Meaning of FOCUS in English


I. verb


attention/emphasis/focus shifts

In this stage of a rape case, the focus often shifts onto the victim and her conduct.

concentrate/focus on an aspect

Accountants often concentrate on one aspect of accounting.

focus a camera on sb/sth (= point it very exactly at sb/sth )

The TV cameras were focused on his face.

focus group

soft focus

switch your attention/focus to sth

Laura wasn't interested so he switched his attention to Tessa.




Thereafter everyone will focus on practical aspects of dealing with an existing problem.

That the ultra-competitive Johnson would focus on the uneven aspects of his game was a lot less surprising than his actual play.

The book's later chapters focus mainly upon aspects of media accountability.

Hopefully, they will focus on motivational aspects of this situation.

Similarly, within any stage, different agencies may need to focus on different aspects .

Finally, the graph search perspective helped to focus on the dynamic aspects of speech processing.


Towards the end of the 1980s attention was being focussed on some interesting developments in wagon design.

A great deal of social work attention was focussed on the parents and the social and economic situation of the family.

Those things on which attention is focussed regularly are the things that get done.

All of our attention was focussed on the boy.

Further attention will be focussed upon general physical and nutritional health as well as On emotional and spiritual recovery.

Our attention should be focussed on the direction of movement and the relative change.


The book's later chapters focus mainly upon aspects of media accountability.

In Chapter 7, we focus not simply on what happened to the new managers, but rather on how it felt.

In this chapter we focus on how you arrange your gathered material in the form of an argument.

In later chapters we focus on reporting at other stages of the process.

Two chapters focus on modes of separation.

The next two chapters focus on the process environment, successively on automated sampling and chromatography.


Consequently, the subsequent discussion will focus on different analyses which may be pursued before or after the initial investment.

Also in these seminars, discussion will focus on wildlife conservation.

In the second case the discussion should focus on the cost to the business, should this be £4,000 or £5,000.

Again perhaps an initial discussion which does focus on the differences to get that out of the way might be helpful.

The present discussion will focus on reasons and natural justice.

All discussions of eating disorders focus upon the disorderly eater rather than chaotic food.


Your main efforts should now focus on establishing a firm home base.

Her mind drifted and blanked, refusing her efforts to focus .


The Department's group communication activities focus on informal education in rural areas.

The focus groups really helped me focus.

All of these groups focus on helping family members cope when they have an alcoholic family member.

Mark Drake combined aspects of both these models by using a group process to focus the political actors on analyzing business issues.


In each case try to focus your mind on the part of your body that has in turn been made tense and relaxed.

In the way that you use a camera, you can focus your mind either on positive or negative factors.

The meditator is required to focus their mind upon the mantra in an effortless, relaxed way.

He will be able to return on compassionate leave - particularly if it helps to focus his mind on the Test series.


It should focus on internal needs defined by the school and its teachers, not merely what outsiders consider to be important.

Oratory eliminated the worthless chatter and allowed spies to focus on their precise needs , spewing to the printer only relevant messages.

In a sales-orientated approach the sales representative is focussing on his needs as a seller.

The point of such an exercise is to clearly focus on present needs and to clarify the process of learning.

Action should focus on the training needs of all new recruits and continually developing and improving the skills of existing employees.


Some of this spirit of discovery seems lacking in the presentation which tends to focus on cataloging our problems .

You try to focus on the problem again.

It will focus on the problems arising from the interplay of national environmental policies.

Mission-driven budgets relieve legislators of micromanagement decisions, freeing them to focus on the larger problems they were elected to solve.


The main questions which the project will focus upon are: Has privatisation laid the foundation for longer-term change in employee relations?

Brown created Project Foresight to focus on the issue.

This project will focus on this particular element of formula funding.

The projects focus on maintaining and protecting the species' habitats, and in some cases establishing them in new habitats.

The second phase of the project will focus on the actual dynamics of problem incidents.

The research project will focus on children's comprehension of pretence.

Two further projects focus directly on management behaviour as it affects approaches and strategies towards employees.


Research into Anglo-Saxon pottery found in the excavation of settlements has tended to focus on questions relating to domestic pottery production.

The clearest way to focus the questions raised so far is by posing the level-of-analysis problem with more care.

Having attributed such importance to value consensus, many functionalists then focus on the question of how this consensus is maintained.

And do not such disciplines go further and focus such questions in real-life judgements, decisions and actions?


Part of the research will focus on Lungu perceptions of, and interaction with, their natural environment.

His initial research will focus on how best to solve economic problems in inner-city areas.

Much of the existing research has focussed on the internal adaptations of the firm to the introduction of new technology.

The research will focus on just one of those research groups, and will trace the discovery and the published discovery claim.

The research project will focus on children's comprehension of pretence.


He stared out the window for a moment, trying to focus his thoughts.


Any work undertaken on an individual basis should always focus attention on the broader social context in which the individual lives.

At least, he said, he could focus on his other math class.

By which is meant that they have developed their ability to focus both senses and mind upon a thought process.

In the way that you use a camera, you can focus your mind either on positive or negative factors.

It took a long time to focus and get rid of the swimming water.

It warns policymakers not to get tangled up with averages but to focus instead on increments.

Research will focus on the people living in the estates in east Middlesbrough.

The companies Uunet and Digex, for example, have dropped consumers to focus on business markets.

II. noun




This is the composite word on the triangle which is the central focus of every Royal Arch chapter.

It will provide a comprehensive district-wide service for the first time, and act as a central focus for the community.

The central focus is the development of leisure interests during adolescence and the theoretical framework draws upon recent work in social cognition.

The central focus of the analysis is therefore on developments in, and changes in the interrelationships between, sport and medicine.

Authority is the central focus of hierarchy, which is the chief coordinating mechanism of work organizations.

Next Time A central focus of the next issues will be on communicating research.

Rather, the central focus of the magic is the weather-vane on top of the Great Tower.

The central focus of all this railway activity was, however, the railway station.


Each part has a clear learning focus and language points are consistently signposted through the use of headings.

It is clear that the focus is on what ought to be taught: the intended curriculum.

Every effort is made to bring matters into clear focus .

Bring into clear and detailed focus all the decision you make today.

The figure whose character achieved clearest focus was that of Fulk the Good, Geoffrey Grisegonelle's father.

We can work together as a whole group in which there is a clear focus and a clear task.

The advantage of this system is that lessons have a clear focus , which is beneficial to student and teacher.


This is the main focus of attention in this chapter.

Mona, Seth and Barbara make up the main focus of the book, but even the tangential characters are wittily drawn.

Nithard's main focus was on Charles; but in July 840 the eyes of most of the elite were on Lothar.

The use of public funds to clean up the jusen mess will be the main focus of the session.

The main focus of this chapter is elected local government, but this in itself is organizationally far from simple.

However the main focus is on the Honours which are now on display in the Crown Room.

More usually formal committees have remained politically representative, with the main focus of organized party activity being reflected in party groups.

His main focus is what this dispersal tells us about human variation and evolution.


A major focus was the problem of how to resource a strategy for new local services.

But the real enforcers seem to be the fans, for whom the masked wrestlers are a major focus of fantasy.

A major focus of the research concerns the strategies and resources available to participants in establishing preferred images and agendas.

Controllers that learn are a major focus of their efforts.

Program objectives are a major focus of the evaluation model.

Ideas and experiences of time will be a major focus .

Arguably, a major focus of marketing could be on emphasising the individuality of services.


The science needed a change of direction, a new focus .

But a visit to a local physician for a routine checkup sparked a new focus for her creative talents.

And two articles emphasising the importance of quality as applied to service issues - the new focus for the quality process.

Implicit in the name was a new focus on spacing, rather than limiting, families.

But a new sense of focus and control has set in.

There are some excellent new books that focus on low-fat, low-sugar, low-salt, high-fibre recipes.

It is likely that Compact will give a new focus to such activities and provide new opportunities for student involvement. 16.

The four objectives, however, provide a new focus .


But it is personal relationships that emerge as the primary focus of this biography.

The play made David and his anguish the primary focus .

The primary focus is on the social, as opposed to the economic and technological features of competition.

And their primary focus for control is always individual performance and accountability.

Laski's study of judicial review is particularly interesting since its primary focus is a study of Roberts v. Hopwood.

A spine-tingling vocal concoction that gives Trick Baby its primary focus .

Given the pleasure and benefit to both men and women, why was it never a primary campaigning focus ?


That puts the importance of the order in sharp focus .

At most ski resorts, large and small, there has been a sharper focus on day-care facilities and staff.

The banning of the annual sea dump brought the issue of nuclear waste disposal into even sharper focus .

Programs designed to motivate patients into leaving voluntarily brought into sharp focus conflicting institutional dynamics inherent in the leprosarium setting.

In recent years this has been brought into sharp focus with growing public concern for a healthier and safer environment.

Fast Forward Advanced At this level, there is a much sharper focus on authentic listening and speaking.

Henley Research Centre Strengths Sharp client focus .

An up-front market study can provide valuable insights and provide sharper focus for the subsequent search.


Each frozen image has been warmed into soft focus , like a special effect.

She sees everything in soft focus , but feels nothing.

Applied over makeup, this transparent, velvety gel puts wrinkles into soft focus .



General practitioners are also active members of focus groups that discuss particular areas of service such as diabetes.

In focus groups , they asked the engineers scores of questions: What were their work and communication styles?

He is a very mundane politician reading the focus group results and staking out a position he thinks will sell.

One involves focus groups , where a representative customer is selected and asked to perform a task by following the enclosed directions.

Perhaps the Labour pollster Philip Gould could see what one of his focus groups thinks.

Part of the study included results of focus groups of girls 10, 13 and 16 years old.

The focus groups really helped me focus.

As a focus group later revealed, the more relaxed tone won the readers' interest.



The extent to which a powerful magnate could dominate the shire community and act as a focus for local sentiment varied.

Similar market-places are likely to have acted as a focus elsewhere.

Postgraduate activity is organised into a Graduate School, which acts as a focus for research student affairs.

The site will attract visitors during the festival, and will later act as a focus for inward investment.

The Summer School and studio have acted as a focus for Jacqueline's work.

The dead bodies of lagoon fish had occasionally acted as a focus for the processes of petrification.


Children's behaviour problems become a focus of concern when the child is behaving inappropriately or excessively for their age.

As geology has become the focus of more attention, it has aroused the curiosity of young people about nature in general.

This is because health and the quality and availability of health care often become the focus of community struggle.

I made two more visits to Knowlton, and it has now become a focus for my own particular pilgrimage.

The part of the wood where we were had become the focus to which all the firing converged.

Reserpine became the focus of further clinical studies.

Social mobility thus becomes the focus of attention.


It is that alarming situation which egg producers wish to address and which the battling nuns have brought into public focus .

She still wears them in class, closing her left eye to bring the blackboard into focus .

The lens in both the eye and the camera brings the world into focus .

Programs designed to motivate patients into leaving voluntarily brought into sharp focus conflicting institutional dynamics inherent in the leprosarium setting.

Along the stem rail there is a line of telescopes; each brings the shore into focus at a given distance.

This inevitably brings into focus the procedure for the planning, monitoring and control of public expenditure.

Every effort is made to bring matters into clear focus .


The stories are there - we need only change our focus , alter our frame of reference, in order to find them.

By changing the narrative focus frequently, Hood fails to control the direction of her novel.

By changing the historian's focus , these problems can be put into another perspective.

They just changed the focus from fear to action.

That question asks us to change our focus and consider our legal practice not in cross-section but over some stretch of time.

Henry Fan, managing director of Citic, said the company is changing its focus as it shifts assets.

So it's actually changed its focus .

You have to change your focus .


He was, however, having a great deal of trouble keeping the world in focus .

To keep that focus , Finch has refused to speculate about what happened to Earhart.

Just for once, let's keep the focus on it.

While Dole tried to keep his focus on crime, other issues, particularly abortion, cropped up.

It keeps well to its focus on the individual's relationship to society, and sustains the comparisons.

This chapter has kept its focus resolutely on the male.


The operations group was established to provide a focus for information and discussion.

To provide a focus , Section 11. 4 describes three conceptual approaches to oil boiler conversion to gas-coal burning.

Less than two minutes away are the three pools which provide the daytime focus .

That provided a focus , a dynamism, and a sense of obligation to their activities that had been missing before.

And environmental factors provide an obvious focus for a consideration of preventive options.

And video's moving pictures also help learners concentrate because they provide a focus of attention while they listen.

More interestingly, the items which provide the focus to the concordance need not be dictionary headings or even vocabulary words at all.

An up-front market study can provide valuable insights and provide sharper focus for the subsequent search.


Such an emphasis shifts the focus away from modifying or repackaging the individual on to a concern to minimise the restrictiveness of opportunities.

Now, shift the focus to the person who matters most: the reader.

Ministers have shifted their focus from primary standards to the lack of pupil progress at key stage 3.

Schools also have shifted the focus of education away from citizenship towards training for jobs, he said.

This shifted the conceptual focus away from needs as defined in relation to the child's handicap towards educational needs arising from learning difficulties.

It is often difficult to peg managers who shift their focus from one industry or market theme to another.

But the tendency for the theoretical concerns also to shift focus and expand is evident in regionalism seen as theory.

The premium on performance shifts the focus this spring to the exhibition games, starting in another week.


We should switch the focus: the no-car class; the one-car class; and increasingly the two-car class.


The organization has a simple focus - keeping kids in school.


And this, too, was a consequence of sheer experience and of the pedagogical focus .

Just for once, let's keep the focus on it.

Our focus , they say, should henceforth be directed to the secondary years.

The focus of the drama shifts to discovering the dangers, and weighing up pros and cons of using the magic carpet.

The play made David and his anguish the primary focus .

The powers that be were not interested in continuing that serious focus on the black experience.

The science needed a change of direction, a new focus .

Three of the company of eight are in wheelchairs - but the focus is always on dance, not disability.

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