoc with the results.


Coaches often are left to feel abandoned as well, unable to field enough players , even in the smaller leagues.


President Bob Palmer is expected to be among those fielding questions which should get pretty pointed.

A few other players checked their watches, eager to stop fielding questions that only the Games can really answer now.

He also caused consternation at the film's press conference by fielding almost all the questions himself.

And that presents a big problem for Gilbert town officials who field constant questions about voting, emergency services and insurance.

Since then, Carlton has coolly fielded questions for congressional inquisitors with wit and folksy aplomb.

Wednesday, Molinari fielded question after question about her presumed lack of bias in the anchor role.

The Rabari women made up lies on the spot to field the endless questions about me.


Derry fielded their published side , at least nine of whom are expected to feature in next Sunday's Pairc An Iuir blockbuster.


At the last two tournaments that Nomad played they fielded an illegal team and have subsequently been disqualified from these two tournaments.

Enough talent exists to field a team that can at least compete with anyone in the league.

A 15,000 crowd created a soccer-style atmosphere despite the fact that the tourists fielded essentially their second team .

It can now be said that you can field a team from scratch and beat the Clippers.

Not to be outdone, the staff are also fielding a strong team .

He joined a Swift factory that was fielding a five-strong team , and immediately found himself struggling to get on the pace.

Leeds fielded a team of youngsters.


If I should die, think only this of me:/That there's some corner of a foreign field/That is forever England

a level playing field

have a field day

Politicians and the media have had a field day with the incident.

Any bacteria that may be in the food will have a field day and grow.

In such situations, information biases have a field day....

The court was agog and the journalists continued to scribble away, knowing they were about to have a field day.

The slippery, deceptive Mr Clinton will have a field day.

The tabloid newspapers would have a field day.

They'd have a field day.

Well, the crackpots will have a field day with these revelations, Holmes!

out of/from left field

Some of the griping comes out of left field.

When something like this comes out of left field at you....

While he used more complex sentences consistently, some of them seemed to come out of left field.


Carlton fielded all five grounders hit his way.

He fielded a soccer team with Argentinean and Brazilian talent.


Babyface, despite having fielded a record-tying 12 nominations, netted only a few of the tiny gramophones.

He unlatched his web again and swam about the cockpit, fielding flotsam.

His instinct was aggressive in all respects, especially in the fielding.

Ulster fielded four new caps, but were not overawed by a Saltire side which included six internationalists.

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